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Learn How Trusted Brands Use Convert Experiences to Boost Registrations, Increase Revenue & Test Better.

Convert Case Study: Mintminds

What happens when you come up with a strong data backed hypothesis and all the tests you run still end up losing? You return to the drawing board and try again. This award winning A/B test campaign by Mintminds is exciting and educational. Learn how Ecommerce buyers operate when actually adding products to the cart and what you can do to turn a lost test around.

Convert Case Study: Enavi

Should you settle for good enough performance? And if you want to chase bigger pay-offs, where do you start to look? Don’t stay stuck in the mindset that experiments capable of driving revenue have to be complicated. The execution may require assistance and development work. But more often than not, the desire to simplify the users’ journey hits the proverbial jackpot. That’s exactly what happened when Enavi teamed up with

Convert Case Study: Bluelambda

Sometimes record conversion lifts are mythical. And sometimes they’re not. Read up about BlueLambda and how this optimization agency with an Ecommerce focus has boosted conversions by over 239% and net revenue by 378.69% for its clients through simple tests executed using Convert Experiences.

Convert Case Study: Brave One

Who said you need long cycles of testing and complex design changes to see gratifying conversion lifts? In this case study explore how optimization agency Brave One used a simple promotional bar to increase the revenue of a rapidly growing online store by 20%. All with Convert Experiences and its simple one-tag integrations.

Convert Case Study: Conversion Fanatics

Online shopping can be tricky. Especially when you are asking people to buy something as personal and whimsical as perfume. How do you convey the emotions associated with scent notes? In this unique success story Conversion Fanatics opens up about its experiment for a grooming e-store that boosted revenue per user for its perfume bundle by up to 53%.

Convert Case Study: CRE and Earth Class Mail

What happens when research and analysis meet Convert Experiences? A whopping 57% more leads resulting in 1.5 million dollars of additional revenue. In this case study Convert Premium Partner Conversion Rate Experts talks about the process of optimizing output for Earth Class Mail and the ease with which this was achieved, thanks to Convert Experiences.

Convert Case Study: CRE and Smart Insights

Smart Insights is easily one of the most recognized names out there in terms of premium marketing resources. So how do you make things better for the people who literally write the book on marketing practices? You use Convert Experiences and a solid testing methodology to boost paid memberships by 157%.

Convert Case Study: EchoLogyx

Expert development agency EchoLogyx helped eSpares scale its experimentation program from one test a month to ten tests at any time within two months with Convert Experiences, realizing significant growth (ranging from 3% to 15% per winning test) in its CVR.

Convert Case Study: GrowthHit

A test does not have to be complex to be effective. Simple is equally powerful, when the optimizer understands traffic’s pain points. This is exactly what happened with GrowthHit, a Convert Premium Agency Partner. Jeremy’s team worked with Convert Experiences to place a site-wide “FREE SHIPPING” banner that proved to be a gamechanger.

Convert Case Study: InsightWhale

InsightWhale has championed the testing cause of mid-sized businesses all over the world. But when they leveraged Convert Experiences’ out of the box integration with Google Analytics, they effortlessly boosted conversion rates by over 26% for a destination travel company.

Convert Case Study: iProspect

Running experiments on prices is always sensitive and fraught with risks. But when you have the right hypothesis and the right tool, the process can be simple and rewarding. Learn how iProspect conducted an A/B/C test for a high ticket brand using Convert Experiences and a brilliant pricing tweak – for 15% increase in form conversions.

Convert Case Study: Journey Further

Sometimes optimizing for the intangible can be a great idea. Especially if user research points the way. In this unique case study by Journey Further, we break down how adding elements to boost Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trust (E-A-T) can actually lead to an uptick in conversions.

Convert Case Study: Learning Success Blog

What do you do when all your marketing budget proves ineffective? You A/B test to identify what’s going wrong and then fix it. This is exactly what non-techie brand Learning Success did with their 12-month program. They used the expertise of Convert’s in-house optimization minds and managed to push their course completion percentage to a high 80.

Convert Case Study: Ontrack

Cart optimization is the bread and butter of E-commerce stores. But how about doing away with the cart page altogether? Ontrack Digital + used Convert Experiences on an interesting project for the brand Conscious Items. They swapped out the accepted cart page with something more suited to the clientele. The result? A 10 percentage point increase in conversions & 12% increase in revenue/visitor.

Convert Case Study: Cro Metrics

How do you optimize a complex site that serves multiple personas for a high growth company? Add to that limited traffic, and you have yourself quite a challenge.  With the Convert app, Cro Metrics found a solution. They relied on real time and accurate reporting to make quick decisions. The speed improved test velocity, allowing A/B tests across entire customer journeys, de-risking initiatives, and ultimately realizing 10x ROI for the experimentation program.

Convert Case Study: REBEL Internet

Convert Experiences can not only be used to zero in on conversion roadblocks in apparently complicated scenarios, thanks to features like unlimited projects and the ability to apply JavaScript at the project level, it is the ideal A/B testing solution for agencies that work with multiple niche clients. Find out how REBEL Internet leveraged Convert Experiences to its advantage.

Convert Case Study: Splitbase

Sometimes you only need a small change to realize a big impact. That is exactly what luxury Ecommerce optimization agency SplitBase believes. This exclusive Convert Premium Partner used Convert Experiences, its deep integration with Google Analytics and Hotjar, and a solid understanding of its target market to make a headline boost conversions by 27%.

Convert Case Study: Surefoot

Mobile first experiments should not be ignored. In this case study find out how CRO specialists surefoot boosted mobile revenue significantly with a unique cart design. The result was an 8% lift in visits to checkout and 3.4% lift in transactions.

Convert Case Study: Swanky Agency

Swanky has sass and an out of the box way of handling conversion obstacles. When it was approached by an online store in an uber competitive market, Swanky used Convert Experiences and its one tag integrations to design an overlay that increased the per person revenue by 26%.

Convert Case Study: Tangiblee

A line of JavaScript is more powerful than you can imagine. Tangiblee excels at creating memorable online store experiences for Ecommerce retailers. And in doing so it needs to conceptualize, deploy and run A/B tests in rapid succession. After trying a number of solutions, Tangiblee found its ideal testing partner in Convert Experiences – a tool that is up and running with a line of JS, yet has the power to support increasingly complicated testing requirements.

Convert Case Study: Umigo

PPC is the lifeblood of most businesses. And Convert Certified Agency Partner Umigo specializes in improving conversions from online advertising campaigns. The tag team of Umigo and Convert Experiences has leveraged out-of-the-box integrations with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Hotjar to expedite testing cycles and help businesses see better ROI from PPC budgets.

Convert Case Study: Worship

Convert Experiences was an easy choice for Worship Digital. Plagued by flickering and poor customer support in other A/B testing tools, the 4X faster response of the Convert team, coupled with the SmartInsert™ flicker protection allowed Worship to cruise to an 11.6% uptick in product page views for its Ecommerce client.


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