High-Velocity Testing That Generated a 29,031% ROI for an Online Store

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Expert development agency EchoLogyx helped eSpares scale its experimentation program from one test a month to ten tests at any time within two months with Convert Experiences, realizing significant growth (ranging from 3% to 15% per winning test) in its CVR.


With more than 1 million home & garden appliance spares on offer, eSpares is the go-to place for millions of “fixers.” It’s U.K’s leading spares parts etailer and a multi-time eCommerce Excellence award winner recognized for its performance.

The Challenge

Like any eCommerce business, eSpares was looking to improve its revenue. It hypothesized that running continuous A/B tests across the whole website would result in more sales and improved revenue per customer.

Limited development resources, however, got in the way of rapid experimentation as developing A/B test builds and the accompanying QA posed a challenge.

Without skilled developers, eSpares found itself unable to leverage its testing stack fully and managed to run just one test a month.

eSpares was looking to scale its CRO team and building (and maintaining) a high-velocity testing program that utilized its traffic efficiently. It wanted to hit its growth goals but without going through the hassles and delays of traditional recruitment processes.

The Solution

To find development resources it could trust with its CRO program, eSpares tapped into Convert’s agency partner network where it discovered EchoLogyx.

EchoLogyx is a development agency that specializes in developing complex A/B test builds.

The Results

(1) A 1000%  increase in testing velocity

Within two months of engaging EchoLogyx, eSpares grew its testing velocity by 1000% — going from a monthly test to ten happening any time across the store. With the technical development part being taken of by EchoLogyx, the in-house CRO team at eSpares got to focus solely on the strategic part of optimization.

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Working with EchoLogyx has simply changed the development lifecycle of our website. Their experienced A/B testing developers and QA engineers have significantly increased our efficiency to launch tests and continuously improve the customer experience and conversion rate of the eSpares website.

Hussain adds that hiring EchoLogyx has given eSpares the benefit of “scaling the team up rapidly without having to go through any recruitment process,” which causes delays. “They are an extension of my team and it never feels like they are working from thousands of miles away

Farhan Hussain, Ecommerce Director

(2) A successful deployment of simultaneous divisional optimization and 29,031% in ROI

EchoLogyx realized that the best way to approach a scalable optimization program at eSpares was to go with simultaneous divisional optimization.

Tasin Reza explains that this approach tends to work well for high-traffic websites: “Based on our decade of experience, we found out that running just one test at a time on a high volume site is not the most efficient use of the traffic of any CRO program. Hence we went with simultaneous divisional optimization (SDO)…

For delivering the experiments, eSpares chose Convert Experiences. As the testing velocity at eSpares picked up, so did Convert Experiences. It scaled seamlessly serving millions of experiments to eSpares’ 150,000+ users on whatever devices they used to access the store. Powered by the Akamai content delivery network and built for high-traffic testing, Convert Experiences delivered on its promise of serving thousands of experiments per second.

As a result of the successful deployment of the optimization program with multiple simultaneous tests, eSpares realized a staggering 29,031% in ROI for its investment in EchoLogyx. 

(3) An uplift in CVR (Ecommerce Conversion Rate) ranging from 3% to 15% and improved user experience

As a result of the multiple tests developed and deployed by EchoLogyx and powered by Convert Experiences, eSpares achieved an uplift in the range of 3% to 15% in its CVR (eCommerce conversion rates) for its different winning tests and also improved its user experience.

To factor in the interference (resulting from running multiple simultaneous tests across the different parts of the store), EchoLogyx ensured that each section of the site had its own primary metric to focus on in alignment with the business goals. “That is how we were able to run a lot of tests improving the overall site experience and conversion,” explains Reza. Plus, the fact that Convert Experiences prevents collision by ensuring traffic bucketed in one experiment/variation is not shown other variants also helped keep the tests clean and the data unpolluted.

This approach didn’t just help eSpares improve its conversions but also the overall user experience throughout the buying journey as tests deployed at each section uncovered insights into what could be improved at that point to make buying easier.

Reza observed that the winning tests in the program used balanced hypotheses: “The tests that resulted in winners had strong quantitative and qualitative research behind the hypothesis,” and made a positive impact on eSpares’ customers.

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With a decade’s experience of working in the CRO field, EchoLogyx works as an extension of a company’s in-house CRO team and brings with it a meticulous approach to the complete lifecycle of an experiment – right from ideation to deployment, thereby helping CRO teams scale their experimentation programs.

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