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Test More, Better, Faster.

We know. It sounds like a cliche. So many companies make similar promises.
Our claim is based on 4 big issues we solve for our ideal customer.

100K Contracts

C-suite decided that the “silver” bullet for your experimentation program is a 100K USD annual contract tool that’ll solve all your problems.

But.. (surprisingly), it didn’t.

A/B testing is only as good as the people running the tests. That’s why we unabashedly recommend not breaking the bank with restrictive, exorbitant annual contracts.

If you’re our ideal user, you will take the money you save with our transparently priced self-service plans, and invest it in your team. Good going!

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Unlimited Tests Sub-Domains
Limits Fury

Using a platform that caps the number of experiments you can deploy?

Usability sucks? Basic targeting options make you want to tear your hair out?

Don’t want to involve developers in every test you ship?

Zero support? App roadmap in the dark?

Free or capped tools are great when starting out, but a serious roadblock when you wish to grow.

Convert is made especially for you! Mature A/B testing features, without the price shock. A no-brainer next step.

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Privacy Perils

Companies need data to thrive.

Visitors and buyers are reluctant to part with this data, unless they see clear benefits.

Plus, browsers and governments have woken up to the fact that privacy is a basic human right.

If this balancing act between data and privacy laws has you in a bind, you’ll love Convert.

We use only first party cookies to reduce tracking inaccuracies in our reports.

In-app notifications help you use our powerful features in GDPR compliant ways.

How We Respect Privacy
No Privacy Worries. Ever.
Features AB Testing
George Crewe Customer Success Manager
Features AB Testing
Dionysia Kontotasiou Head of Integrations / Data Privacy and Information Security Officer
Features AB Testing
Jacob Solis Customer Technical Support
Features AB Testing
Poonam Deshpande Customer Technical Support
Vendor Apathy

Industry benchmarks say our support is 4x faster.

Our app users say we are the best team of humans they’ve worked with.

The difference lies in our value of being your partner. And in proactively solving your problems.

You just have to ask.

We provide phone, in-app and email support across plans. Our support agents are tool experts - people who don’t troubleshoot with scripts.

Convert doesn’t respond to talk. We respond to listen and get you back to testing, ASAP.

Meet Our Team
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Convert Experiences - Best A/B Testing Tool in the Market

Convert Experiences is, in my opinion, the best A/B testing software on the market right now. It is my go-to recommendation for any A/B testing requirement.

First off, the support is top-notch. It is easy to get hold of senior developers.

We are advanced A/B testers and Convert is the only piece of software that has the critical features like blink handling, advanced editing and breakdown of conversion patterns - that I have not been able to find anywhere else.

Francis Teo
Francis Teo
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More Functionality for the Money with Less Flicker

First and foremost, Convert Experiences is easy to use. There is barely any flicker compared to the tools we have used in the past.

We get more features/functionality for our money with advanced provisions like the Javascript triggering of experiments. Finally the support team is quick and thorough.

Give it a free trial and see for yourself.

Sean Clanchy
Lee Preston
Worship Digital
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Convert has evolved from being a great low cost A/B testing tool to one of the most advanced and complete tools available. Is one of the only GDPR compliant A/B testing tools. The fastest loading tool for user experience, with no flicker experienced. Offers the best support of all tools, including web chat support.

Rich Page via his website.
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"Can I Do That With Convert?”. 5000+ Websites Have Said Yes.
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The power of an enterprise A/B testing tool.
With plans starting at USD $399/month.
The Bells & Whistles You Want, with 90+ integrations

Your unique A/B testing program needs a unique tech stack. With our 90+ one-tag integrations that cover Hotjar, Google Analytics, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Segment, Heap and Mixpanel (to name a few), you can include the bells and whistles you need, without paying us extra for what you will never use!

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Audience Targeting on Overdrive, with 40 Filters

You can scrimp on certain aspects of A/B testing! Targeting isn’t one of them. In fact, targeting & test triggering are two vital components of test design. Get them on point. We give you an advanced drag & drop targeting engine where you can mix and match 40+ filters to create granular segments by:

Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Visitor Data
Traffic Sources
Visit Times
Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Page Tags
Traffic Sources Weather
Explore Audience Targeting in Detail
Audience Targeting Engine with 40+ Filters
9 Experiment Goal Types to Track Actions & Learn From Tests
9 Experiment Goal Types to Track Actions & Learn From Tests

Don’t go overboard with goals. But don’t stop at monitoring the obvious. Your strategy dictates what you track for impact. But whatever that action is, you can define it on Convert Experiences.

