Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) or conversion optimization is the method that focus on improving conversion rates. In the context of website optimization, it is focusing on improving on the actions of visitors to proceed to the next stage of the goal funnel.

Conversion optimization can, for example, use heat maps, user testing, analytics, and surveys to build hypothesis on what might be the reasons visitors are not moving forward to attain website goals. A/B testing software is used to validate these hypotheses.

What is a conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of people taking the preferred action. An example is: an e-commerce site has 100,000 unique visitors and 2,000 purchase on the website. This is a conversion rate of 2,000/100,000 or 2%. The e-commerce websites primary goal is not to convert visitors to buyers, the goal is to increase revenue per visitor (RPV). Most e-commerce-focused tools like Convert Experiences offer RPV as key performance indicator (KPI) in their reporting.

Although the primary goal of conversion optimization is to increase the main KPI (goal), it attempts this through optimizing the entire funnel, step-by-step. Each page has one KPI or one key objective to achieve.

On what KPI’s do you focus conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization experts know that each web page has a goal and typically when visitors move to the next page the conversion rate increases. For example a list of key goals for commonly used web pages are:

  • Homepage of e-commerce – goal: move visitors to category pages
  • Category page of e-commerce – goal: move visitors to product pages
  • Product pages of e-commerce – goal: move visitor to “add to cart” page
  • E-commerce cart – move visitor to payment page

Each of these pages has a particular goal and increasing the volume and quality of visitors moving to the next phase in the funnel is called conversion optimization. Want to try the best conversion optimization tool? .

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