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Visual Creation of Tests (WYSIWYG, HTML, and Style Sheet Editor)

Edit your content in Convert Experiences™ without the need to change your infrastructure. We support easy HTML and a visual WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website editor showing your experiment content as well as easy style sheet editing for dynamic content experiments. All this makes it possible for marketers and business owners to create tests without help from a technical team.

Practical Use: Create and edit tests just like in a text-editor to create tests on the fly but with an advanced style sheet editor for dynamic pages (e.g., e-commerce product pages).

  • Non-technical creation of A/B, multivariate, and split tests.
  • Test e-commerce products and category pages with ease.
  • Get full control with style sheet editor.

Little IT Involvement (One Code Installation)

Place one snippet of JavaScript code and get instant integration between your CMS or e-commerce platform. Ask your IT department or the client to install the asynchronous (async) code in the website header and never worry about it again. This makes the onboarding process smoother. Having one unique snippet of code you never have to change will make everyone's life easier. You can even create and view tests without the code installed to experiment with Convert Experiences™.

Practical Use: Send the IT folks a couple of lines of code and start testing.

  • One code to rule them all.
  • No code needed on a paid plan or trial of the application.
  • Make client on boarding faster and easier.
 one tag
 google analytics integration

Seamless Google Analytics™ Integration

Seamless Google Analytics™ integration for testing. All variations will show up as custom variables. E-commerce revenue tracking is connected to your tests without additional code (we automatically connect your revenue, transactions, and ordered items to test results). This makes Convert Experiences a natural and advanced extension of Google Analytics™ Content Experiments (old Google Website Optimizer™) for anyone who wants real-time data (no need to wait two weeks for results to appear), and multivariate tests while still using the extended segmentation and analytic tools of Google Analytics™.

Practical Use: Getting and pushing data from Google Analytics™ (former Google Website Optimizer™) without adding a line of code.

  • Push Google Analytics™ custom variables for advanced reporting.
  • Automatic e-commerce revenue integration.
  • Advanced extension of Google Analytics™ Content Experiments.

Full Test Control

Get full control over your test with minimum and maximum test duration and traffic allocation, helping you keep winners and cut losers. You get the basic testing you want, with advanced control over tests if you prefer to take it off autopilot. Our algorithm makes sure your tests never run losing variations longer than needed and keep winners active as long as necessary to implement changes on your site. Keeping winners active, even after tests have conclusive results, means you always benefit from the highest conversion rates without checking your tests every day.

Practical Use: Having a testing tool that is optimized for quick test results, but with options to tweak the settings for experts who want to control all parameters of a test.

  • Great testing on auto-pilot with smart control.
  • Expert and agency feature to influence test durations.
  • Never miss revenue; enjoy protection against losers and features to keep winners active.
 test control

Supporting Enterprise Agencies & Customers

We support very large customer organizations with a 99.999% uptime guarantee for everyone, a 24x7 support hotline, and custom integration for customers who need it. We will travel to your location if you want a developer or consultant to implement tests side-by-side with your team. You can rely on us for providing the highest quality service for your business, whether your needs can be met remotely or if on-site collaboration is required. We do, however, appreciate a call before you send several million page views a day our way so we can set up your own corner within our infrastructure!

Practical Use: No worries that you outgrow Convert Experiences™ when your business grows— we can handle tens of millions of page views.

  • Great uptime and transparent uptime board.
  • Ready for millions of page views a day.
  • In-house support available.
 revenue tracking

Revenue and Conversion Tracking

You can track conversion rates as well as revenue in our app or on your site by giving a fixed or dynamic price per goal. Out of the box, we connect your solution to Google Analytics™ to track e-commerce revenue, transactions, and total ordered items so no additional installation or setup is required. From basic to advanced tracking, we’ve got you covered. We do a lot out of the box, but if you decide to integrate deep within your e-commerce or content management system (CMS), our system is ready for that, as well.

Practical Use: Track the impact of a test on conversion rates and revenue to always select the best option for your business goals. Conversion rates are nice, but we know revenue is what really matters.

  • Push revenue stats to us.
  • We will find Google Analytics™ e-commerce revenue for you and integrate automatically.
  • Select test winners and losers based on revenue, transactions, or ordered items.

