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E-com has gurus and experts. But your buyers’ behavior is the best teacher. Let it inspire your biggest wins. With Convert’s ecommerce A/B testing.

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From Amazon to Ebay to Etsy, Consistent A/B Testing Powers the Retail Giants of Today.

You don’t require a king’s ransom to embed A/B testing in the channels driving growth for your store.

You need a tool that offers features tailored to the Ecom space, and a price tag that makes it a no-brainer.

That’s Convert Experiences for you.

Boosted Flagship Product Conversions by 27%

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Add-to-Carts by 13% in an Award Winning Test.

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Increased Revenue per User
by 53%.

How Convert Helped
10+ Years In A/B Testing
5000+ Sites Optimized
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At Last, It’s Your Turn to Unlock 7 Figures, 8 Figures & Beyond For Your Store, BUT…

A Public Safety Announcement first!

Only the data knows.

Everything else is guesswork.

From your opinions to the experience of your tool vendor.

It’s all speculation.

That’s why we at Convert don’t know what will 2x revenue for your online store. But we do know how A/B testing works. We’ve specialized in it for 10 years.

And we’ve built a platform that enables proper data collection, experiment design, data segmentation and analysis - all while keeping the unique needs of e-commerce in mind.

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Phase 1: Fix Revenue Leaks.

90% of what’s on your site has no impact on transactions and revenue.

And worse, it probably costs you money.

It’s time to undo the damage done by copying competitors, by following best practices and through random, big bang design roll-outs.

Convert Experiences offers:

90+ integrations with the ability to collect data from and push data to almost every component of your existing stack. Work with Shopify? We have a Shopify custom app that provides a 1-click integration experience after an initial simple setup.

Review what your analytics says and then test gut-dictated implementations across your category pages, product pages and checkout. You’ll be surprised by how many revenue leaks you plug right away.

Unlimited projects, collaborators and flexible manual over-quota features.

E-commerce sites get more traffic than B2B or SaaS. Take advantage. Grow the number of tests you run per month. And don’t worry if you exhaust allotted users, you can buy 100K more for a small fee.

Unlimited projects, collaborators and flexible manual over-quota features.
Convert App Editor
A convenient visual editor.

Think of our WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor as the place to start if you know your product pitch isn’t doing its job (PS: Most aren’t). Click and edit to change the copy. Incorporate insights from latest reviews. Zero in on language and promises that motivate buyers to click “add to cart”.

And do it all without waiting for your dev team to make time.

Plus, You Get Every Test Type Imaginable:

Convert's AB Test Feature Metaphor

A/B Testing

Includes both landing page ab testing and website conversion optimization. Test an altered…

Convert's Multivariate Feature Metaphor

Split Testing

Pick a winner between…

Convert's Split URL Feature Metaphor

Multivariate Testing

In the mvt testing set up, change a cluster of page elements in each version to find the highest performing combination.

Convert's Multipage Feature Metaphor

Multipage Experiments

Make different changes across linked pages to optimize your entire funnel—or your entire site–simultaneously.

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Phase 2: More Purchases From Existing Traffic.

Dubious decisions fixed, use A/B testing for strategic optimization.

Get more from SEO traffic by improving faceted navigation.

Get more from PPC traffic by simplifying the checkout journey.

The sky’s the limit.

Advanced Targeting
Targeting with 40+ filters.

Complete control over who sees what. Stack conditions to create segments by cookies, by time of day, by device, by product category, by goals triggered, and by campaign parameters.

Use advanced page tagging to experiment on clusters of similar pages (like all the product pages in a category) or tweak UX based on search results returned.

Stretch the limits of what you’ve been testing.

Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Visitor Data
Traffic Sources
Visit Times
Traffic Sources
Traffic Sources
Page Tags
Traffic Sources Weather
9 goal templates.

Including Google Analytics goal imports.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your optimization on engagement of your BUY NOW buttons, traffic to your best seller pages, the interest in your subscriptions feature and more…

You can access the same 40+ filters that come with the targeting engine in your Advanced Goals builder.

Your buyer’s journey to a purchase decision is complex. Now your A/B testing tool will keep up.

9 goal templates.
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I like Convert for a number of reasons. From the very beginning, it has been one of the easiest tools to integrate with Google Analytics. Also, for tricky variations, I’ve had better luck with Convert than others (Optimizely) at getting the variation to display just the way we want. And the support at Convert has always been excellent—again, better than most of their competitors.

Julien Le Nestour
Tom Bowen
Website Optimizers
Data sources
Data sources.

Serve your tests to buyers with high purchase intent.

Trigger goals based on customer status (VIP buyers, regular buyers, new buyers).

Exclude display of site-wide changes, like variations in product image specs, on certain pages based on past behavior.

It’s the deep power of Javascript conditions…

Presented as a convenient feature for intelligent experiment design.

Configurable stats.

Beyond traffic distribution and confidence levels, protect your experiments from activities that distort results. We allow you to specify outliers (large or small orders) that are outside the norm and shouldn’t be considered.

