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Google Analytics

Import Google Analytics Goals & Revenue or send back Custom Variables or Dimensions all with one click seamless integration.


Google Analytics is the main analytics platform for more then 30 million business owners and Convert Experiences integrates seamless with Google Analytics Classic and Universal in many ways, making it easier for webmasters, marketers and agencies to integrate without adding any additional code.

Why is this great?

  • If you wish to do advanced segmentation on any of your tests or individual variations, for example to analyse the bounce-rate, time on site or source of a variation the integration provides all the data you need to analyse your test results in great detail.
  • The Google Analytics Ecommerce Revenue tracking is available for all tests goals where revenue was recorded. This gives you the RPV (aka revenue per visitor) a great number to decide what variation wins. Of course you also get access to conversion rates and order items per variation to determine winners of your experiment.
  • Importing goals has never been easier. No need to duplicate the goals that you already setup in your Google Analytics. Just authenticate and import the GA goals and they will start counting conversions in Convert Experiences.


  • All your test data available in your analytics tool for advanced analytics
  • Easy import of goals without duplicate work, great to get started fast


  • Revenue Tracking
  • Integrating Custom Variables
  • Goal Import


Google Analytics Integration Screenshot - 1
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