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We highly recommend open source A/B testing software when your organization needs to be in full control of the source code this is an excellent solution. In addition when running hundreds of experiments in applications and workflows a year, like LinkedIn / Stripe / Facebook it makes sense to spin-off an existing open source solution and customize it to fit your needs. Optimizing hundreds of flow and making experiments work in parallel is not an easy task and a customized A/B testing software (open source) tool makes sense.

A/B Testing Software Open Source Suggestions:

Like we said in a previous article on A/B Testing Software Free “Nothing is truly free even when installing open source A/B testing software you find that the software needs installation, development and constant updates these development and maintenance hours make up the cost of the A/B testing software.”

We found ABBA one of the most interesting projects in the open source industry and we recommend you take a look at it when your organization is set to open source A/B testing software.

ABBA Open Source A/B Testing
Abba is a self-hosted a/b testing framework built to help improve conversion rates on your site. Tuning signup and payment forms can have huge effects on your business, and it’s a good idea to supplement design and copy changes with data on how differences actually affect conversion. We built this tool for internal use at Stripe, and today we’re open-sourcing it for everyone. The key design goal of Abba is to have a great JavaScript API (unlike some of the other A/T testing services out there).

When you are open to see how the visual editor and direct development in this drag-and-drop editor can simplify your life, we invite you to look at or contact us for a personalized demonstration.

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