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Convert Helped Hivelocity and Cro Metrics Realize 10x ROI from Their Experimentation Program.

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Convert is an affordable AB testing option for relatively low traffic volume websites. We were able to make informed recommendations and de-risk business initiatives very quickly because of this product.

Jennifer Lindsay, Growth Strategist
Cro Metrics

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The Challenge: How Do Different Personas Buy?

Hivelocity provides bare metal dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting services to customers across  31 data centers on 4 continents.

Hivelocity wanted to grow its market share and expand services but struggled to understand what inbound channels drove the most conversions across customer segments. Further, they understood there were drop-off points in their funnel, but not precisely where or how those friction points could be optimized.

The Solution: Running Experiments Across the Entire Customer Journey

Cro Metrics began by setting up detailed visitor tracking, attribution, and ROAS calculation to better understand visitors through the customer journey and analyze behavior across the customer’s lifetime.

Armed with that data, they were able to determine which parts of the site had the highest rates of moving visitors into the checkout process. This led them to focus on the Dedicated Servers section and prioritize methods on how best to drive qualified traffic to it, as well as A/B test user experiences there in an effort to move visitors to a transaction.

Convert’s Role: The Capabilities That Made Rapid & Complex Testing Possible

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The ability to dial in on user segments by device as well as creating custom attributes to understand visitor cohorts is a huge boon to our program. This segmentation lets us understand how different buyer types prefer to explore the site and become customers

Jennifer Lindsay, Growth Strategist
Cro Metrics

Using Convert, relevant events were tracked to capture success metrics. Convert’s Stats Engine calculated the probability of these interactions in real-time to determine whether a metric had reached statistical significance, with up to the minute accuracy.   

This real-time reporting is critical when there is a lot of anticipated risk with an experiment. It allowed Cro Metrics to make decisions more quickly to either softcode a winner and gain valuable conversions or turn off the experiment and pivot if there was a negative impact on conversions.

Cro Metrics also used Convert’s Report feature to compare multiple dimensions of customer behavior simultaneously, allowing them to make better decisions about how to iterate on experiences and what tests to run next. 

The Results:

As a result of better analytics and a regimented testing program, Hivelocity experienced a 10x ROI, with 50% of tests accounting for 85% of the impact.

Top conversion results:

  • Moving pricing and adding filter capability above the fold on the Dedicated Server page provided users with easy information that assisted with the decision making process and increased checkouts by 187%.
  • Using a hi-contrast hero image on the homepage allowed users to better read and understand Hivelocity’s value proposition and increased clicks on CTA by 180%.
  • Knowledge based experiments where asking questions on the right hand rail engaged more clients and led people to the top of the conversion funnel by 53%.
Cro Metrics

Most agencies claim to be data driven. Cro Metrics is one of the best experiment led marketing agencies in the world. 

They don’t stop at accelerating growth for their clients. They have embedded the guiding principles of accountability, compassion and thoughtfulness in everything they do. 

This has created a team with unparalleled enthusiasm for experimentation, and for customer success.

Convert’s aim is to create great experiences - for now & future generations. The only Climate Neutral Certified A/B testing platform out there, we have created a robust, affordable, feature rich testing platform that’s been an industry favorite for a decade.

But we are not in the business of optimization for profits. We are optimizing for the greater good with a Conscious Business approach, and the will to speak up for changes that will make the CRO space and the world better.

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