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HubSpot is a full-featured marketing suite that includes a landing page builder, tools for email and SEO, a form builder for gating content, and a repository for managing leads generated from campaigns.


In HubSpot you can also define visited URL events, submitted form events, clicked element events, and custom events, and HubSpot will count when such an event is completed. You can then analyze these completions with the events analytics tool and see how many events are completed in a certain timeframe.

It is possible to target and post-segment visitors that are members of Hubspot lists or Hubspot Campaigns with Convert on Hubspot web pages. This is done by modifying the Hubspot templates by assigning the Hubspot Template variable list to a Custom Convert Page Tag. This allows you to use this Custom Page Tag to target experiments or personalizations or create post-segmentation segments.

This integration will walk you through how to send data from Convert experiences/variations to your HubSpot account. For each experiment, the integration will pass along the experiment name and variation name that the visitor is currently bucketed into (if any) as a snapshot.

Instructions of the integration:

  • Add HubSpot and Convert tracking codes to your source code
  • Add integration code manually
  • View Convert data in HubSpot Analytics Reports


  • Easy installation of A/B testing (no coding required)
  • Testing on categories and specific pages by select these in Convert Experiences (we sync all names)


  • Tracking Code


HubSpot Integration Screenshot - 1
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