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Enavi & Xtrema.com Realized an Additional ~$755,000 In Revenue From Simplicity-First Tests. With Convert Experiences.

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"The test execution required some internal dev work. The ease of implementing that work through Convert was a breeze compared to other platforms we have used."

Catalina Villabona & Sheldon Adams (Enavi).

The Challenge: Going Beyond “Okay”.

What do you do when your control is working just about okay…. But you are hungry for near dramatic improvements? 

Improvements that have the potential to unlock an additional 15% of your net revenue. 

Two things: 

This is exactly what Enavi and Xtrema.com did. 

60% of traffic to the Xtrema site did not view a product. And this held true for traffic across all channels. 

Xtrema buyers were fairly savvy. They had shopped cookware before. 

Informed by past tests run for its varied clientele, Enavi decided to zero in on 3 potential problem areas where the Xtrema website was concerned: navigation menu, homepage hero & sub-hero, and collection pages.

NOTE: Xtrema.com had undergone a site redesign prior, and there wasn’t much usable performance data to go by.


Based on preliminary findings, two tests were run. 

One on the main navigation menu, and the second test was run on the sub-hero section of the home page. 

The hypotheses were as follows:

Navigation Menu:

Adjusting the top-level menu to include the primary product categories with direct product linking will make shopping behavior easier and increase product views.

Sub-Hero (Shop By Category):

Adding a mobile-friendly, icon-led Shop by Collection design will increase visibility of key collections while increasing product views from the homepage.

The Tests: Simple Is Often the Best Solution. 

We’ve shared the test specifications below: 

Test #1: Navigation Menu

  • The variation showed top level categories with direct product linking, instead of a generic “Shop” dropdown. 
  • Number of Variations Served: 1 
  • Primary Test Goal: Product views
  • Other Metrics Tracked: Purchase Conversion Rate (CVR) 
  • Traffic Split: 50/50 
  • Test Duration: 5 days

Test #1 Screenshots


Test #1: Navigation Menu #1


Test #1: Navigation Menu #2

Test #2: Sub-Hero Section

  • The variation introduced a sub-hero “shop by category” section on the homepage in place of a “Shop Best Sellers” button. This menu design suited lower intent users well. 
  • Number of Variations Served: 1 
  • Primary Test Goal: Collection Views 
  • Other Metrics Tracked: Purchase Conversion Rate (CVR)
  • Traffic Split: 50/50
  • Test Duration: 8 days

Test #2 Screenshots


Test #2: Sub-Hero Section #1


Test #2: Sub-Hero Section #2

Digging Into Numbers: Sample Size, Significance & ROI

We have already implemented four winning tests with Xtrema, which has allowed us to see the lift from testing AND in a live environment. A conservative annualization of these results (using revenue per session) would yield an incremental lift for the client of ~$755,000, representing roughly a 15% in their ecommerce revenue.

Sheldon Adams (Enavi)

Test #1: Navigation Menu

  • Percentage Increase in Product Views: 16.7% 
  • Statistical Significance of Result: 100%
  • Sample Size: 9249

Test #2: Sub-Hero Section

  • Percentage Increase in Collection Views: 40.41%
  • Statistical Significance of Result: 100%
  • Sample Size: 7937

Tech Stack Used: 

What Can You Learn From These Tests? 

  1. Incremental improvements accrue. This isn’t just a platitude to fortify your will to test in the face of experiments that do not win, it is also a mindset that keeps being okay with “just okay” at bay. 

    The best time to test is when the ship isn’t sinking. Testing uncovers competitive advantages and eliminates bottlenecks that can plug revenue drain, and improve bottom-lines throughout the year. And not as one-off “campaigns”. 
  1. Follow the customer. Analyze what they’re showing you … corroborate these patterns with qualitative data. Solution aware buyers do not need to be (excessively) “guided” with confusing filters and instructions. 
  1. Sometimes you have to step away from directing the user journey, simply share key differentiators, and allow sophisticated customers to find their way to their best-fit products. 
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