The Convert X Women in Experimentation Annual Summit.

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6th June 2024

Frameworks to use right away, authentic connections, and a huge haul of freebies…this summit gives you everything you need to progress in your experimentation career.

  • 10 (live) unique talks that you’ve not seen at other conferences.

  • Delivered by a diverse panel of speakers from 4 continents.

  • Branding yourself in CRO: soft skills AMA with Alex Birkett & Allie Decker.

  • Guided networking with Daphne Tideman and Tiffany Fortune.

  • Chance to be featured by

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Starts 11:00 AM BST. Replay available.

Convert X Women-in-Experimentation. Women in Experimentation

Experimentation & Growth Focused Sessions: What You’ll Learn.

Diversity and quality do go hand-in-hand.

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6th June 2024. Free to attend.

Georgia Sugarman

First Do No Harm: Research and Experimentation with Vulnerable Populations by Georgia Sugarman.

Head of User Research @Kooth Digital Health. 

Session starts 11:30 AM BST (British Summer Time)

Georgia will cover how to prioritize creating safety and comfort when testing, sharing top tips to being trauma informed, and how creativity can enhance your research.



Why Was This Talk Chosen? 
We are no strangers to the fact that experimentation may adversely impact segments exposed to tests. This session will give you the tools to conduct thorough research and build effective experiments, while being accountable and considerate.

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Short break - 12:00 - 12:10 PM BST

Absorb the learning.

May Chin

Your A/B Tests are Lying to You. Here’s Why, and What to Do About it! by May Chin.

Head of Product Growth & Analytics @ Zalora.

Session starts 12:10 PM BST (British Summer Time)

The notion of AB testing in startups is one of the fastest growing areas of interest these days. However, the mistakes made in executing and analyzing these tests are growing equally as fast! You’d be surprised to learn how many problematic testing techniques are taken as gospel. The result? Grossly inaccurate and unreliable experiment results that are not indicative of true trends. Join this session to learn why your A/B tests are lying to you, and most importantly, what to do about it.


Analytics & Analysis

Why Was This Talk Chosen?
There are way too many instances of under-powered case studies and premature rejoicing in the CRO world. We don’t need testers to be statisticians BUT experimenters must keep a few stats rules and analytics no-nos top of mind when setting up tracking and analyzing results.

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Ruben De Boer

Meta-analyses for Better Learning, Prioritization, and Stakeholder Alignment by Ruben De Boer.

Lead Conversion Manager, Online Dialogue. 2x ExpElite Award Winner.

Session starts 12:40 PM BST (British Summer Time)

How do you truly learn from your experiments? And how do you make these insights useful for your stakeholders? With a neat, easy trick, you can make your CRO efforts much more successful and better align them with your colleagues. In this presentation, you will learn which hypotheses to address where in the customer journey and how. You will also have an evidence-based prioritization framework to run more successful experiments.


Analytics & Analysis

Why Was This Talk Chosen?
Meta-analysis isn’t meant to yield a list of “best practices”. It is so much more. When you have the luxury of documenting experiment meta-data and creating a learning repository, mine the aggregate for benefits like identifying site areas that yield the best uplifts, the performance of different test types & goals, and how specific tests impact KPIs of cross-functional interest. Ruben has first-hand experience of doing this for his (and his agency’s) clients, and will share tools to start from scratch.

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Short break - 1:20 PM - 1:30 PM BST

Grab a bite to eat.

Cecilia Jonathan

Technical SEO Strategies For Improving User Experience and Conversions by Ebere Cecilia Jonathan.

Technical SEO Specialist.

Session starts 1:30 PM BST (British Summer Time)

Proper SEO = conversion gains. We all know how this equation works. But in her session, Ebere will focus on sharing real-world examples and case studies to practically illustrate the dynamic.



Why Was This Talk Chosen?
SEO & CRO have been pitched head-to-head for years. While this is no longer the case, there are precious few examples of how search engine optimization can directly impact conversion rate optimization (beyond the tired old story of speeding up page load times!). Ebere will rectify that.

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Oreoluwa Akinnawo

Taming the H.I.P.P.O —> Getting More Yes's for Your Experiment Ideas by Oreoluwa Akinnawo.

CRO Consultant, Prismfly.

Session starts 1:50 PM BST (British Summer Time)

This session will walk you through the thought process of advocating for experiments with Stakeholders. You will learn: Why stakeholders are not the enemy, how to create a collaborative experimentation culture, and the art of preparing experimentation proposals for those who matter.



Why Was This Talk Chosen?
Test results may secure initial buy-in, it is stakeholder and change management that keeps it. Your optimization program needs evangelists to “sell” the benefits. Oreoluwa will share how he brings C-suites and experimentation teams to the same page.

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Line Ariel

Design for the Irrational - Your Customers will Thank You by Line-Ariel (L.A) Bretous.

Founder @ 1 LAB Consulting.

Session starts 2:00 PM BST (British Summer Time)

This session will explore how behavioral science can drive business growth by optimizing customer experiences. We'll examine real-world case studies and dissect the roles of biases, heuristics, and consumer psychology in decision-making. You will discover how applying these insights can enhance products, services, and marketing, creating win-win scenarios for businesses and consumers alike.


Test Design

Why Was This Talk Chosen?
The best CRO agencies employ psychologists and behavior scientists! There is no impacting how decisions are made (the essence of experimentation) - without understanding the myriad factors that shape the decision-making process. This session will offer tools to dig deeper into behavior science for more successful testing.

