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Convert Case Studies

Learn How Trusted Brands Use Convert Experiences to Boost Registrations, Increase Revenue & Test Better.

Convert Case Study: Bluelambda

Bluelambda, a successful eCommerce growth and optimization consultancy with seven year experience works primarily with eCommerce clients who sell physical products. These clients are looking for increased revenue, traffic and sales through optimization. In addition, some clients also contract Bluelambda for Facebook management, paid search and SEO campaigns. After an...

Convert Case Study: Brave One

What can you achieve with a promotional bar and Convert Experiences? A straight 20% increase in revenue. Here’s how

Convert Case Study: CRE and Earth Class Mail

The world’s leading conversion optimization agency, Conversion Rate Experts recently more-than-doubled the number of leads for their client, Earth Class Mail while using Convert Experiences as their A/B testing software. Testing on the  landing page garnered an impressive 61% increase in leads and testing on the pricing page secured a...

Convert Case Study: CRE and Smart Insights

Using Convert Experiences to handle their A/B testing, Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) assisted Smart Insights, one of the world’s leading digital marketing companies increase their paid membership by 157%. Through extensive research and testing, CRE identified key areas that could benefit from a fresh set of eyes. By implementing a...

Convert Case Study: Learning Success Blog

Launched in 2009 as Learning Success Blog the website was built at a time when the internet was a much simpler place. As the online marketplace grew more complex, it became apparent that Learning Sucess Blog wasn’t getting the results they expected. They knew they needed to do something but...

Convert Case Study: REBEL Internet

REBEL Internet is a website marketing business based out of Europe that operates dozens of commercial niche websites with the purpose of generating revenue from traffic. Staying on top of search engine rankings and converting users is the priority. Using conversion testing, REBEL Internet is always testing and adjusting their...

Convert Case Study: Splitbase

eCommerce conversion optimization isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But often the right insights can work wonders. A Convert – SplitBase case study.

Convert Case Study: Swanky Agency

Swanky Agency is a vibrant, colorful and highly experienced optimization provider specializing in Shopify testing and punchy design. When a fast paced, growing eCommerce store reached out to them with a challenge – to make their discounted items fly off the shelves within two days of unveiling, Swanky turned to...

Convert Case Study: Tangiblee

Eliad Inbar is the Director of Sales & Marketing and Founder of Tangiblee, a Size & Context solution for online retailers. “We help online retailers communicate product size and context for Jewelry, Handbags, Wallets, Luggage, Furniture and Home Decor that is similar to an in-store shopping experience”. Tangiblee utilizes A/B...

Convert Case Study: Umigo

Founders, Auke Vos and Daniel Herfurth bring over 10 years experience in helping companies improve their online presence. Their firm Umigo is focused on helping businesses benefit from online advertising. As a digital marketing agency based in Mexico City, many of their clients are new to the concepts of conversion...

Convert Case Study: Worship

Worship Digital, a CRO agency based in Manchester, England, provides conversion rate optimization consulting for e-commerce businesses and required a reliable platform to perform their A/B testing. Unsatisfied with pricey and restrictive conversion software options, Worship Digital decided to try Convert Experiences free trial. They found it solved many of...

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