Traffic Sources Page Visits
Traffic Sources Revenue Goals
Traffic Sources Click Goals
Traffic Sources
JS Triggered Goals
Traffic Sources Scroll Goals
Traffic Sources
Advanced Goals
Traffic Sources
Google Analytics Goals
Explore Goals in Detail
Bug Squashing & QA

A/B testing spends your site traffic as currency. Doesn’t make sense to incur a debt with each experiment you roll out. In other words, don’t waste your traffic by exposing visitors to test variants that don’t work as intended. You not only open them up to poor site experiences, you also get skewed data to work with.

This is why each Convert plan comes with a debugging Chrome extension, and Live Logs - a real time stream of site events that can pinpoint what is off in your experiments.

Live Logs
Secure A/B Testing API
Secure A/B Testing API

Not an API for the sake of having one. Automate tasks, speed up processes, integrate with external analytics services, and tap into the potential of our software, from the security and privacy of your own stack.

Request API Access
Shopify A/B Testing, with Custom Shopify App

The Shopify space needs CRO guidance and a suite of Ecommerce specific A/B testing features at an affordable price to be fully immersed in the practice of experimentation.

That is exactly what we bring. With our Shopify custom app for quick and error free integration and revenue tracking, we have empowered store owners and conversion rate optimizers to get more revenue from their existing traffic.

Why Shopify A/B Testing
Shopify A/	B Testing, with Custom Shopify App
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Roas Is At An All-Time Low

Thanks to iOS 14, pixel based conversions are way off. Your retargeting pool has shrunk. And lookalike audiences have lost their effectiveness. You are spending more money than ever before to get relevant traffic to your site. Plus, when this traffic does convert, there are discrepancies between the numbers in Ad Manager and your Shopify back-end.

Target Goal Icon

Email Numbers Aren't Accurate

Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) has skewed your open rates. Using engagement based lists? Your targeting may be questionable and sale emails aren’t raking in as much revenue as they used to.

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Retention Is Needed Yet Neglected

Converting cold traffic is
5x more expensive than getting buyers to purchase again. In fact, 40% of your revenue comes from loyal customers. Traffic fills your funnel with buyers, retention increases the lifetime value of these buyers. You need both for an 8-figure, profitable store. But real retention calls for doing things you haven’t done before - including investing in a brand story and purpose. Shopify retention apps are a band-aid at best.

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Attribution Sucks

Your marketing ops is a blackbox. Data from tools don't match up and your team can’t trace revenue back to specific changes or campaigns. If you don’t know what drives more orders, you can’t scale your way to hyper growth.

Tasks That Matter to A/B Testing Teams, Made Easy.

Testers do these jobs every day. Our features make them easier.

Full Stack Experimentation

Convert Experiences is the only A/B testing tool in the market that doesn't charge extra for full-stack capabilities. We believe experimentation is incomplete, if you can't apply its principles across all your growth channels and motions. We've made our offering Full Stack - with server side experimentation (serve code and variations from your server, instead of relying on your traffic's browser), A/B testing across both web & apps, feature flagging & rollouts to build and release better products, faster. More to come!

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Full Stack Experimentation

Frequentist & Bayesian Stats Engine

Access both Frequentist and Bayesian options in every plan released in 2023. For Frequentist, get access to two-tails or one-tail Z-test and multiple comparison corrections like: Bonferroni and Sidak.These offer more view options while looking at test data, allowing Convert customers to get precise with p-values or to work with the Bayesian chance to win probability, depending on the nature of the experiment and its design.

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Frequentist & Bayesian Stats Engine

Advanced Goals

Use 9 goal templates to help gauge the success of your variants. Set up advanced goals with 40+ filter conditions. Or import goals from Google Analytics. Set scroll goals and click goals.

