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Top 21 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts to Follow on LinkedIn in 2022

27th May 2021 –

Psst…Want to know a secret?

Linkedin isn’t just for celebrating work anniversaries, cold pitches, and applying for jobs.

In the right industry, it’s actually a melting pot of advice and content.

I’ve learned so much about CRO in the last 3 months, just by following and interacting with experts in the industry, all for free, all on Linkedin, and you can do the same.

But who should you follow?

Well, good news! I’ve compiled a list of the top 21 conversion rate optimization experts who are consistently sharing good content, ideas, advice, and cat gifs.


Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Sharing Optimization Strategies

#1. Molly Stevens

Molly is the former UX Research Manager at Google, former Director of User Experience at Uber, and is now the new Director of User Experience at

As well as being a keynote speaker, Molly shares in-depth content about user research, strategy and how that ties into experimentation.

#2. Peep Laja

Peep is the Founder of CXL, which is quite possibly the premier blog on CRO. He’s the former CEO of Speero (formerly known as CXL agency) and current CEO of Wynter. He shares insights on testing and business building (when not training for pull-up competitions).

A while back, we talked to Peep about building websites that sell. Check out the webinar here.

#3. Talia Wolf

Talia is the Founder and CEO of GetUplift. It’s a conversion rate optimization agency, blog, and training platform all in one.

Her team focuses on emotional analysis and customer-first data to help get more conversions. She shares in-depth guides, training, resources, and more.

Learn all about emotional triggers and making your funnel irresistible from Talia in this webinar hosted by Convert + GetUplift.

If you’re an e-commerce business, find out how to convert more customers using psychology.

#4. Alex Cleanthous

Alex is the Director of Strategy at Webprofits and the host of the Growth Manifesto podcast. A show all-out tech, business, and marketing, that features some seriously heavy hitter guests.

He shares advice on testing and ads (along with cat pics).

Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Sharing Examples & Case Studies

#5. Oli Gardner

Oli is the Co-Founder of Unbounce. A landing page builder and simply amazing blog for CRO tests and unique studies.

(Did you see their latest guide using Machine Learning to analyze over 4,000 pages? It was fantastic.)

When he’s not speaking at events, he mostly shares blog posts, podcasts, and webinars around all aspects of CRO.

#6. Lukas Vermeer

Lukas is the former Director of Experimentation at and the new Director of Experimentation at Vistaprint.

You may have seen some of his keynote presentations on CRO or any podcast he’s been featured in.

The great thing about Lukas is that he’s a connector. His feed is full of fantastic content by experimenters that you might not have heard of before, dropping some seriously great content.

So not only do you get his insights, but you also get content from people that he recommends so you KNOW they’re good.

#7. Steven MacDonald

Technically, Steven is an ‘SEO’ guy, but he’s actually a growth marketer with an experimenter’s mindset.

He shares case studies, advice, and proven tips that you can use to gain more growth for your experiments and site.

#8. Joel Klettke

Joel is a conversion-focused copywriter at Business Casual Copywriting and the founder of Case Study Buddy.

He’s written case studies and sales pages for huge SaaS companies and was responsible for the recent overhaul of Ahrefs site and landing pages, and Hubspot increasing their lead generation by 20%.

He shares content around case studies and copywriting but from a conversion-focused approach.

A lot of people can teach you how to test images, layouts, and colors. But Joel can show you how to research and write for your audience to get more lift.

#9. Deborah O’Malley

Deborah is the CEO of Convert Experts and the Founder of, your go-to resource for A/B testing case studies to inspire you in your experiments.

She shares case studies and gamified A/B tests for you to click through and learn from.

Deborah knows all about CRO for busy testers. Here are 10 optimization tips that work for all audiences.

And if you’re looking for tips on how to best learn from A/B tests from Deborah, check out this recent post on our blog.

#10. Dennis van der Heijden

Dennis is the Founder and Head of Happiness here at

He started the company over 12 years ago now and continues to focus on its improvement and how it can best serve CRO testers.

He shares content by the Convert team, as well as case studies, guides, job openings, and ideas by some of the prominent minds in the field, along with reports on user privacy and how we can better deliver it. (User privacy is a passionate topic for us here at Convert!)

Conversion Rate Optimization Experts with Strong & Interesting Viewpoints

#11. Jakub Linowski

Jakub is the Founder and Lead Designer at Linowski Interaction Design and the Chief Editor at GoodUI.

