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Duration: 48 Min
Hashtag: #AgencyAccelerator

Quick questions:
How do you make a $400 shirt look cheap?
What makes us to love a desk that’s harder to put together?
Why are so many brand logos blue?
Hey, what are you getting at with this anyway?

Quick Answers:
Analysis Paralysis
The Ikea Effect.
Trust Bias.
The brain plays tricks on us. Knowing what those tricks are, when they work, and how you can use them—can be key to a higher converting page, a more dedicated audience, and a funnel your prospects will race to be a part of.

But you’re sick of the theories….so this time it’s different. This time Talia will walk you through real life examples of these triggers in action.

This webinar will cover:

  • How emotions can be used to continuously increase conversions
  • How you can break away from button testing – for good
  • How to use Talia’s emotional targeting framework to find your most effective testing ideas (case studies included)
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