Automatic Bounce and Engagement Measurement

Each test can have multiple goals that you can monitor. We will always test your main objective with the site and calculate the impact of your test on bounce-rate and engagement of users on your site. If you want to add more goals, be our guest! We support pushing JavaScript events, hover and click-on images, text or links, or use one of the 35 other elements we have to build your advanced goals.

Practical Use: Track the effect of each test on multiple goals like revenue, conversion, newsletter sign-ups, bounce and engagement, and add many more to suit your needs.

  • Multiple and automated goals to make sure you track the right things.
  • Add unlimited goals to a test and measure impact on them all.
  • We support your goals with JavaScript events, mouse-overs, and clicks.
 measure engagement


We can integrate with many different services, including Google Analytics™, OneStopShop™, BigCommerce™, Drupal™, Hotjar™, HubSpot™, KISSmetrics™, Wordpress™, Joomla™, Magento™, Clicktale™, CrazyEgg™, LuckyOrange™, Adobe SiteCatalyst™, Shopify™, Unbounce™, Zapier™, Webtrends Analytics™ and more. Details of these integration options are available in the support area. Not sure if we integrate well with your system? Send us a note and we will let you know how we can integrate with your preferred systems.

Practical Use: We work with myriad tools. We have support details for many systems already, but we are always available to respond if you need a different integration. We are glad to be of service!

  • We integrate with many e-commerce, CMS, heat map, and analytics solutions.
  • If we do not integrate with your preferred system, we have options available to set up customized integration to meet your needs.

Easy A/B Testing

We offer a simple testing wizard to walk you through setting up tests. Just drag and drop elements to build your own tests, or dive deep in CSS & JavaScript if you're a techie. We offer plenty of flashy features, yet our solution is easy to use for non-technical website owners and marketers.

Practical Use: Super easy test setup, but with robust features for advanced users who want to build JS scrapers, redirects, and fancy JS coupon pop-ups.

  • We offer a simple wizard that makes your job easier.
  • If you know more sophisticated things like jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS, you are welcome to use those for more control and specificity.
  • If you’re not sure what the two lines above mean, we have a helpful and inexpensive course in our KnowledgeBase that you can take to get you up to speed.

Amazing Support

You are never left in the dark, depending of your account level we offer chat inside the app, offer a support phone number, email, and a support environment to track tickets and respond to you fast. This amazing support is available for all customers, from the smallest to the biggest, and for enterprises, we even have a hotline that is staffed 24x7 for any questions you might have. Whatever support channel you pick to contact us, we will give honest, fast, and transparent feedback, and we have no problem hopping on a call and sharing screens remotely to get problems out of the way. We even have development services that help you build your variations if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

Practical Use: Send us an email when you need a hand, give us a call, or open a chat if you would like to talk with our developers directly. We can even build you tests from a mock-up HTML file for you.

  • We support Pro Team and Enterprise accounts through chat, email, phone, support tickets, or pidgin-notes & smoke signals and remaining customers using the forum.
  • We don’t promise fixes to features we have no plans of supporting.
  • We share our screens, make videos, or travel to you to get your test running properly.
 multivariate testing

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is supported and just as easy as A/B testing with sections and variations to dig deeper into the actual behavior and preferences of your visitors. The multivariate tool lets you test dozens or hundreds of different variations in one test. For clients with high traffic websites or a lot of patience, this is a great option to use to understand visitors’ preferences.

Practical Use: Set up multivariate tests with ease and get detailed reports to find winning combinations of changes of hundreds of variations.

  • Multivariate testing is just as easy as A/B testing with our wizard.
  • We support high-traffic websites and advanced editing.
  • Easy reporting available for multivariate tests, as well.

Behavioral and Segmented Targeting

Target specific user groups based on behaviors in previous visits up to a year ago, allowing you to improve your conversion rates. We have over 35 different elements (e.g., time on site, visited pages, pages visited this year, or sub-sites or other domains visited) to build your advanced profiles. Simply identify opportunities in your analytics tools and build tests for these historical recorded segments.

Practical Use: Newsletter sign-ups that took place 90 days ago can see a different homepage without the sign-up form, thanks to Convert Experiences™.

  • Build segments from a year of data and target tests based on these segments.
  • Combine behavior of subdomains, landing pages (also external ones) and micro-sites to set up targeted tests.
  • Build segments similar to Google Analytics™ segments.
 bahvioral segmentation

Cross-domain Testing and Tracking

You can place unlimited domains in one project that share the same unique tracking code. This gives you the ability to run experiences on multiple domains at the same time and track goals over multiple domains.

