Software Integrations

Integrate Convert Experiences with Hotjar's recordings, heatmaps, and polls


Hotjar is the only tool to truly combine analytics with feedback. This allows Hotjar to connect the dots between these two areas allowing you to understand “why” your visitors behave the way they do and to see how visitors are really using your website by collecting user feedback and turning more visitors into customers.

There are two ways that Convert Experiences can integrate with Hotjar:

  1. Enable Hotjar recording for your different experiment variations or personalizations in Convert Experiences. 

    Once the integration is enabled in your Convert Experiences’s Summary screen, every recording in your Hotjar account will be tagged allowing to filter the recordings based on a certain Experiment – Variation pair in order to analyze visitors’ behavior while seeing the respective variation.

  2. Create heatmaps or polls in your experiment variations or personalizations.This will allow you to analyze each variation or personalization heatmap separately. It can also allow you to run polls on specific geographical or other types of segments that Convert allows you to target.

This integration will help you not only to make better decisions implementing winning variations through heatmap analysis, but to gather further knowledge of the different segments you are addressing.


  • All your test data available in your analytics tool for advanced analytics


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