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About us
We've been in business since 2008

Look at our journey and milestones along the way.

We empower people to connect through meaningful digital experiences while passionately building a better world by living our values

mid-2008: Economical Crisis Hits Founding Team

 Economical Crisis Hits Founding Team

Founding team works on a lead-generation project from Europe (Romania and The Netherlands) losing 50% of the unique visitors and increasing conversion by 110% in six months using personalization and behavioral targeting.

mid-2008: Apple iOS App Store Opens

Apple iOS App Store Opens

One year after the first iPhone was launched Apple brought it's own and third party application to the first iOS App Store.

end-2008: Convert Insights Starts

 Convert Insights Starts

Convert Insights Starts After meeting for the first time in five years the two founders Claudiu Rogoveanu and Dennis van der Heijden become partners and develop the first platform

end-2009: Great App Reception

Great App Reception

After first Convert Experiences (then called Reedge) add the 500 users to the public beta of testing and targeting suite. Many online marketers jumped at the opportunity to work with our visual editor and leave Google Website Optimizer behind.

end-2009: Earth 2.0 Discovered

Earth 2.0 Discovered

Astronomers discover GJ1214b, the first-known exoplanet on which water could exist. We realised the market for our product was bigger than our planet.

mid-2011: Open for Large Agencies

Open for Large Agencies

The A/B testing platform opened up for paid users and with that the larger agencies joined our testing tool that by that time was already used on thousands of sites and tests.

end-2011: Extra Growth Support

Extra Growth Support

With hundreds of users Convert Insights receives funding from Alta Ventures to open a development office in Mexico. With this backing the company was able to add more development resources and travel to meet customers from all over the world at conferences with a sales team.

beginning-2012: Paul Ahlstrom joins the board

Paul Ahlstrom joins the board

Paul Ahlstrom a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building companies and author of the lean startup book "Nail It then Scale It". Prior to vSpring Capital and Alta Ventures, Paul founded and served as CEO of Knowlix, a venture-backed knowledge management software company aimed at the customer support market, which he successfully sold in 1999.

end-2013: Additional Funding

Additional Funding

Alta Ventures adds additional funds to Convert and expands their support for the growth of the company.

beginning-2015: Convert Unlimited Plans

Convert Unlimited Plans

Entering the enterprise space of personalization and A/B testing Convert adds the Unlimited plan to their offering to accommodate their growing number of enterprise customers looking for a very competitive offering on their high-traffic websites.

Mid 2016: Convert Experiences changed its name

Convert Experiences changed its name

Former Convert Experiments changed its name to Convert Experiences due a rebuilding of our A/B testing tool into an Experience tool. The new feature, Personalization was released as part of a series of new feature roll-outs Convert.com has planned and is included in all new plans. With the also new three levels of pricing plans available, Convert Experiences remains as the most affordable enterprise A/B Testing software on the market.

Leadership Team

Claudiu Rogoveanu

Claudiu is the co-founder and CTO of Convert Insights. Claudiu works in silence on the most powerful and reliable cloud infrastructure. Claudiu is inventor and under his command, Convert Experiences (the A/B testing product) was able to offer plans up to 50 million pageviews without a blink.

Dennis van der Heijden

Dennis is the co-founder and CEO of Convert Insights with years of experience in internet marketing and sales since 1994. Sales and marketer since the age of 6, moving on to training network and software experts since the age of 18, as entrepreneur he saw the importance of A/B testing and behavioral targeting when running his previous online lead generation company that served clients like Microsoft and SAP.

Paul Ahlstrom

Paul is a serial entrepreneur, investor in US and Mexican high potential companies and author of the book "Nail It then Scale It". As part of the board of directors Paul assists Convert Insights in the growth strategy. Paul is partner in the venture capital fund Alta Ventures that invested in Convert Insight Inc.

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