Configurable stats
Blockquote Icon Convert Experiences - Best A/B Testing Tool in the Market

Convert Experiences is, in my opinion, the best A/B testing software on the market right now. It is my go-to recommendation for any A/B testing requirement.

First off, the support is top-notch. It is easy to get hold of senior developers.

We are advanced A/B testers and Convert is the only piece of software that has the critical features like blink handling, advanced editing and breakdown of conversion patterns - that I have not been able to find anywhere else.

Francis Teo
Francis Teo
Director & Lead Consultant

Phase 3: New Revenue Through Innovation.

Explore beyond the known playbook. This is the territory of innovation. Pick the hill you want to climb with your team. Let A/B testing show you the way. Start a retention and rewards program. Work with affiliates. Try something new with your store chat. It’s possible and low risk!

Convert Experiences offers:

A Woman Is Using A Laptop The Convert App
Server side testing.

Bucket site visitors into tests from the back-end. Experiment with new store features and how products are displayed, without flickering and privacy issues

5 code editors.

If the WYSIWYG editor gets you testing ASAP… the code editors allow you to serve bug free variants, play with store feel, and insert particular functionalities in variations that aren’t needed on the rest of the store.

Want the chat box to pop only for high ticket items? Let’s do it!

The flexibility is available on variation, experiment, and project levels.

Convert App Editor
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Actionable reports.

You collect data to make decisions. Especially when “inventing” the wheel. And we cut the overwhelm around that.

Rich, simple, shareable - Convert Experiences reports drill down into segments for test results, compare conversion rates over time, detect sample ratio mismatch (a validity threat that skews results), look at products per visitor, and also revenue over time.

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We aren’t afraid of a little competition. Explore how Convert stacks up against other players in the market.

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4X Faster Support’s Got Your Back

We have help articles. But help articles aren’t support. Support’s a verb! And we work hard to meet your expectations. A Convert agent knows the tool like the back of their hand. They’re not reading a script. And any agent you reach is capable of solving your dense, technical problems.

Meet Your Support Experts:

E-Commerce AB Testing
George Crewe Customer Success Manager
E-Commerce AB Testing
Dionysia Kontotasiou Head of Integrations / Data Privacy and Information Security Officer
E-Commerce AB Testing
Jacob Solis Customer Technical Support
E-Commerce AB Testing
Poonam Deshpande Customer Technical Support
Deploy Speeds Up Innovation
Deploy Speeds Up Innovation

Every Convert Experiences A/B testing plan comes with Deploy. A variant has won. Now what? Turn your experiment winner into a personalization and push it to your store in seconds. Let it collect data and influence purchases while your dev team hard codes the changes.

Learn More About Deploy

Ecommerce A/B Testing Agency?

We have a suite of features specially designed to maximize and speed up the success you create for your clients.

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Easy Client Management

Expand your client base without complications. Dedicate a project to each client and manage all their testing needs within this space. One Convert account is enough for your agency.

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Testing Without Limits

Clients unwilling to opt for annual contracts & exorbitant pricing? They’ll say yes to our sophisticated features, including the ability to create unlimited projects and test unlimited sub-domains, at affordable self-service rates.

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Control Over Traffic

One account does not mean messy reports and traffic allocation issues. You have the power to distribute account traffic between projects. Bill clients by test velocity and win their trust.

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Control Over Projects

Shift an experiment in your agency account to your client’s stand-alone account. Or import projects from their set-up to yours. We’ve built our tool with agency migration needs in mind.

  • Access To Convert On Shopify
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Unlimited Support
  • Real Time Test Reports
  • Collision Detection and Prevention
  • Data Sources
  • Customizable permission levels
  • Ability to allocate traffic to projects
  • Ability to shift a client projects to agency account
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Advanced Segmentation & Audiences
  • [SPECIAL] Certified Agency Accounts with Extensions
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Most A/B Testing Tools are Similar.
Here’s How We Set Ourselves Apart.

Most A/B Testing Tools are Similar.
Here’s How We Set Ourselves Apart.

Why should you use Convert Experiences?

The features and support are only part of the story.

In today's market tech is duplicated.

That's why we are betting on who we are to set us apart.

Convert is a Conscious Business.

This means we only work with companies that do not cause harm to the planet, don't spread hate and divisiveness, and do not suppress the rights and freedom of under-served communities.

Most importantly, we put our money where our mouth is.

We are the only Climate Neutral certified A/B testing tool out there.

And a portion of our monthly revenue goes towards our goal of being 100x climate positive.

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So if partnering with a fun, async and “remote since 2010” team of passionate purpose driven individuals sounds like your thing, sign up for a custom demo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ecommerce A/B Testing:

What is E-commerce A/B Testing?

A/B testing in E-commerce is a way for store owners to fix what’s not working, try new things to add more revenue streams, and learn from it all to influence product and brand positioning, store navigation, UX, and customer journeys. 

A/B testing is a great fit for online retail (E-commerce) because stores get more traffic than websites in other industries. 

