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Bluelambda, a successful eCommerce growth and optimization consultancy with seven year experience works primarily with eCommerce clients who sell physical products. These clients are looking for increased revenue, traffic and sales through optimization. In addition, some clients also contract Bluelambda for Facebook management, paid search and SEO campaigns.

After an initial audit of their clients website, Bluelambda works to correct any functionality issues, then, with research and analysis they implement new landing pages and use A/B testing to confirm or reject the success of each change. Over time, the results of these changes result in increased leads, revenue and sales.

Bluelambda uses a number of tools to achieve these results, and when faced with an A/B Testing software program that was too costly, inflexible and poorly supported, they looked to Convert Experiences to offer a better solution for them and their clients.

Convert Experiences is the most affordable and comprehensive Enterprise A/B Testing software on the market. It offers an easy to install solution that integrates seamlessly with Hotjar and Google Analytics, some of the additional tools that Bluelambda uses in their systematic methodology.

When asked why they choose to work with Convert, Director Francis Teo said, “Convert has a superior feature set compared to other solutions on the market, and superior support by a team that actually knows what they are doing.”

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Convert Experiences is the most superior solution on the market today for A/B testing for eCommerce stores. They provide top-notch customer support, accurate statistics and advanced features that cannot be found in any other A/B testing solution.


Bluelambda has worked over the years with many of the most well-known data analysis and optimization tools including Google Analytics, Hotjar, EyeQuant and Validately. Their previous A/B Testing software was expensive, inflexible and poorly supported. In the end, Bluelambda needed to look for a better option to best serve their clients.

As technology changes, Bluelambda is innovating ways to gather data and present this information intelligently to their clients. Choosing forward-thinking partners that adjust quickly to the changing marketplace was imperative to remain competitive.

How Convert Helped

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Convert Experiences allows us to run A/B tests faster by decreasing the time it takes to code up the tests and integrations, and decrease the time it takes to analyze them.

Choosing Convert was simple. There is no long-term commitment; a 15-day full access to all features free-trial gives potential customers an opportunity to understand how it meets their goals. Once Bluelambda was enrolled, provided personalized onboarding to the entire team so everyone was up and running smoothly and quickly.

In addition, Convert is affordable, quick and easy to install and does not require advanced programming. It offers extensive reporting, personalized and expert trained customer service and a constantly improving solution with innovations that exceed the competitors products.

It’s often said that time is money. For a consultancy that helps clients to understand that A/B testing is the most consistent way to grow their conversions, Bluelambda appreciated the ease of installation on the client sites. Additionally the quick test coding and highly functional post-test analysis was important. Perhaps most beneficial was the ability for Bluelambda to approach the Convert Support Team with customized requests that Convert not only took seriously, but wherever possible, actually implemented promptly and accurately. Convert’s highly technical attention to detail is apparent in all of their efforts.

Typically, Bluelambda is able to get improved results in 3-6 months using their approach. However, recent successes experienced by Bluelambda using Convert Experiences includes an American eCommerce store that experienced 239% more conversions (within two months of starting their testing process) and increased revenue per visitor, while another eCommerce client received 10% more ‘add to carts’ (also within two months of starting the testing process). In one outstanding example, Bluelambda helped a client get 378.69% increased revenue through the course of a few tests.

Some examples of the superior features and innovations that Bluelambda experienced are:

  • Highly accurate de-duplication of data. The solution Bluelambda used before would not de-duplicate revenue data. This was extremely frustrating and caused them to waste valuable time and resources to de-duplicate manually.
  • Superior experiment loading and blink protection. Convert’s experiments have very low blink when loading the experiment. For example, the experiment loads each element as soon as it becomes available. This benefit has not been experienced in other comparable products.
  • Ability to edit the jQuery for the experiment manually. A lot of A/B testing platforms don’t allow for this but Convert Experiences does.
  • Easy breakdown of the daily conversions (not aggregate conversions, daily conversions). The tool that Bluelambda moved from did not have this and it was one of the main reasons they switched.
  • The advanced tagging feature for eCommerce stores allow Bluelambda to target by type of page (category, product), even if the store is using a flat URL structure.
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Convert Experiences has a superior feature set compared to other solutions on the market, and superior support by a team that actually knows what they are doing.

With seven years in the rapidly changing online optimization industry, Bluelambda understands the complexities of the industry. Bluelambda’s clients are primarily profitable eCommerce stores that sell physical products. These online stores come to Bluelambda to increase web traffic, revenue and sales. Beginning with an initial audit and an ongoing A/B testing strategy, clients see improvements within 3-6 months.

Convert’s aim is to create great experiences - for now & future generations. The only Climate Neutral Certified A/B testing platform out there, we have created a robust, affordable, feature rich testing platform that’s been an industry favorite for a decade.

But we are not in the business of optimization for profits. We are optimizing for the greater good with a Conscious Business approach, and the will to speak up for changes that will make the CRO space and the world better.

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