Explore Feature In Free Trial
Visit a specific page
Revenue Goal
Click on a link
Submit a form
Click something on a page
JavasScript triggered goal
Scroll percentage goal
Advanced Goal
Imported from Google Analytics

JS Tester for Dynamic Testing

Build tests directly in our JS editor—which gives you full acess to your site’s JS, jQuery and CSS. Plus, create tests based on JS event pushing, so you can track and account for user behavior.

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JS Tester for Dynamic Testing

Data Sources

All data is useful! Even if it is stored in your marketing or email automation tool. With Data Sources acting as open connectors, testers leverage powerful JS enabled targeting that exposes massive traffic segments to variants based on conditions which evaluate "true" at a later stage.

This isn't your average "site area tool". Pull in unique identifiers like lead scores from your scattered databases to mature your testing strategy and take things to the next level.

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Data Sources

Advanced Targeting

Sources, channels, and geo-locations that underperform, don't need to stay that way. Segment off users by historical behavior, third party input using Data Sources, cookies, or JS events. And, give underperformers the boost they need.

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Advanced Targeting


In the end, it’s individuals who convert. So focus on the individual. Convert’s personalization features allow you to be more persuasive—matching specific pages to specific people with rich geo-targeting.

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Rich Reporting & Solid Stats

💡 All Convert Experiences reports are based on unsampled data. We use 100% of the data collected by your set up to call winners.

From CTR, AOV, RPV, to ROI—compare any of your KPIs with high confidence, and low costs. We stop tests at the right time: once they reach the capped visitors, statistical significance, or your fixed time window. So you save money, and can test something new.

What Test Methodology does Convert use?

Explore Feature In Free Trial

Post Segmentation

Slice and dice your test data with ease after concluding your experiments. Identify segments like new/returning users, browsers used, devices used, campaigns clicked, and resident countries from the audiences exposed to your variants. Take advantage of custom segments as well, so that no learning is lost.

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Post Segmentation

Hypotheses Building & Prioritization

Overwhelmed with improvement possibilities on your site? All ideas are not created equal. Compass (Beta) accessible within Convert Experiences is an intuitive, no-fuss way to build strong hypotheses, prioritize them through the PIE or ICE model for maximum impact and deploy them as A/B tests or split tests after they’ve been fully matured for execution.

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Hypotheses Building & Prioritization

Collision Prevention

Wisdom says don’t run simultaneous tests on the same page, or set of pages. Actual business decisions are taken based on risk/reward analysis. Often targeting the same page with two experiments might make sense in terms of expediting learning and avoiding opportunity costs. For the discerning tester, we have the collision prevention feature that prevents users bucketed in one experience from being bucketed in another.

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Change History

Change History

Transparency, security and compliance come to the forefront with the Convert Experiences Change History. This centralized stream of activity spans all projects in your account, controls and monitors access of information in the company and serves as an audit trail during incident reviews.

Explore Feature In Free Trial
Change History

API Integration

The secure token based Convert API lets you create new tests and experiences, retrieve and modify settings and generate reports and overviews for the entire application. This is especially developed for CRO agencies, organization with a high testing velocity, and developers interested in integrating into the Convert Experiences Suite.

Learn How Our API Works
Api Integration

Live Log

Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the most important facets of building consistent experiences. Although a simple test can be built entirely within the No-Code Visual Editor, most experiences will need QA. Our Live Log overview feeds realtime events to the account to facilitate a quick deployment of the experience, saving valuable time in the development and release of experiences to production sites.

Explore Feature In Free Trial
Live Log

SRM Check

Even big tech firms see Sample Ratio Mismatch creep into 6%-10% of their experiments. SRM (or the instance where the control & the variant in your experiment do not receive equal split of traffic) is such an important validity threat that most experts consider peeking for the purpose of detecting SRM an acceptable risk.

In Convert reports, you can now choose to be notified of SRM when it occurs.

Explore Feature In Free Trial
SRM Check

Single Sign-On

Complete control over who accesses your Convert Experiences account. Only allow members of your organization to log in with Single Sign-On that integrates with your existing authentication layers. Ditch messy passwords. Using your A/B testing tool got easier, yet more secure.

Explore Feature In Free Trial
Single Sign-On

Privacy Notifications

As a Convert Experiences user, making your site and your business better should be your only concern. That’s why we have a privacy roadmap and provisions, like no other.

