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Enterprise-grade testing serves custom needs.
Starting at 18M tested users/year

Price on Request
From 1.5M tested users/mo (billed annually)

Price on Request
Includes all features in Pro, plus:
  • Unlimited Projects Per Account
  • 200 Active Goals/Project
  • 150 Deploys
  • 15 Custom Segments/Project
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Data Segregation
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Custom Payment Terms & Contracts
🌲 8% of Your Monthly Fee
Used to Plant Trees on Your Behalf
At no extra cost to you
🌲 1600 Trees
Planted on Your Behalf/Year
At no extra cost to you
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For programs maturing
their processes.
8.4M tested users/year

- 40%
Billed at $12,233/yr
700K tested users/month

Includes all features in Specialist, plus:
  • 50 Active Projects
  • 70 Active Goals/Project
  • 100 Deploys
  • 10 Custom Segments/Project
  • Guided Onboarding
🌲 136 Trees
Planted on Your Behalf/Month
At no extra cost to you
🌲 979 Trees
Planted on Your Behalf/Year
At no extra cost to you
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+ Udemy
Specialist Most Popular
For programs scaling
test velocity.
4.8M tested users/year

- 40%
Billed at $7,193/yr
400K tested users/month

Includes all features in Entry, plus:
  • 30 Active Projects
  • 60 Active Goals/Project
  • 50 Deploys
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Sequential Testing
  • Raw Test Data Export
  • Change History
  • Phone Support
🌲 80 Trees
Planted on Your Behalf/Month
At no extra cost to you
🌲 576 Trees
Planted on Your Behalf/Year
At no extra cost to you
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+ Udemy
Ideal for teams starting with a
paid tool.
1.2M tested users/year

- 50%
Billed at $2,389/yr
100K tested users/month

Top features for Entry:
  • A/B Testing, Split URL Testing, Multipage Testing
  • Advanced Targeting & Goals
  • Cross Domain Testing
  • Frequentist & Bayesian Stats
  • Full Stack & Feature Flags
  • Collaborators
  • Email and In-App Support
🌲 32 Trees
Planted on Your Behalf/Month
At no extra cost to you
🌲 192 Trees
Planted on Your Behalf/Year
At no extra cost to you
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+ Optizent
All plan prices are in USD – We do not offer development support in any plan.

Understand Our Features Better, In a Head-to-Head Comparison.

Key Differences





Tested Users per month
+ 1.5M 700K 400K 100K
Tested Users per year
+ 18M 8.4M 4.8M 1.2M
Active Projects per Account
Unlimited 50 30 5
Active Experiences per Account
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 15
Active Domains Per Account
(All Plans Allow Unlimited Sub-Domains)
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10
Active Goals per Project 200 70 60 30
(Custom) Segments per Project 15 10 10 5
Deploys per Account
150 100 50 30
Monthly Plan Price on Request $1,699/mo $999/mo $399/mo
Annual Price Price on Request
Overuse Pricing (Can Be Turned Off) Manual Overquota Features $299 per 100K $299 per 100K $299 per 100K

World Impact





1% Stripe Climate
1% for Conservation Projects
Trees Planted Per Month (With Monthly Plans) 8% of your monthly fee is used to plant trees on your behalf 136 80 32
Trees Planted All At Once (With Annual Plans) 1600 979 576 192






Guided Onboarding

Free Stuff For You





Free Solo GOODUI premium account
CXL All-Access Pass
Free Udemy Course
Free Optizent Course






A/B Testing
Split URL Testing
Multipage Testing
Multivariate Testing
Mobile Website Testing
Popular Full Stack
Visual Editor
Code Editor
40+ Filter Targeting Engine
Custom Javascript Targeting
Custom Tag Targeting
Popular Behavior Based Targeting
Cookie Based Targeting
Geo Targeting
Device Targeting
Weather Targeting
Traffic Source Targeting
Time of Day Targeting
Language Targeting
Data Sourcers
Advanced Post Segmentation
Advanced Goals
Advanced Rule Builder
Manual Activation
Add New Elements
Popular SRM Checks
Collision Prevention
Default Anti-flicker
Popular Frequentist & Bayesian Stats Engine
Popular Sequential Testing
API Access
Popular Traffic Allocation
One-Tag Integrations
Number of 3rd Party
90+ 90+ 90+ 90+
Live Logs
Change History
Real Time Data
Export Raw Data
CSV Export
Google Sign-In
Role Based Permissions
Account Manager
Modified Payment Terms
Redlining Contracts

Security & Privacy





Multi-Factor Security Login
EU-Based Servers
Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt
Non-PII Cookie Lifetime 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months
Only First-Party Cookies
We don’t force plan upgrades. Convert honors legacy pricing.
Who Should Opt For Convert Enterprise?

Our Enterprise plans come with: 

  1. More than 1.5M unique tested users a month.
  2. Secure workflows like the ability to use Single Sign On.
  3. A dedicated account manager.
  4. Manual overquota privileges.

We have a number of Enterprise offerings. Get in touch with us at sales@convert.com to learn more.

Straight from the Source: Real Reviews on G2.com

High Performer Winter 2023 Highest User Adoption Spring 2023 Users Most Likely to Recommend Small Business High Performer Spring 2023 High Performer Summer 2023

Convert’s Pledge: We Do Things Differently.

We’ve Got You Covered

Up to 10x Faster Support.

According to Zendesk’s performance numbers, Convert’s first response time is 11 mins 34 secs, a whopping 10x faster than other tools in the space.

Couple that with an impressive issue resolution percentage, and you’ll never wait to start testing again.

Access support:

  • Over the phone.
  • In the app.
  • Via email.
  • Through our knowledge base.
Affordable Plans.

Pay monthly. All the way up to our Pro plan.

Get lucrative discounts when you pre-pay annually.

We are a self-funded company.

This means we can honor legacy plans. We never force price upgrades.

Not Just Features, An Ecosystem.

Select plans come with guided onboarding.

If you aren’t working with your preferred agency partner, we can introduce you to a Convert-vetted service provider (agency or expert) to take care of your ideation, process management, test development, and data analysis needs.

We also offer free (premium) education with each plan.

We’re Good For the Planet Too.

Climate Badge

Starting 2024, each plan you invest in:

  • Sets aside 8% of the total plan price to plant trees with The International Small Group & Tree Planting Program (TIST).
  • Sets aside 1% of the total price for Stripe Climate.
  • Sets aside 1% of the total price for conservation initiatives.
Convert Team
Convert Deploy

Packages that allow you to run more personalization-like experiences than your standard Convert Experiences’ A/B testing plans.

*1:1 personalizations *No-code site changes *Pushing test winners live.

Deploy 3
For companies with a busy schedule of site updates and test deployments.

- 25%
Billed at $7,191/yr

Top features
  • 1000 Deploys
  • 1000 Active Domains
  • 100 Active Projects
  • Unlimited Traffic
Deploy 2 Most Popular
For companies that want to manage multiple sites, without IT hassles.

- 25%
Billed at $3,591/yr

Top features
  • 300 Deploys
  • 50 Active Domains
  • 5 Active Projects
  • Unlimited Traffic
Deploy 1
For companies that want to try personalized site experiences.

- 25%
Billed at $2,691/yr

Top features
  • 100 Deploys
  • 10 Active Domains
  • 1 Active Project
  • Unlimited Traffic
All plan prices are in USD – We do not offer development support in any plan.

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