It’s a fantastic resource and swipe file for CROs looking to learn and see what the best in the industry are testing.

He shares in-depth guides and analysis of each test, as well as his insights and content from others that he thinks is worth your time.

According to Jakub, it’s okay to get inspired by A/B testing patterns if the result has been proven in multiple previous tests. This goes against the strong view in testing circles that getting inspiration from others would be a sin, but Jakub believes that leveraging proven methods enables learning.

What should you test? Jakub shared his best tips in our webinar.

#12. Justin Rondeau

Justin is not only smart but hilariously funny.

He was the Chief Evangelist at Which Test Won?, the former GM of Digital Marketer, Co-Founder of TruConversion and is currently the Head of Growth at Teamwork.

He shares content and podcasts around ads, attribution, team management, and more, with the occasional CRO or analytics nugget thrown in for good measure.

#13. David Mannheim

David is the Founder of User Conversion, the Global VP of BrainLabs, and he wrote the course on advanced conversion rate optimization for CIM, the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

His focus is on optimization, personalization, and user experience. He shares content on this and many topics that I highly recommend you check out.

If you’re struggling with prioritization, listen to David. His advice is brilliant. He says that testing can be a methodology for decision-making but it should have “a swim-lane of prioritization.” It’s affected by all sorts of factors such as the purpose, traffic type, or how long these tests take place…

He also believes tying revenue to experimentation is tricky business. It’s not easy to accurately forecast revenue attribution because experiments are a snapshot in time.

#14. Brian Massey

Brian is a lab coat-wearing, video-creating, knowledge-dropping legend.

He’s the Managing Director of Conversion Sciences and has been in the CRO space for 13+ years now.

He shares content on A/B testing pretty much any element of your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Talking About Experimentation

CRO is not the same as Experimentation. Conversion Rate Optimization focuses on understanding the why behind visitor actions and leveraging the power of A/B testing and an experimentation mindset to improve the results.

A/B tests in particular require a structured process if one wants to get results that matter – something which some companies lack when it comes to CRO practices. Science is key to optimization decisions, not just testing an idea without a plan in place for data collection, analysis, hypothesis generation & validation.

The experts in this category are advocating for scientific rigor in testing as they believe that not running an A/B test within a disciplined data-driven framework is the most expensive way to make a wrong decision.

#15. Jonny Longden

Jonny is the former Head of Experimentation at Visa and Sky, before setting up his conversion rate optimization agency, Journey Further.

Their focus is to build a culture of experimentation into your business. Because of this, he often shares co-written articles, webinars, one-on-one chats, and more, and gives unique insights into the context behind specific testing processes, so that you can make them applicable to any level of business.

Jonny shared how to unlock the power of experimentation to grow your low-traffic site in a recent episode of our webinar, as well as in this handy guide.

#16. Ben Labay

Ben is the Managing Director of Speero (CXL agency).

He shares insights and ideas around experimentation and its future, along with video recordings and live one-on-one interviews/chats with companies and other testers.

#17. Alex Birkett

Alex was the former Head of Growth at CXL and Hubspot and is now Senior Manager of Experimentation at Workato and the founder of Omniscient Digital.

He shares content on A/B testing, content marketing, and much more.

#18. Georgi Georgiev

Georgi writes the fantastically detailed Analytics Toolkit blog, breaking down in fine detail the actual math and context behind every element of CRO and A/B testing.

His Linkedin feed is a treasure trove of deep dives and insights.

#19. Chad Sanderson

Chad is the Head of Product for the Data Platform team at

He’s a writer, speaker, and expert when it comes to all things analysis and testing at scale. He also shares content around testing and engineering/product-focused experimentation.

#20. Matt Gershoff

Matt is the former Associate Director at Wunderman (one of the biggest ad companies in the world) and is now the Co-Founder of Conductrics.

He shares content on A/B testing and experimentation that’s definitely worth reading.

#21. Chris Goward

Chris is the Founder and CEO of the WiderFunnel agency and wrote the course on beginner CRO for Linkedin.

He shares a lot of thought leadership articles around CRO and experimentation.

In a previous episode of our webinar, Chris shared heaps of proven landing page optimization techniques for dramatic lead generation revenue lift.

To Do Now

So there you have it. The top 21 conversion rate optimization experts that I follow and who I recommend you follow also.

These people are some of the best in the biz and are consistently sharing truly eye-opening content.

Give them a follow and tell them that Convert sent you.

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