The Easiest Way to Integrate An A/B Testing Tool With Your Shopify Store:
Convert’s Shopify Custom App

Forget learning curves. Forget copying and pasting snippets. Forget troubleshooting revenue tracking. This is a plug and play start to your Shopify experimentation journey.

Shopify Store Owners Said Getting Started With A/B Testing Is a Pain.
We Fixed The Problem

The entire community knows -- Shopify integrations are challenging. A/B testing tools fare no better.


Copying and pasting the tracking snippet across the store, and in just the right location, can be surprising fiddly.


Once you’re done with the tracking code, the “admin” doesn’t end. Now you have to set up and test out your revenue goal(s).


Want to split test a theme for your Shopify store? Best of luck rinsing and repeating the time consuming integration process.

Convert’s Shopify custom app solves these issues, out of the box. Saves you time and mental bandwidth, so you can focus on running tests that take your brand and your business to 8 figures and beyond.

Here’s How the Convert Custom App Works.

Create Your Convert API Key

#1. Create Your Convert API Key:

Visit “Account Settings” from your Convert Experiences account (You have to be the account owner of your Convert account to do this). Select the “API-Keys” tab menu from the top and click the “New API-Key” button to generate your credentials.

Select the “API-Keys” tab menu from the top and click the “New API-Key” button to generate your credentials.

Set Up a Simple Revenue Goal Within Convert Experiences

#2. Set Up a Simple Revenue Goal Within Convert Experiences:

Screen displaying a Shopify dashboard with the Convert App integrated

#3. Create Your Convert Shopify Custom App:

Hold up before you think this is expensive or needs technical know-how.

It’s absolutely FREE, and we bet you can do this on the side while reviewing your merchandising strategy.

Explore Details in Our Support Document

Connect the Custom App to Your Convert Account

#4. Connect the Custom App to Your Convert Account:

Choose the project where you want to install this custom app, and the revenue goal you’d created in step #2.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we upgrade the app with well thought out functionalities. For example, you can now select and add page tags to your store pages - through the custom app. You can also pick the currency for the store.

But rest assured, we’ll always keep it light and bloat-free, for fast loading.

Want to test multiple themes?

The Convert custom app automatically detects and re-integrates with your active theme. Without manual intervention. Change themes as often as needed. Period.

What Starts Well … Goes Well.

Experience the seamlessness and convenience of Convert’s custom Shopify integration app.

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