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Are You Losing Customers & Revenue Because of Your A/B Testing Tool?

As little as one second can have a huge impact on your brand perception and the actions your website visitors take, if your A/B testing solution introduces Flicker of Original Content (FOOC).

Fighting the Damaging Flicker:

In a bid to speed up variation load times, many A/B testing tools display the code for the website before the code for the experiment finishes loading.

This results in a brief, but damaging. Flicker of Original Content which has a negative impact on conversions.

If your variations aren’t performing as expected, FOOC is the likely culprit.

In the whitepaper “How Convert Solved the Flicker Effect” we:

  • present Convert Experiences’ innovations like SmartInsert™ protection, which can successfully reduce FOOC,
  • break down the load sequence of the global project and variation codes so that you can find new ways to improve your site’s speed,
  • discuss proven tips to optimize your images, your script and the way subtle changes are introduced by your A/B testing platform.

More rewarding CRO results are just a click away.