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A better world is possible!

Conscious Business

Conscious Business

Convert believes in creating a sustainable, ethical world where we treat everyone as neighbours with respect and honesty. By making conscious decisions in our daily operations, in our choice of suppliers and by building customer relationships that are aligned with our core value system, we will do our part to bring positive change in the world.

Convert Mission

At Convert Insights Inc. we are on a mission to create awesome, useful products that do more than add to shareholders value, as a team that makes thoughtful, ethical and moral choices in our everyday life. Convert employees and shareholders stand collectively for social and environmental issues, and we work with businesses and individuals that demonstrate both a commitment to the well-being of this planet and prosperity for everyone. We are fully committed to being transparent in our choices and in taking an active role in building positive and lasting relationships with those who are working with Convert.

We understand we must run our operations in a way that is socially and environmentally sustainable. We are aware that we are not perfect and some of our choices may seem odd; we encourage you to open public debate on issues that matter to you. Please invite us to this discussion using any open platform of your choosing and we will respectfully engage in the conversation, and share our reasoning in making these decisions.

Convert Mission
Convert Values

Our Values

Convert operates on a three-pronged mission that aims to create linked prosperity for everyone who is connected to our business: suppliers, shareholders, employees, customers, and neighbors alike. We are aware of the impact that our actions have on the environment and we will make an effort to be transparent in the way we run our operations.

Our Purpose

We empower people to connect through meaningful digital experiences while passionately building a better world by living our values

Our three-part mission guides our decision making

Our Product Mission

Convert Values

Drives us to make great software for online marketers – we love what we do.

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Our Economic Mission

Convert Values

Asks us to manage Convert for financial growth.

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Our Social Mission

Convert Values

Compels us to use Convert in innovative ways to make the world better.

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