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Software Integrations

Crazy Egg

Integrate Crazy Egg heat-maps with Convert Experiences A/B Testing Software


Crazy Egg is one of the main heat-map analytics platform in the world with tens of thousands active users and affordable rates. Convert Experiences integrates seamlessly with Crazy Egg in many ways, making it easier for webmasters, marketers and agencies to integrate without adding any additional code.

Why is this Crazy Egg Integration with A/B testing software great?

  • If you wish to do advanced analysis of your heat-maps on any of your tests or individual variations you can now analyze them with the right screenshot in Crazy Egg.
  • Using your Crazy Egg API keys that are available in Crazy Egg no additional code changes on you or your client sites are needed
  • Get 90 days free trial of Crazy Egg, by clicking here.


  • Easy installation of A/B testing (no coding required)
  • All your test data available in your analytics tool for advanced analytics


  • Integrating Custom Variables


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