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Software Integrations


Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization: Grow the Business of Your Shopify Store with the Convert Experiences One Tag Integration.


Site-wide Shopify A/B Testing is possible through the Admin Panel with Convert Experiences.

The Convert Experiences & Shopify integration provides basic system configuration settings that can be customized on a per ­store scope basis with the intention of displaying unique information on pages across your Shopify store.

Once the code is installed, product pages will display the product name, price, and custom attributes like collection and number of items in cart. Collection pages will display the collection name and tags.

Why Use the Convert Experiences – Shopify One Tag Integration?

This convenient integration:

  • Enables marketers and Shopify store owners to create eCommerce conversion optimization tests without changing your code or requiring help from a technical team
  • Easily adds or removes necessary the Convert Experiences JavaScript and variables to every page on your Shopify store
  • Allows user to run tests based on Shopify product attributes, making it easy to target specific product types or features, such product manufacturer or cost
  • Allows user to run tests based on Shopify categories
  • Allows user to track different audience segments based on attributes like store areas visited, PPC campaigns clicked and more
  • Allows user to create and track the completion of granular goals that correspond to the most valuable actions prospective buyers may take on the Shopify site
  • Allows user to track logged in customers and thus track the Lifetime Value of buyers for loyalty benefit and other incentive programs
  • Allows user to test different prices for Shopify products
  • Allows user to test the effectiveness of different Shopify themes
  • Does not modify any other site scripts
  • Automatically integrates with Google Analytics Ecommerce Revenue Tracking

Explore the Full Power of Shopify Integration

How to Integrate Shopify with Convert Experiences?

The end-to-end process of integrating these two involves the following steps:

  1. Add Convert Experiences Tracking Code to your Shopify theme
  2. Add the code to the Checkout Pages (if you want to track conversions)
  3. Allow the checkout page domain in your project settings
  4. Forward tracking cookies to the checkout domain (Optional)
  5. Implement Manual Revenue Tracking (Optional)

What Data is Used in the Convert Experiences & Shopify Integration:

The integration works in three steps:

After a Shopify user is presented with the Convert experiment/variation, the pair of experiment ID-variation ID that was fired is stored in the back-end together with the user profile.

When a goal is triggered on the Shopify pages, the goal conversion is pushed into Convert Experiences, together with the experiment ID and variation ID previously stored in the user’s profile.

If revenue tracking is enabled, when a sale occurs in the Shopify checkout page, revenue is pushed into Convert Experiences.

What are the Integration Features You Can Access In this Set-Up?

  • Easily add or remove necessary Convert Experiences JavaScript and variables to pages of your Shopify store by adding a custom script
  • The guarantee of not modifying any other site scripts
  • Enable the creation of page tags for Convert Experiences Advanced Segments
  • Allow for up to four attributes to specifically target products for conversion testing
  • Enable the user to run experiments based on Shopify product attributes
  • Enable product page, category page page tagging
  • Leverage the ability to map attribute values as custom JavaScript variables
  • In addition to the basic JavaScript installation of the header script, this module automatically tags important Shopify page content for use within Convert.com™ suite of tools.

Ecommerce Tagging Available in the Shopify Integration:

Page Type – not used
Category ID – not used
Category Name – the Shopify collection name will be returned
Customer ID – not used
Product Name – Shopify product name will be returned
Product Price – Shopify product price will be returned
Product SKU – not used
Custom Variable 1 – Shopify Product or Collection Tags
Custom Variable 2 – Shopify Customer State/Province
Custom Variable 3 – Number of Shopify
Custom Variable 4 – Shopify Cart Value in cart

See How Ecommerce Tagging Works 

Compatibility of the Convert Experiences & Shopify Integration:

The Convert Experiences – Shopify integration is compatible with all installations of Shopify.

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