A/B testing is the science of quantifying buyer behavior, creating a model, and using it to make well informed calls about the impact of UI on purchases and transactions. So “people” (or the sample size) to determine a baseline for buyer preferences is of utmost importance. 
The rest is rules to ensure that the data collected from the experiment is reliable and that store owners can use it to plug revenue gaps, improve checkout experiences, increase the average revenue per visitor (CR x AOV)  – both now and in the future.

How to Choose an E-commerce A/B Testing Tool?

A/B testing is in the DNA of most Ecommerce stores that have broken the barrier of 8 figures, 9 figures and beyond. 

Not all experimentation software is built equal. Based on where you are in your business maturity, you can follow these steps to choose a robust, e-commerce A/B testing tool. 

  1. Decide on the structure of your experimentation team. Are you looking for one in-house, or will you outsource optimization, at least for the foreseeable future? Agencies have designers, strategists, analysts and developers with experience using a variety of tools. If you go down that route, your A/B testing service provider will assist with shortlisting platforms.  
  1. For an online store, performance is everything. Investigate how your A/B testing tool of choice loads it’s script. For example, Convert Experiences leverages Akamai as the CDN and the patent pending SmartInsert™ technology to ensure that variations are served fast and without blinks. 
  1. Sessions are of utmost importance to online stores. While buyers may visit your site multiple times before making a purchase, the chance of impulse buys in a single session is high. Such sessions involve plenty of navigation, lots of back and forth (while the prospective buyer checks competitors and off-site reviews), and maybe the hunt for coupons. It is essential to opt for an A/B testing tool that can not only target specific and granular audience segments, but also trigger experiments based on actions taken or goals already triggered
  1. Integrations are at the heart of most client side A/B testing stacks. Don’t be restricted by a limited number of tools your A/B testing engine can “talk” to. For example, Convert Experiences boasts 100+ integrations with almost all E-commerce platforms and auxiliary vendors including WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Magento and Shopify. 

Last but not the least, prioritize an investment in upskilling your team. Or in securing the services of an agency that aces your niche. An A/B testing platform at the end of the day is a randomizer. It supports what talent can achieve. But without the right talent, nothing is possible. So choose software that won’t handcuff you to exorbitant annual contracts and enterprise bureaucracy.

What are the Different Types of A/B Tests That Can be Run for Ecommerce?

E-commerce store owners can run a wide variety of tests on their store. 

  1. A/B tests on the home page to determine brand and product positioning 
  2. A/B tests on category pages to simplify faceted navigation and display products the buyer is likely to buy 
  3. A/B tests on product pages to play around with the structure of the product pitch and the Add to Cart options. 
  4. A/B tests on checkout pages
  5. Multipage tests that are used to gauge the impact of changes made across the full funnel or multiple stages of the buyer’s journey to purchase. 
  6. Theme testing via split testing 

And a lot more.

Can you A/B Test on Shopify?

A/B Testing on Shopify and Shopify Plus is recommended. 

Shopify Plus has the ability to run tests on cart and checkout pages as well. Since according to the Baymard Institute cart abandonment on tablets is a whopping 80%, having the freedom to systematically remove unnecessary friction when buyers are just about to cement their decision to buy can be a gamechanger. Especially for stores that get a lot of traffic from mobile and hand-held devices. 

All in all, Shopify Plus and Shopify are fairly supportive of A/B testing. The issue lies in the following areas: 

  • Lack of Shopify store apps that view A/B testing or experimentation holistically. Most focus on an aspect like price testing or product testing. 
  • The tendency of apps to slow the store down. The Shopify platform does not gel well with a lot of 3rd party tools. Even their own apps have been known to degrade site load speed by up to 5 seconds
  • Finally the Shopify platform doesn’t provide store owners and testers a lot of flexibility in terms of either deploying complex experiments (with challenging design), or hard coding large and high impact changes when identified as winners in A/B tests. 

But with the right tool, one that has the ability to run A/B tests, split tests, full funnel tests, multivariate tests and multi-page tests, a lightweight script with flicker prevention, and the power to roll out test winners as personalizations… experimentation can be embedded in all the channels that are already working, to bring in (even) more revenue.

Can You A/B Test on Price?

Can you A/B test on price? Yes. A simple Split A/B test on an experimentation platform like Convert Experiences is enough in terms of what is required, logistically. 

Should you A/B test on prices? 

That’s a different story. 

A/B testing involves displaying an original and a modified variant to a similar group and number of people. While adding or taking away a step from a checkout process or tweaking how filters show up on category pages is not unfair to a particular cohort, a steeper price shown to a group of site visitors can border on unethical, especially if a lot of thought hasn’t gone into choosing the price points to be tested. 

Paying for a product is a highly emotional experience. It feels mundane since we go through the motions of it so frequently. 
Impacting this state – directly or indirectly – through an A/B test on pricing runs into the gray area of ethics in A/B testing. The least that store owners SHOULD do is pick prices keeping in mind the value that the user will realize from the product. And aim for parity between the tested price points.

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