What is Multivariate Testing?

Multivariate testing is the testing method that is used to prove a hypothesis around changes made to a website to improve conversion rates. It is used when a website has high volume traffic and a professional conversion optimization team is working to measure the impact of specific modifications. This method is sometimes confused with A/B testing where there more than two variations, since testing three versions A/B/C does not make it a multivariate test, that is still an A/B testing. Consider the follow example of a multivariate experiment.

Multivariate testing tools (MVT’s) focus on finding the best combination within individual changes. Using the example below we have the following elements:

  • Button
    • Original (No change)
    • Button Purple
    • Button Green
  • Call to Action text
    • Original (No change)
    • Text “Buy Now.”
    • Text “Add to Shopping Cart.”

Building Nine Variations

A client using the Convert Experiences A/B testing software sets up two sections: Button and Call to Action (CTA) then creates two variations of these sections in addition to the original. Convert Experiences then creates combinations of all available changes (and original). This MVT now consists of nine tested variations:

  1. Button Original (No change) & Original (No change)
  2. Button Purple & Original (No change)
  3. Button Green & Original (No change)
  4. Button Original (No change) & Text “Buy Now.”
  5. Button Purple & Text “Buy Now.”
  6. Button Green & Text “Buy Now.”
  7. Button Original (No change) & Text “Add to Shopping Cart.”
  8. Button Purple & Text “Add to Shopping Cart.”
  9. Button Green & Text “Add to Shopping Cart.”

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