Want to step outside the box with your testing? Want to open up our tool and see what it can do? We’ve built timely, easy to read and useful notifications right into the app. Get signaled about the privacy impact of turning on key features. Make good decisions. Keep your testing effective and compliant.

Explore Feature In Free Trial
Privacy Notifications

Security & Authentication

Something you know + something you have = unparalleled data security. That’s the premise for the Convert Experiences two-factor authentication as default on every plan. With this feature you add much needed layers of protection to your testing system. For further ease of use we also offer Single Sign-On (SSO) for specific plan levels to integrate with your existing authentication layers.

Explore Feature In Free Trial
Security & Authentication
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Go as deep & technical as you like

The depth and capabilities of Convert Experiences for experimentation just blew me away. Convert knows that one size does “not” fit all, and have provided so many places to inject a script at runtime to be able to decide when and how to run an experiment. This is so huge for me because the app I experiment on is written with woldly changing view layers. The specific feature I’m describing is called “JS Conditions” or DMP Profiling.I’ve used Adobe, Optimizely, Google Experiments, etc. and none of them really let you get your hands dirty with code like this tool.

Ken Hanson
Ken Hanson
Modern Message
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See A/B Testing Agency Specific Features

Management Icon

Easy Client Management

Expand your client base without complications. Dedicate a project to each client and manage all their testing needs within this space. One Convert account is enough for your agency.

Chart Up Icon

Testing Without Limits

Clients unwilling to opt for annual contracts & exorbitant pricing? They’ll say yes to our sophisticated features, including the ability to create unlimited projects and test unlimited sub-domains, at affordable self-service rates.

Traffic Lights Icon

Control Over Traffic

One account does not mean messy reports and traffic allocation issues. You have the power to distribute account traffic between projects. Bill clients by test velocity and win their trust.

Folders Icon

Control Over Projects

Shift an experiment in your agency account to your client’s stand-alone account. Or import projects from their set-up to yours. We’ve built our tool with agency migration needs in mind.

  • Access To Convert On Shopify
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Unlimited Support
  • Real Time Test Reports
  • Collision Detection and Prevention
  • Data Sources
  • Customizable permission levels
  • Ability to allocate traffic to projects
  • Ability to shift a client projects to agency account
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Advanced Segmentation & Audiences
  • [SPECIAL] Certified Agency Accounts with Extensions

When Features & Support Are (Just) Right, Results Speak for Themselves.

Award Winning Experiment With Convert

What happens when you come up with a strong data backed hypothesis and all the tests you run still end up losing? You return to the drawing board and try again. This award winning A/B test campaign by Mintminds is exciting and educational. Learn how Ecommerce buyers operate when actually adding products to the cart and what you can do...

Earth Class Mail Increased Revenue by USD 1.5M

What happens when research and analysis meet Convert Experiences? A whopping 57% more leads resulting in 1.5 million dollars of additional revenue. In this case study Convert Premium Partner Conversion Rate Experts talks about the process of optimizing output for Earth Class Mail and the ease with which this was achieved, thanks to Convert Experiences.

Optimizing For Authority With Convert

Sometimes optimizing for the intangible can be a great idea. Especially if user research points the way. In this unique case study by Journey Further, we break down how adding elements to boost Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trust (E-A-T) can actually lead to an uptick in conversions.

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Should You Hop on a Convert Free Trial?

We aren't afraid of a little competition.
Compare Convert's feature set to
VWO, Google Optimize, Optimizely, AB Tasty, Amplitude, Qubit and more

Get Unbiased Comparison
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Hivelocity is growing lightning fast. With growth comes more website traffic. Convert allows us to use data from our website visitors to not only better define our customers interest but also build a better product. Any B2B SaaS company looking to better their customer experience and reach more targeted prospects will find Convert a vital addition to their marketing assets.

Mike Architetto
Mike Architetto
President of Hivelocity
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Where the client has never done any testing before, we typically look first to use Convert ( I like Convert for a number of reasons. From the very beginning, it has been one of the easiest tools to integrate with Google Analytics. Also, for tricky variations, I’ve had better luck with Convert than others (Optimizely) at getting the variation to display just the way we want. And the support at Convert has always been excellent—again, better than most of their competitors.