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Short break - 2:20 - 2:30 PM BST

Do your stuff! Wait for more genius.

Eden Bidani

Your Copy Is *Not* Your Problem by Eden Bidani.

International Speaker. Growth Mentor. Head of Strategy @ CAPE. Agency.

Session starts 2:30 PM BST (British Summer Time)

Have you been tweaking your words over and over again to encourage conversions? Eden believes this may not be the optimal approach. Because at least 70% of the time, what people think are copy problems are actually manifestations of deeper conversion problems under the surface. In these cases, "better copy" is a bandaid. This session will focus on the context of copy and goal alignment for truly better uplifts.



Why Was This Talk Chosen?
Copywriting is a business-saving skill. Testers and growth specialists must be friends with this tool if they hope to present narratives that resonate with buyers. But -- are the top 10 viral headline templates enough? Copy isn’t just about the words you choose, it is more about aligning with intent. Eden will share practical ways to craft copy that goes beyond fluency and grammar to be a conversion-boosting aid.

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Sundar Swaminathan

How to Create Psychological Safety in Experimentation by Sundar Swaminathan.

Growth Analytics Consultant, Ex-Head of Brand Data Science @ Uber.

Session starts 3:00 PM BST (British Summer Time)

Innovative and fearless. Something all brands strive to be and experimentation can get them there. But not without this one thing! Psychological safety. Sundar will share examples from his time at Uber - focusing on how he implemented successful organizational practices and leadership behaviors to cultivate a true culture of experimentation.


Change Management

Why Was This Talk Chosen?
The best way to add experimentation to workflows is to position it as an amplifier - and not as the judge and jury of the caliber of work being done. At the heart of this advice is psychological safety. Testers and those who are required to adapt to testing must see it as a complement, not a detriment. Sundar will discuss how program leads and practitioners can do this.

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Moderated Networking with Daphne Tideman & Tiffany Fortune 3:30 - 4:00 PM BST

In this session, Daphne & Tiffany will help attendees mingle, find people they are looking for and walk away with valuable contacts. Your network is your net worth.

Axelle Ahanhanzo

Inclusion by Design: Fostering Neurodiversity in Tomorrow's Solutions by Axelle Ahanhanzo.

ED&I Change Maker. Founder @ LAUDACE.
TEDx Talent Night 2023 Top 10 Finalist. 

Session starts 4:00 PM BST (British Summer Time)

Axelle will show you how to build inclusive communities through experimentation. She'll explore the connection between experimentation and DEI, with a focus on intersectionality and gender.


Test Design

Why Was This Talk Chosen? 
There can be no diversity without inclusivity. Diversity unlocks surprising benefits that render the final collaborative output greater than the sum of its parts! This also happens to be one of the key sentiments inspiring this summit. Axelle’s session will give you the tools to encourage diversity and inclusion, by running well-designed and intentional experiments.

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Short break - 4:30 PM - 4:40 PM BST

Gather your thoughts… AMA’s next

CRO Branding AMA Panel – with Alex Birkett & Allie Decker 4:40 - 5:30 PM BST

Ask Alex and Allie all about imposter syndrome, positioning yourself as a valuable contributor, getting a seat at the revenue table, and more.

Gerda Vogt-Thomas

Simplifying CRO with Visual Journey Maps and Data Dictionaries by Gerda Vogt-Thomas.

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist @ Koalatative.

Session starts 5:30 PM BST (British Summer Time)

Familiarizing yourself with a product and its user journeys can take a lot of time. Often weeks and months. Gerda will share two practical tools that speed up your learning. Website Visual Flows and Data Dictionaries.


Analytics & Analysis

Why Was This Talk Chosen?
Customer journeys are cumbersome. While you can’t account for every motivation shaping buyer behavior, looking at touchpoints from multiple different perspectives helps. Gerda will also discuss how key user journey events should be tracked and logged to ensure there is strategy behind measurement. And your entire team speaks the same language.

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Closing - 6:00 PM BST

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Women in Experimentation

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What do you need to be an experimentation expert? Practice, and a brand to capitalize on the authority you’ve earned.

Alex Birkett and Allie Decker use content & branding to drive company growth.

They’re organizing a no-holds-barred AMA session that’ll guide our attendees (you!) to position themselves as pros.

Automate to Win

Shawn David’s labor of love, Automate to Win is offering each and every summit attendee a review mining and a/b testing system with automated ideation input and asset creation - in simple and familiar Google Sheets.

Guess the Test

Guess the Test and its founder Deborah O’Malley are giving away an ebook with highly effective pricing strategies that convert! A veteran of over 15 years in the experimentation space, Deborah considers this nifty PDF her best work.

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Kelly Anne Wortham Kelly Anne Wortham

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Rosie Hoggmascall Rosie Hoggmascall

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Carmen Apostu Carmen Apostu

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6th June 2024. Free to attend.

Summit Speaker Coaches

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Els Aerts Els Aerts

Co-Founder, AGConsult

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Talia Wolf Talia Wolf

Founder, GetUplift

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Mirjam de Klepper Mirjam de Klepper

UX Researcher | Keynote Speaker

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6th June 2024. Free to attend.

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Chance to be Featured by

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Dedicated Networking, Moderated by Daphne Tideman.
Keeping the Planet Healthy.

Keeping the Planet Healthy.

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You’ll have limited access to the replays. Interested attendees will be able to buy life-time access to the recordings for a small fee. This fee will be used to fund TIST afforestation projects. The details will be publicly shared by

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