Convert Experiences

Convert Experiences is the A/B testing software of Convert. Our software is affordable, comes ass full-service, self-service or with managed accounts. Here some benefits of each type:

  • Affordable A/B testing software. Convert Experiences has the same cost as buying implementation services but with full access.
  • Full-service team. Our implementation services allow you to send mockups and designs. Convert then creates the experiences inside the Convert Experiences application, saving you time on development.
  • Self-service or managed accounts. You choose. Convert offers both. You can start with a self-service monthly billed account and grow into a yearly full managed account for enterprises.

Here is a short list of questions to ask to consider when comparing A/B testing tools:

  • Technology used (Read our blog on why the blink matters.)
  • Does the tool allow monthly up and downgrades or are you locking yourself into annual contracts and are there monthly or yearly deals offered
  • What type of support offered (onboarding, training, chat, phone or email) and what are the support hours? Can you get onboarding and training for your company and each team member?
  • Can you invite your team and add unlimited amount of domains and team members? (At Convert we call them collaborators.) So does the tool offer the number users and products required or do you need to upgrade?

Some impressions of Convert Experiences A/B testing software.

The unified dashboard or projects.

Convert Experiences Projects
Experiment Report

Convert Experiences Report

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