Julien Le Nestour
Tom Bowen
Website Optimizers
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I appreciated the transparency in pricing and the free trial. Having looked into a few similar solutions, it took weeks of back and forth with demos, multiple phone calls, etc. before the other companies would finally quote me a price. In the end, the other solutions were 2-3X the cost and required 12-month commitment. Convert publishes their pricing, let's you run through the entire interface with the free trial and offers month-to-month subscriptions.

Chris Watts
Chris Watts
Convert Team

Do the Planet Some Good

Why should you use Convert Experiences?

The features and support are only part of the story.

In today's market tech is duplicated.

That's why we are betting on who we are to set us apart.

Convert is a Conscious Business.

This means we only work with companies that do not cause harm to the planet, don't spread hate and divisiveness, and do not suppress the rights and freedom of under-served communities.

Most importantly, we put our money where our mouth is.

We are the only Climate Neutral certified A/B testing tool out there.

And a portion of our monthly revenue goes towards our goal of being 100x climate positive.

Climate Badge

So if partnering with a fun, async and “remote since 2010” team of passionate purpose driven individuals sounds like your thing, sign up for a Deploy free trial.

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Just Browsing? No Problem.

We Create Ungated A/B Testing Resources with Industry Experts.

You Need an A/B Testing Learning Repository to Run Experience-Informed Experiments (Experts Say)

Does your testing program feel like it’s lacking structure or impact? Are you running tests with no plan of attack and unsure what to prioritize or where to work next? Perhaps you get lost trying to remember which tests you’ve tried before, what worked, and what failed? Or maybe...

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26 A/B Testing Examples to Inspire Your Next Test

In your journey into A/B testing, you’ve probably come face-to-face with this popular 2004 quote by Jeff Bezos: If you double the number of experiments you do per year, you’re going to double your inventiveness. That’s all well and good, but what if you don’t know what to test?...

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How to Treat Qualitative Data & Quantitative Data for Winning A/B Tests?

If we break it down to its core concepts, CRO is less about conversions and more about understanding your audience and how they interact with your website. The more you understand them, what they want and how they act on your site, the better customer experience and offers you...

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Frequently Asked Questions About A/B Testing:

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a decision tool, or methodology, based on the statistical foundation of hypothesis testing. It gives us the confidence to implement site (and product) changes with the understanding that: 

  • The adjustments that are made in Conversion Optimization, that A/B testing is part of, have the potential to improve site experiences and thus boost conversion rates and revenue for brand specific use cases. 
  • With the changes incorporated, the resulting experience is indeed different from the existing experience and thus an effect will be felt in the observed metrics. 

There are a number of reasons why controlled online experiments (or A/B tests) have emerged as a popular way to prevent gut instinct fueled decisions from wreaking havoc on business KPIs. In fact, their role is just to deny or confirm them! They act as a safety mechanism, and ultimately as a decision tool.

If you’ve ever felt that the “boss” or the HiPPO a.k.a. The “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” is used as a tie breaker to tip the decision to implement in favor of ideas that aren’t guided by data, then properly executed A/B tests are an unbiased and powerful way to show that it is almost impossible to predict how buyers will behave, on the fly. And the only source of an educated guess is the buyers themselves. 

In short A/B testing is: 

  1. The gatekeeper. A/B testing takes time and on the face of it may delay releases and launches, but it drastically cuts down the time and the cost to reach an experience that is optimal for both the user(s) and the business. In other words, it provides a sure-fire way to climb the mountain of success online, by advancing one experiment at a time, and making sure that the new changes do not degrade any important metrics, and instead improve them.
  1. The compass that takes you where you want to go. This is the “optimization” aspect of experimentation. It allows marketing and product teams (and ultimately the entire company) to iteratively improve key experiences and touchpoints in a way that leads to compounding returns. And without untested disruptions that may inadvertently move the needle backwards. 
  1. The guide to the mountain you wish to climb. This is the exploratory side of A/B testing. The one interested in innovation. Keep in mind that A/B testing isn’t just good for protecting what already works, and optimizing it. With the right kind of attitude, top down buy in for consistent experimentation, and a solid learning repository, it is also a spotlight. One that unerringly falls on potential hidden in your business and your funnels… giving you ideas to try novel approaches to existing business problems. 

Research into 35,000 startups has conclusively proven that a culture of experimentation has tangible benefits – namely more product launches, more VC funding, and rapid growth. See for yourself!

