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Founders, Auke Vos and Daniel Herfurth bring over 10 years experience in helping companies improve their online presence. Their firm Umigo is focused on helping businesses benefit from online advertising. As a digital marketing agency based in Mexico City, many of their clients are new to the concepts of conversion rate optimization. To offset their fears, Umigo needed to find conversion software that was easy to understand, simple to implement and available at a low cost. Convert.com offered all these benefits as well as excellent customer service.


Located in Mexico City, Umigo is a digital marketing agency that works with mainly large Mexican e-commerce companies and small start-ups that need to make a quick impact , many of which are not experienced in conversation rate optimization.

Combining technology with solid research and in-depth customer interviews to understand purchasing motivations, Umigo creates a unique conversion optimization system that increases conversions and revenue for their client’s websites.

Convert Experiences is flexible, easy to use but powerful and with great pricing. Many of our clients have never done CRO and this makes it easier to convince them to use these types of tools.” – Auke Vos, CEO of Umigo.


A/B testing software can be expensive and/or require long-term contracts. Many of Umigo’s clients are unfamiliar with conversion rate optimization and need to be ‘sold’ on the benefits of using this technology. Most clients are wary of the investment of time and money into something they don’t understand. Much of the CRO software available on the market today is cost prohibitive, requires lengthy contracts and is inflexible in meeting individual client demands.

How Convert Helped

Convert Experiences offers Umigo and their clients a low-cost option that is flexible and simple to use. Clients do not need to hire additional programmers to manage the software and are not committed to long-term or expensive contracts.

Founder Auke Vos explains:

Convert is flexible, easy to use but powerful and with great pricing. Many clients have never done CRO and this makes it easier to convince them to use these types of tools.

Umigo found the support team of Convert.com to be extremely knowledgeable and quick to reply to any inquiries.

The integrations with Hotjar, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager was simple to set up and the flexibility of adding or subtracting features as needed makes Convert Experiences their A/B testing software of choice.

“Implementation was super easy -Magento plug-in and Google Tag Manager- it was all a breeze to setup!” – Auke Vos, CEO of Umigo.

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