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Convert Experiences offers seamless integration with Mixpanel integrate test and variation names as properties.


Convert Experiences offers seamless integration with Mixpanel. Having a solid integration and giving you access to tests and variation data in the preferred analytics platform is important. We send over a property named CONVERT-NNN (NNN is the ID of your test) that has value the variation name the user currently sees. This will allow you to continue tracking the effect of a variation in the funnels as well as every other reporting option offered in Mixpanel.

You will be able to enable or disable Mixpanel on a experiment-level, meaning you can decide per experiment if the data is connected to the clients Mixpanel account

What does the Mixpanel Integration do?

  • Add a property to each user for each test and variation
  • Allow deeper analytics of your A/B and multivariate test
  • One click activate or deactivate Mixpanel per project

Why use Mixpanel and Convert Experiences?

With Convert Experiences you would be able to use one code for the entire site and for all goals and A/B, split URL and multivariate tests. If you are already setup with Mixpanel, the integration can provide insights into metrics throughout your business and can determine the effect of a specific test recipe on things like customer life time value. Both tools have great value and used together even more.


  • All your test data available in your analytics tool for advanced analytics


  • Integrating Custom Variables


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