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How Journey Further Used Convert Experiences to Build Trust for High Street TV

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We always thought that the variant would win, the surprise was that it won with an uplift of just over 30%!

Jonny Longden, Conversion Director
Journey Further

The Challenge: Lack of Credibility Tanks Conversions

Product pages are supposed to sell….

But can they sell equally well to all traffic segments?

When the brand High Street TV (HSTV) found low conversions for its best-selling Yawn Beds, it was time to call in the experts.

Journey Further ran a landing page path analysis for the Yawn Bed product page and found a large drop off in conversions, and correspondingly high bounce rates for the paid traffic segment.

User research also indicated that High Street TV could be unfamiliar as a brand, especially when compared to massive platforms like Amazon and Argos. Connecting the dots, the hypothesis was clear.

By creating an anchoring experience via a dedicated PPC landing page where key brand and value prop messaging could be communicated for HSTV, Journey Further expected to see an increase in conversions and a decrease in bounce rate for the Yawn Airbeds.

The Test: Segmentation Works!

Journey Further used Convert Experiences’ stack to conduct the test.

The Google Analytics integration played a key role since it was used for post-test analysis.

The test had only one variant and was only focused on targeting paid traffic.

Convert Experiences offers 40+ filtering conditions for granular targeting. Experience the ease in our free trial.


The original Yawn Bed product page, with no changes or tweaks. It was served to 7500 tested users over 6 weeks.

Yawn Bed Control


Traffic was sent to a new, dedicated landing page that focused on HSTV’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and product immersion in a way that the existing product page templates could not.

It was served to 7500 tested users over 6 weeks.

Yawn Bed Variant.

The Result:

Main Goal(Compared to Control)Confidence of ResultWinner
Purchases complete32.62% increase in purchases.98.56%Variant

The most important aspect of any test is the research which comes afterwards, regardless of the outcome. With this test, the learning has created an ongoing theme where we have identified a whole range of other successful tests and has also opened up new value proposition discussions with the client.

Jonny Longden, Conversion Director – Journey Further.

What Can You Learn From This Success Story?

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