How to Do A/B Testing?

A/B testing during experimentation is largely a scientific process. 

Here are the key steps that you can’t miss, if you are A/B testing: 

  1. Defining the business problem you’ll solve. This acts as the North Star metric for your optimization program, and not just a single test. You can definitely run one-time experiments. But it’s like task checking. Finishing one can move you forward, but it does not finish the project. The true value of A/B testing is realized by setting up a flywheel. 
The AB Testing Flywheel
  1. Assembling a team of experts who know what they are doing. Don’t start with the tool. This is a classic mistake. The tool isn’t a silver bullet. You must first have the “consumers” or “users” of that tool in place. And then they help define the specs of the A/B testing solution you should invest in, based on the specs (goals, test velocity, roadmap) of the experimentation program. 
  1. Defining the tech. This isn’t restricted to just the testing platform. It includes all the analytics tools needed for a functioning data layer that feeds a user friendly knowledge layer. Just because you’ve been collecting interactions across every possible touchpoint for years, doesn’t mean you have the quality of data needed to inform hypotheses. 

    This leads us back to the business problems you wish to solve. Once you know what you want out of your optimization and A/B testing program, it is relatively easier to specify entities, interactions, events of import, and the best way to collect and process this data for a true picture of what isn’t working as expected. 

    CAVEAT: Don’t A/B test a solution. A/B test to better understand the problem on your way to seeking the right solution, especially if you have traffic to spare. 
  1. Thinking critically with quantitative and qualitative data! This includes treating data with respect and not shoe-horning it to fit the narrative in your head. 

    There are lots of biases to contend with. A code of ethics for data handling is non-negotiable. We’ve written at length about it. From here, you can start to frame hypotheses. Lots of frameworks to help you do that. 

    This is Convert’s hypothesis generator (which has the option built in to consider the impact of your hypothesis on the people who are participants in your “tests”). 
  1. Coding up and deploying your experiments. This is the stage where the contributions of your tool matter the most. Please bear in mind that the complexity (or the simplicity) of the process you go through to get to the phase of rolling the experiment out does not have a significant bearing on how the deployment will go. 

    A simple hypothesis may involve specific triggers and convoluted actions (goals) that are hard to define and code on a client side A/B testing platform. 

    And a hypothesis that took weeks to isolate may need a simple change made to site copy through the visual editor. This is the reason why it is best to invest in an A/B testing solution that gets the basic pillars of experimentation right. The bells and whistles are great to have but they do not add value to actual test deployment. 

    Don’t forget the aspect of Quality Assurance. A broken test will yield broken results. The delicate process of A/B testing spends site traffic as currency. Most websites don’t have endless traffic. Spend it on experiments that work as expected. 
  1. Learning and Re-iteration. If you aren’t learning from your A/B tests in a way that the insights make sense and appeal to 3 groups of stakeholders, you are leaving money on the table: 
    • Experimenters. These are the people who are testing, every day. A growing repository of artifacts summarizing the learning from previous efforts is crucial. Not to replace A/B tests with the repository. But to improve their understanding of your audience to create increasingly mature hypotheses. 
    • C-Suite. These folks may be excited about winning tests. But they are worried about implementing winning solutions. Share how A/B testing solves key company problems. Either through direct impact on conversions (with a revenue potential attached) or through insights that help the whole business take better decisions. 
    • Cheering Squad. People who are not in the day-to-day grind of A/B testing, but who have the ability (and clout) to translate the statistics and the reports into progress – for the entire company to understand, cheer for, and embrace. Marketing has had to win a seat at the proverbial table to be taken seriously, beyond PR and keywords… It’s time for experimentation to emerge as a key player in revenue and innovation.

Here’s a compilation of real world A/B testing examples that have impacted important numbers for businesses. Get inspired.

How to Pick an A/B Testing Tool?

Testers today are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing A/B testing tools and platforms. 

We’ve created an in-depth guide on how to vet and choose an A/B testing solution that fits the needs of your company. 

But here we would like to focus on the most important considerations, ones that are generally not covered in the resources found online. 

