Strives To Be Reliable,
Transparent & Human

And Here's How We Bring That
Vision To Life


1. Progress, Not Perfection

Rolling with the punches. Having the mindset of progress, despite upsets, allows Convert to test new ideas, celebrate wins, and learn from the fails. Just as the experiments conducted in our app, we believe in learning not losses.


2. Transparency As The Foundation

Sharing how we operate and what we believe in, even when others choose to stay silent. Convert was one of the first A/B testing solutions to speak up about Privacy & GDPR. We consistently value transparency for our customers and stakeholders, over profit-driven business moves. Case in point, our pricing. It is open and will always stay open.


3. Diversity By Default

Great ideas don’t thrive in isolation. They’re born of diverse perspectives. We pseudo-anonymise applicant resumes for bias elimination. Convert not only tolerates what’s “different”, we actively seek it out.


4. Accountability To Vision

Setting aspirational goals & making them real. Convert’s a Holacracy powered company where team members own their work and are accountable to outcomes.


5. Sustainability In The DNA

Giving back more than we take.. We compensate for our carbon emissions, contribute to projects supporting the environment, and consider how we impact the world with our decisions.


6. Freedom As The End Goal

Helping team members & customers do what they do best. Converters have the freedom to shape how they work. Mundane concerns do not interfere with their progress in the company. Our customers have the freedom to use our tool exactly how they want, and how much they want (- monthly plans, cancellations, no forced price hikes -) so they too can focus on the goals that matter.

Always working to improve outcomes.
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