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What are tested users?

Tested users are the number of site visitors participating in A/B tests you have running on the Convert Experiences platform.

Let’s break down how we count users.

The people who come to your site are termed as your site visitors. Not all site visitors though are Convert app tested users.

Users are specifically the people who are bucketed into tests that you have running on your site. In counting users, we do one key thing. We disregard overlaps. So if there are 100,000 site visitors who see Test #1, and another 100,000 visitors who see Test #2… the total app tested users will be:

  • 200,000 people if the two sample sizes (of 100,000 each) have no overlaps. That means no one person has seen both tests.
  • Less than 200,000 if the two sample sizes (of 100,000 each) have overlaps. If both sample sizes have 50,000 people who are unique to one test and 50,000 people who have seen both tests, then the tested users count will be 150,000.

Tested users count is thus the same as (or less than) your website’s total unique site visitors, depending on how you choose to bucket your visitors into tests.

This method of counting unique users replaces the older (pre April 2020) counting of unique tested visitors which took overlaps into consideration and gave a net tested visitors count based on all the visitors to each test.

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Does Convert Experience allow server side testing?

Convert Experiences started out as a client-side A/B testing tool. But over the years we have received multiple requests from users who would like to include server-side testing to their optimization mix.

As a result we do support server-side A/B testing through the manual creation of a Convert custom cookie which can determine Experiment ID/Variation ID, and programmatically assign it to website visitors.

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How well does Convert Experiences work with Single Page Applications (SPA)?

In the standard format Convert Experiences takes note of the URLs website visitors navigate to trigger experiments (and goals). But with Single Page Applications (SPAs), this is not the case. Thus SPAs have to be handled differently.

Our tool is capable of doing that.

We use custom code to start polling for both when an experiment should be triggered on a page, and when a goal should be fired.

We have detailed documentation in our support repository to walk users through this process for various SPAs like React/Redux and Angular.

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How can you track revenue/transactions for eCommerce stores using Convert Experiences?

Convert Experiences has robust revenue tracking and it is privacy friendly as well. If you have the latest version of Google Analytics ecommerce tracking running on your store and the Convert tracking code is duly added after the </title> tag, then we automatically connect revenue tracking to your experiments.

You can also set up a revenue goal manually, count multiple transactions per customer, and track revenue attributed to actions that are not accompanied by URL changes.

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Do I need to ask consent from site visitors before testing with Convert Experiences?


As long as you use Convert Experiences in its default setting, you do not need to ask consent from your website visitors and browsers. This is because we don’t store any personal data in the default, and use only first party cookies.

If however you need to target audiences by city, or enable cross domain linking, you will see in-app GDPR warnings that are designed to let you test to your fullest potential while staying on the safe side of privacy.

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Will my page load speed be impacted by the installation of Convert Experiences tracking code?

Convert Experiences is one of the fastest loading A/B testing tools in the optimization space.

Through the use of our patent-pending SmartInsert™ Technology, we can offer you the advantage of fast loading time, and no flashing. Learn more here.

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What Are Active Projects, Domains And Goals?

Within the Convert Experiences app, the word Active is used to indicate any project, domain or goal that is currently in use. For example, if you opt for our Kickstarter plan, you can add several main domains to your account. But, you can only test on 5 of them at a time.

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Do you track multiple domains?

Yes. We offer cross-domain functions for goal tracking, test and target, and we offer all this out of the box. We will support any number of websites, domains, intranets, extranets, and e-commerce sites.

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Can I Download Your Software Onto Our Server?

Our service is a software service model. With that, you can access your data all the time, so you do not need to install or download anything onto your servers. Adding just one snippet of code on your site will then do all of the "magic".

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What Are Personalizations In Convert Experiences?

Personalizations are the stories your audience segments resonate to.

They are visualizations that change for a specific Audience on a specific page or set of pages to match factors like purchase intent, budget, past site interactions and more granular conditions.

Within Convert Experiences you can set up personalizations with a variety of audience targeting conditions and changes to your original site content, without any visitor restrictions. You can also turn winning experiment variants into personalizations in one click.

Each Convert Experiences plan comes with a minimum of 5 personalizations you can set up for different audience targeting combinations.

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My Site Receives 80 Million Pageviews. Can Your Platform Handle It?

Yes. Of course.

We have served thousands of high traffic sites in the last 10 years. We are fully equipped to service your high traffic volume website too.

If you know that your experiments will be receiving millions of unique tested users, rest assured that the powerful Akamai content distribution network (CDN) that we use will deliver your content fast, and without any security vulnerabilities.

We have several fallback systems that ensure that your site never experiences a delay, even on the very off chance that there is a server failure at our end. This is extremely rare and our instances of “incidents” are lower than most other tools in the market.

Moreover, the servers and your site-code are completely separated and independent.

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Does Convert Have An Enterprise Plan?

Yes, Convert supports enterprise needs of up to 1.2 billion unique tested users with iron clad security, personal account managers, and excellent SLAs.

Please click here for more info, send an email to sales@convert.com or call sales at (US) +1-888-666-9711 / (UK) +44-808-196-2557 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST).

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Are There Any Special Plans For Cro Agencies?

All Convert Experiences’ plans come with unlimited projects, variations, a large number of goals and ample tested users. We work with some of the best optimization agencies in the world who appreciate the granular access level permissions, two-factor authentication, the ability to move client projects to their own agency account, and more.

Just choose the one that fits your needs. And get started right away.

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Can I Cancel My Subscription Easily?

Yes. We have a very simple and transparent monthly plan option.

You can cancel at any time during that month to stop the billing process without any stipulations.

Your data will remain available in your account for three months, just in case you decide to reactivate our services. When you select a yearly plan you can cancel at any moment and your plan will not be renewed when the yearly contract is over.

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Will You Cancel My Account If We Get Too Many Tested Users In A Day/Month?

No we won’t.

A/B testing should support growth, and we do not penalise you for growing.

In case of a spike in the number of unique tested users to your experiments, we will keep your account open and signal when the count of tested users reaches 90% and 100%. After this you can purchase additional batches of 100K tested users for a small fee.

If you have a yearly plan, the number of monthly users x12 is available together from the start of the agreement. In this case too we will signal when the count of tested users reaches 90% and 100%. After this you can purchase additional batches of 100K tested users for a small fee of $199.

If you see the increase in tested users as lasting, simply upgrade to the next higher plan tier from within the app.

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I Want To Start My Plan Immediately. What Should I Do?

Just sign up for a free trial and then add your credit card in the billing section of the app. Your trial period includes ALL features of the paid plan you have chosen. You will be billed sometime in the first 15 days.

In short, your first couple of weeks of testing is on us. Yes, we are that confident of our tool.

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