  1. The rhythm of your experimentation program. How much testing do you want done? How many goals do you wish to attach to each experiment? Because here is the thing – you can get by with one goal (it may be enough to indicate an uplift or a decrease), but do you wish to stop there? Or do you want multiple secondary goals to validate and corroborate the impact detected by the primary experiment goal? In fact, do you want to track interactions for learning? The framework of running A/B tests should ultimately dictate the kind of features you need and the limitations that you can live with. 

    No A/B testing tool is perfect. No single A/B testing tool out there has the perfect combination of features and benefits … Every investment is in some way a compromise. What are you not willing to compromise on, given how you want to run your program? 

    Think about it! 
  1. Your team structure. This one is important. Are experimenters going to code and deploy tests? Or do you have developers, who know what it is like to code for an experiment, in your team? The latter can make life really easy. Under such circumstances, you definitely want an A/B testing solution that lets you get your hands dirty with the code. And tap the potential of the tool to the fullest. 

    Do you want to work with an agency? And if that’s the case.. Do you want to start on an agency purchased plan or buy a tool of your choice and let the agency manage your account? This is a key consideration because yes, some tools allow users to shift accounts from agency plans to independent operation
  1. Your website. This one is obvious. For example, SPA A/B testing (like testing with React, Vue, or Svelte) poses specific challenges. Shopify A/B Testing comes with its own set of technical limitations, that some tools like solve. Again, your A/B testing solution doesn’t need to be the best at everything. It just needs to be the best at handling the nuances of your unique tech stack. 

A side by side A/B testing tools comparison is useful.. But only when you are on the verge of taking a call on a particular platform. 

A lot of big picture thinking happens in the background before that.

What Features are Non-Negotiable for A/B Testing Teams?

There are 4 features or capabilities an A/B testing platform needs to equip its users for success. 

Before we dive into what they are, a reminder. 

An A/B testing tool can never replace an experienced team with an understanding of processes and a strong sense of accountability. 

However this talent should not be hamstrung by a limited tool either. 

So here it goes: 

  1. A/B Test Targeting and Triggering: A vital aspect of robust A/B test design. An experimentation platform should allow its users to target the right people (because you are estimating behavior of a much larger group based on a small sample. The closer the sample is to the real persona you wish to serve with the solution, the better the results) and serve the variant in the right site section, in the correct sequence, and at the right time. Triggered earlier than needed, or later than needed … the behavior elicited from the test sample won’t be an accurate reflection of the behavior that would be elicited in response to a properly timed stimulus. 

    Plus, you don’t want to inadvertently expose your sample to information that can bias behavior and outcomes. 

    The importance of targeting and triggering can’t be stressed enough. This is why Convert Experiences comes with 40+ filters in its targeting engine. Serve almost anyone you intend to. Bring your hypotheses to life. 
  1. Experiment Data Tracking and Goals. There are goals. And then there are goals that give your optimization program the maturity to go beyond templates. Templates are convenient. But A/B testing is about respecting the unique nature of your business and use cases (That’s where the sentiment of A/B Test everything comes from). 

    How can you hope to serve possibly unprecedented actions if all you have are editable templates? An A/B testing platform should do a double whammy – templates and advanced goals. With the ability to add multiple goals to every test. 
  1. Debugging and Quality Assurance of A/B Tests. We’ve touched on this already. A/B testing spends your site traffic as currency. You can’t afford to incur a debt by displaying broken tests to visitors. Most importantly – the idea is to have an experience that is not perfect, but as close to the actual experience (or feature) you’ll roll out, as possible. This is what ensures the best data for insights and the most reliable result. 

    QA is overlooked. But it literally makes or breaks experiments. This is the reason why Convert Experiences comes with both a Chrome debugger and the convenient, real time Live Logs
  1. Integrations. This is for users who know that all-in-one platforms rarely ever live up to the hype. Either the extra features don’t work to support the scientific process of A/B testing (where “good enough” isn’t really an option). 

    Or the clutter from the bells and whistles erode adoption and usability. 

    It’s much better to invest in tools that have a singular focus. So that each aspect of your data collection and analysis stack is excellent, ever evolving, and maintained by experts. A backbone to trust for your A/B tests! 

    Integrations bail you out of the all-in-one quagmire. They make data available in a centralized location. They gift you the freedom of assembling a stack that serves your exact needs, without you having to pay for features you’ll never use. 

