Convert Case Study: Worship

Worship Digital, a CRO agency based in Manchester, England, provides conversion rate optimization consulting for e-commerce businesses and required a reliable platform to perform their A/B testing. Unsatisfied with pricey and restrictive conversion software options, Worship Digital decided to try Convert Experiences free trial. They found it solved many of their problems easily with limited obligations and at a great price-point, receiving a significant statistical uplift.


Worship Digital is a CRO agency based in Manchester, England. Worship provides conversion rate optimization consulting for e-commerce businesses, using data-driven insights to create successful A/B testing strategies.


Worship Digital was looking for a reliable conversion software solution after experiencing poor customer service, technical issues such as flickering, as well as restrictions on targeting, reporting and general inflexibility with their current software. As an agency working with a variety of customers, they needed flexible and innovative software to address the variety of concerns of their clients.

How Convert Helped

In researching options available, Worship Digital tested Convert Experiences with their free no-obligation 15-day trial. What they found was that their experiments were loading quicker without flickering, and they could easily integrate with other tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar. It was simple to ensure cross-device QA thanks to the UTM targeting option. They found that Convert Experiences offers a more flexible platform than other tools, with unrestricted targeting options, and access to comprehensive reporting directly within the tool.

When Worship found itself exceeding visitor traffic it was a simple adjustment to their plan because offers flexible pricing and packages.  A simple install process, intuitive user-interface, and quick, knowledgeable customer service only made the transition to Convert Experiences that much easier.

In our most recent A/B test using the Convert Experiences platform, aiming to clarify some important information on product pages, we achieved a comfortable 11.6% uplift for product pages viewers across all devices with 95.2% statistical significance. – Lee Preston, CRO Consultant of Worship.