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A/B Testing Tools

conversion rate optimizationA/B Testing Tools

A/B testing tools are one of the most popular ways to improve conversion rates through marketing efforts. According to a recent survey of 700+ agencies, conversion rate optimization using A/B testing tools for mobile, apps and websites were thought to be the most effective way to increase revenue per visitor. The study by eConsulting says 67% or respondents say A/B testing tools with their A/B testing, split testing and multivariate testing (30%) features, are the most important tools at their disposal.

A/B testing tools help you with:

  • Increasing conversion rate (CR) on PPC campaigns
  • Optimize the e-commerce funnel
  • Increase CR lead funnels

A/B testing tools rev-up your business and at Convert we help 4000+ websites with their A/B testing using our A/B testing software: Convert Experiences.

What A/B Testing Tools You Choose?

Convert Experiences () is the best choice as an A/B testing tool when looking for any of the following features and benefits: low cost per unique (tested) visitor (important if you have traffic numbers between 1 and 100 million monthly visitors), a need to integrate with any CMS and eCommerce system to get the ability to target large groups of pages in the same tests/experiments or if you need great Google Analytics and personal support.

When you are ready to bring big changes to your business, invest just a couple of minutes setting up your first . Convert offers a  on our A/B testing software.

A/B testing tools are not for everyone. If you are working on building traffic and have less than 5,000 unique monthly visitors, it might make more sense to focus on traffic increasing strategies rather than optimization strategies. Convert Experiences and the support we provide is best suited for companies with 100,000+ unique monthly visitors.

Stand-Alone A/B Testing Tools or Integrated?

Many A/B testing tools are embedded in software you may already be using. A/B testing tools can be found in:

  • Email (Marketing) Automation
  • Mobile Notification Systems
  • Landing Page Testing Tools
  • Websites and Mobile Sites (.)

Landing page tools like Unbounce, LanderApp or LandingPage do not need additional A/B testing tools, unless the goals you would like to measure are found outside the environment that they support (for example on a different domain). See all our integrations here.

Used on over 5000 sites and counting

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