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The world’s leading conversion optimization agency, Conversion Rate Experts recently more-than-doubled the number of leads for their client, Earth Class Mail while using Convert Experiences as their A/B testing software. Testing on the  landing page garnered an impressive 61% increase in leads and testing on the pricing page secured a 57% increase in leads. All the testing was created within the Convert Experiences A/B testing software, simplifying the process and diverting no resources from the Earth Class Mail development team.


Launched in 2006, Conversion Rate Experts is one of the first agencies to work in the Conversion Optimization field. They have optimized more pages for Top 500 Websites than any other company. Their clients include: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Dropbox. They are partnered with many top-shelf software programs including using Convert Experiences for their A/B Testing, a key part to the success of their optimization methodology.

“We were the first agency to insist that all of its recommendations be A/B tested to prove that they had been effective.” -Conversion Rate Experts.


Earth Class Mail was purchased by an investor group that wanted to help Earth Class Mail reach its true potential. Xenox Ventures came to Conversion Rate Experts with ambitious goals to grow and improve traffic, leads and revenue.

“Our research revealed that many users had first heard about Earth Class Mail in the book The 4-Hour Workweek. So we added a quote from The 4-Hour Workweek, which described the benefits and added tons of credibility.”


How Convert Helped

Conversion Rate Experts understands that website optimization is not just luck. Their methodology focuses heavily in research and analysis and verifying this information through A/B testing. Research included using consumer surveys, understanding the usability of the site through Hotjar, analysing Google Analytics data as well as speaking with the staff and management of the company to better understand both challenges and successes and what the company’s goals were.  

By amplifying Earth Class Mail value proposition, and including proof to build credibility and trust, Conversion Rate Experts built a new version of the pricing page within the editor of Convert Experiences A/B testing tool. This new design beat the original generating 57% more leads.

Through diligent research they were able to make educated and insightful landing pages that were proven wins through A/B testing using Convert Experiences software. Not only were they were able to improve the client’s lead rate by as much as 61%, the overall effect was a cumulative total of over $1.5 million dollars in increased revenue. This increased earnings translated into better marketing spend and subsequent increasing market share.

“Convert Experiences served as an essential tool for us in optimizing our lead conversion. Their easy-to-use interface helped us double leads without requiring any development staff. I’ve used much higher-priced tools in the past, and Convert.com impressed me with all they offered for a fraction of the cost.” -Doug Breaker, CEO of Earth Class Mail.


“To run A/B-tests, we used Convert Experiences of all the A/B-testing software tools, Convert Experiences is one of the easiest to use. Our consultants find its live chat support invaluable.” Conversion Rate Experts.

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