Practical Use: Low volume traffic sites that have a network of sites can still test access domains with the same headline, getting results faster and more accurately since you have access to all the data in our system.

  • Include multiple domains in one project that share settings.
  • Use visitor behavior at one site in another and test hypotheses.

Third-Party Goal Tracking

Goal tracking is now easy for lead generators and affiliate sites with a tracking script that you can place on any location (header, body, or footer) of the third-party site to track goals and connect them to your site.

Practical Use: You don’t always have access to the header of a website, but this option gives you the power to track goals from everywhere, even if the code is in the body or footer.

  • Paste goal-codes in page bodies when no access to header is given.
  • Track goals on other domains (even outside your network, like affiliate sites).
 third party tracking

Split URL Testing

We also offer the basic URL split test just like the ones you find in Google Analytics™ Content Experiments (old Google Website Optimizer). Simply build variations on your website, give us the URLs, allocate a traffic percentage to the tests, and we will give you the winners and losers in real-time and without having to wait weeks for results.

Practical Use: Straightforward split URL A/B testing with real-time result reporting traffic over two or 20 pages.

  • Split testing with URLs is easy and with unlimited variations.
  • Real-time results give instant access to insights.
  • Get results fast with automatic loser deactivation.

Geo Targeting

You can target visitors by their current location. Convert Experiences™ can target the current continent, country, state, or province, as well as city, of visitors to include in your test targeting.

Practical Use: Test specific messages to a specific language or geographic location and make your Spanish speakers feel at home, while serving English to your local clients visiting Mexico.

  • Run tests based on continent, country, state, province, or city.
  • Set up goals that include geo-location behavior.

Multiple Conversion Goals

Test as many goals as you wish by adding them to the test before you run it. Familiarize yourself with the impact of the test on all your business goals such as page views per visitor, newsletter sign-ups, revenue, conversion rate, transactions, and ordered items without having to switch between goals or run multiple tests.

Practical Use: One test covers all possible business goals, and you can see, for example, if newsletter sign-ups decrease while revenue increases during a homepage experiment.

  • Setup multiple goals per test.
  • Learn more, faster.
  • Never miss a winning test that has negative impacts on another business KPI.
 multiple goals

99.999% Uptime

We use one of the world's largest CDN providers (Akamai Technologies, Inc.) to guarantee a 99.999% uptime on the CDN and make sure your site never delays on the other 0.001%. We communicate any scheduled downtime and always make sure your site is unaffected by a slow server on our end using time-out technology that excludes a visitor when the maximum milliseconds fall-back has been reached.

Practical Use: No worries for the IT folks who want to have uptime and client load-time guarantees.

  • We have a great infrastructure on Akamai.
  • Nothing less than 99.999% uptime.
  • Public announcement of scheduled work, but no client website downtime—ever!

JavaScript Event Pushing

When you want to run your tests only on product pages, category pages, or divide your visitors into segments, we have e-commerce page-types that you can send to us or have segments that you can make based on URL (parts), visitor data, or visitor behavior, so targeting a specific audience on your site becomes easy.

Practical Use: Run a test on all product pages at the same time to get results faster, or target a group of visitors with a JavaScript event, which makes Convert Experiences™ a power tool for experts, marketers, enterprises and agencies looking for full control.

  • Push events from your website to trigger a goal, segment, or test start.
  • Works on web apps and mobile.
 goal code

jQuery, JS, and CSS Control

When jQuery, JavaScript, or CSS control is part of your daily testing routine, we’ve got you covered. Convert Experiences™ gives you full control over the test variations and still keeps the client site blazing fast. You will love the power you get while satisfying non-techies with the wizards.

Practical Use: You can build tests without touching our wizard by just coding it all up in JavaScript and CSS or editing our jQuery directly.

  • We give you full hacking ability for the test code in jQuery, JS and CSS.
  • We have a nice CSS editor, but also allow you to write code directly.

Flicker/Blink-Free Testing

Check the uptime above and add to that the algorithm that keeps winning variations active while turning off the losers that are hurting your conversions, and you have a risk-free testing environment with Convert Experiences™. Our replacement services work sync and tracking services load async. Snippets placed right below the start of the header, which give a no-blink experience while switching variations for visitors with average load between 200-300ms on the first load and 10-50ms on repeat loads.