    Shifting away from tools that do “everything” is a mark of a mature A/B testing program. One that understands “everything” isn’t the key to success, the right things are!

How Should You Split Your A/B Testing Budget?

Most of the information online has traditionally been provided by vendors. So it is no small wonder that there is a narrative of A/B testing solutions or platforms being the savior – the silver bullet. 

But we beg to differ. 

  1. Decide on the specs of your optimization program (what kind of business challenges you’ll solve and how) 
  2. Get your team onboarded. Take stock of their skills and preferences. 
  3. Then invest in a tool that lives in the intersection of non-negotiable features and user must-haves. 

Have a budget that will allow you to access an app that meets most of your genuine requirements. But you don’t win any medals for the most exorbitantly priced A/B testing tool. If there is a surplus .. invest that budget in up-skilling your team.

When Should You Work with an A/B Testing Agency?

Here are 4 great reasons to onboard an A/B testing agency or a CRO agency: 

  1. Assistance with A/B testing build-outs. Most experimentation programs do not have dedicated developers who focus on test coding and deployment. This is where an agency that specializes in doing the heavy lifting, coding wise, keeps up test velocity. Their experts not only have the bandwidth to start emptying out your backlog, they also understand how to walk the fine line between a perfect experience and an experience or a feature needed for testing and thus one that is a close enough reflection of the real world ideal. 
  1. Assistance with Telemetry. Setting up proper data collection pipelines is a challenge. While data storage and processing is a vital skill set that must be cultivated in-house, if the expertise is not available, growing it can take a lot of time and add to the chaos of broken tables, ill-defined entities, random events, and more. 
  1. Assistance with Customer Research. There is no such thing as too much qualitative data. Especially if it is collected in response to unbiased questions asked in the right way, at the right time. Most brands may not have the bandwidth to run experiment specific Cx research sprints. An agency fills this much needed gap. They also bring their learning documentation chops to the table, giving an experimentation program the invaluable gift of processes and frameworks that work! 
  1. Evangelizing Experimentation. Remember the “Cheering Squad”? An agency can kickstart the evangelizing process by helping in-house stakeholders: 
    • See results (Results =/= Wins) 
    • Understand the part A/B testing plays in solving problems they care about 
    • Present learning 
    • Even “Prove ROI”

Walk Us Through How We Can Start Using Convert Experiences?

Convert Experiences possess a suite of enterprise grade A/B testing features at self service prices. 

The best way to understand how Convert Experiences can have a positive impact on your experimentation program (especially if you’ve been grappling with the BIG 4 issues we’ve laid out) is through a custom demo. 

But that takes 30 minutes. And you may not have them to spare. 

Here’s a 5 minute recorded demo of the app that gives you a teaser of what you can expect: 

Watch Demo Right Away [5-Min]

Why Does Convert Experiences Cost Less? What’s Being Compromised?

Great question. 

There are very few A/B testing solutions meant for teams just starting to outgrow a free tool like Google Optimize. This is a crucial stage in their experimentation maturity where they need to test more and test increasingly ambitious ideas to remove experimentation from the confines of “CRO”. Testing may not have the leverage needed (yet) to demand 150k USD a year up-front – just for a tool. 

This however doesn’t mean that the teams should keep wrestling with restrictions and limits. 

Convert Experiences is created to help these eager teams realize the true potential of A/B testing, and then shift over to a platform that will do justice to the evolving skills of its experimenters and the changing needs of the business and the program.

In many cases this next step is a function specific A/B testing tool – like ones that are especially created to serve product teams. Or it may be a custom solution coded up in-house to handle use cases which out of the box apps simply can’t.  

This is the reason why we are priced transparently, and the way we are. 

We want more businesses & brands to A/B test – the right way and with the right team cause this is a success lever most companies aren’t pulling hard enough. 

This is also why we only work with Conscious Businesses, growing which will do the world a good turn.

What Does Convert’s Stats Engine Look Like?

At Convert, we use simple and proven statistical methods in our A/B testing reports, the classical Frequentist Z-test, with two tails. 

Thanks to our Convert Calculator, you can also plan your test the right way, but choosing a minimum effect of interest, also called minimum detectable effect (MDE), which will give you the amount of visitors you will need per variant before you can end your test.

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