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Eliad Inbar is the Director of Sales & Marketing and Founder of Tangiblee, a Size & Context solution for online retailers. “We help online retailers communicate product size and context for Jewelry, Handbags, Wallets, Luggage, Furniture and Home Decor that is similar to an in-store shopping experience”.

Tangiblee utilizes A/B testing from Convert Experiences to prove the value of their solution. Their online Sizing & Context experience helps to increase online retailers’ Conversions, Revenue, Time On Site and RPV while decreasing Returns.


The idea first came about when Inbar was online, buying earrings for his wife. When they arrived, they were much larger than expected – so much so that he returned them. He encountered many stories of people buying a variety of items online that were not the right size or fit. As a result, the concept of Tangiblee was born and subsequently proven within Techstars 2014 accelerator class in Chicago. Since then Tangiblee has catapulted to support top retailers such as: Shop Direct Group, Z Gallerie, Living Spaces, Rebecca Minkoff, Ashford, Titan, Shane Co.,Bellroy, Bling Jewelry, Carat Lane, HipVan and more with an online Sizing & Context solution.


Tangiblee increases Conversion Rate Revenue and Revenue-Per-Visitor (RPV) for online retailers and uses A/B testing as a fundamental part of the sales and implementation process. Their previous A/B testing platform did not offer the flexibility that Tangiblee needed to continuously test their solution on retailers’ websites. Additionally, because Tangiblee delivers new releases and improvements to their platform on a weekly basis, typically running its solution on a subset of the retailer’s catalog, it needed a platform that can easily spawn new tests and support complex rules for dynamically activating the A/B experiment.

How Convert Helped

Convert Experiences provided us with a flexible solution which allowed us to best prove to our clients that Tangiblee works with nothing more than one line of Javascript, just like Convert,” according to Inbar. Charles Hachtmann, CMO at Novica said: “The integration and implementation process were very simple…About a quarter of our customers who see the Tangiblee widget are actually engaging with it…” Inbar shares that “Convert Experiences offering unlimited client accounts makes it easy to setup all our clients and activate those who are ready to roll-out Tangiblee on their E-commerce shops.”

Once the software is lifted on top of the Javascript of Convert Experiences, we can start indexing all the products participating in the A/B test. With both products supported and not supported by Tangiblee being added to the cart and purchased, we use Convert Experiences (in tandem with clients’ preferred analytics tool), split up the products and calculate the impact on revenue in terms of having the solution installed versus not installed on a product category.

Convert Case Studie: Tangiblee

Familiarity and trust being paramount, we find it is best to use the analytics tool with which the client already works with. This eliminates any potential friction when explaining Convert reports. The client’s own data acceptance is faster from their own analytics tool than any report we can present with Convert Experiences, so we hardly use that for our conclusions.

“Convert Experiences provided us with a flexible solution which allowed us to best prove to our clients that Tangiblee works with nothing more than one line of Javascript, just like Convert.” – Eliad Inbar

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