Practical Use: Enjoy 24x7 access to your reports and front-end systems that are robust for your website.

  • We are fast in load time—you won’t notice us!
  • We have an async script that loads and flips variations without users noticing.
  • We cut losers and keep winners for fast test results.

Real-Time Reports

No delay on test results. We start showing data in seconds and we will keep all reports updated with real-time data as it is available. Disclaimer: This might lead to analytics addiction for users who stare at the live-test results all day; we are not liable for loss of efficiency in the marketing department.

Practical Use: We get you real-time test statistics to make sure your test is running well.

  • We offer real-time reports that are dynamic and meaningful.
  • No need to wait for weeks to get results.

Visitor Segmentation

Use your analytics tool to find channels, sources, geo-locations (or a mix of these) of visitors that under-perform and target these segments in Convert Experiences™ with the advanced target group rules, which is a familiar rule builder that works like Google Analytics™ segments and allows you to target tests specifically for a subset of visitors that need an extra boost toward conversion.

Practical Use: Gives real power to marketers, enterprises, agencies and experts that want full control over a test’s target group.

  • Create advanced test segments.
  • Use 35 elements like location, time on page, and visitor value to create tests.

Image & Button Library

Get access to all your images used in your account and reuse them in your tests. All images are loaded from our CDN network and are often even faster than loading them from your or your client’s website. The easy-to-use library allows you to find images fast and reuse them without hassle.

Practical Use: Reuse buttons without having to upload the same images and buttons again and get great delivery speed on those images.

  • Fast image and content delivery using one of the world's largest CDNs.
  • Keep image library online for convenient reuse.

Dynamic Traffic Allocation

You get the option of allocating (throttling) traffic for each test from 1% to 100% so you can reserve a small portion of the traffic for each test. We automatically split the traffic over the active variations based on the allocations you select.

Practical Use: Allocate, say, 15% of your traffic to one original (control) and two variations, for example, and we split the traffic in equal parts of 5% over these three pages.

  • Allocate part of your traffic to a test and Convert Experiences™ will calculate the rest.

Unlimited Variations

We do not limit the amount of variations in any of our tests (A/B tests, Multivariate Tests, or Split Tests) so you can test as many variations as your time or traffic allow. You are in control of the test in every possible way, including the amount of variations.

Practical Use: Want to make six or 60 variations of your test? It’s unlimited, so have fun testing.

  • Feel free to create dozens of variations per test.

Unlimited Active Tests Per Project

So, you’re a testing fanatic? Well, we do not limit you in the amount of tests you can make, have active, or archive, allowing you to learn faster and improve revenue and conversion more efficiently. You're only limited in the number of page views, and even in that, we don’t pull the plug on your account when you go over it. When you have a good day and you’re Techcrunched, we’ll just ping you and request an upgrade of your plan or ask you to buy some page view blocks (we sell them in units of 1 million to clients).

Practical Use: Hassle-free experimentation with a partner like us. We’re there when you are successful. We don’t mind waking up in the middle of the night to add some servers.

  • When you get Techcrunched, we don’t kill your account.
  • We give unlimited tests per account—have fun!

Code Check and Error Prevention

We check the code installation during the setup of your account, making tests, and even when the test reports are calculated. You will see a warning if we cannot find the snippet of code on any page or warnings when we think the setup did not go well and we are not collecting page views or conversions. We also use the live overlay to help you visualize when multiple tests are running on the same page to prevent invalid test results.

Practical Use: We make sure that your test runs well and signal you when something seems to be off.

  • We help you get everything installed.
  • We warn you when something is wrong and prevents tests from running smoothly.

Opt-Out Script

Offer opt-out to your visitors with a JavaScript that installs a block cookie and offers any company an opt-in feature. We care about your visitors’ privacy and give unique IDs to every new project, do not connect cookies, and do not store IP addresses, so your visitors are sure that their data is safe with you and us.

Practical Use: We do not store IPs and offer opt-out for each project with a JavaScript so you comply with your country's legislation.

  • We don’t store IP addresses.
  • We offer opt-out for each project or for an entire application.
  • We care about users’ privacy and make sure we protect it.