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Optimizing Your A/B Test Installation for Speed

Dennis van der Heijden, CEO and Co-founder, Convert
When setting up an A/B testing tool, did you ever analyze if your baseline went down by the decreased speed of installing another Javascript to your clients' website? Mmmm you never checked?
Well we did the research and we found that your Javascript based A/B testing tool could hurt your baseline by 18% because of white pages and blinking experiments. So what tools use what technology and how does it really impact the experience.
  1. Are all A/B testing tools equal? No
  2. Was Obama leaving money on the table when A/B testing? Yes
  3. Is Your A/B testing tool hurting your baseline? Most likely
In this webinar we go over the technical details in a way you will be able to explain your client that their current software hurts their conversions and how you as an agency will be able to even lift the baseline after switching tools and assign that win to your agency's effort.
Topics we will be discussing are:
  • When does an A/B testing tool actually loads it's code?
  • How long does it take and does size matters?
  • What is the impact of the experience on the website of each different way to load your A/B testing tool?
  • What tag managers are A/B testing tool safe?
Every Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) agency should know this material and we will be giving the slides out so you can use to help position yourself better as agency as an expert of conversion optimization.
Make sure to be there even if you are not a Convert Experiment certified agency or even use our A/B testing software, just be an awesome agency and know your stuff.
Dennis is passionate in building communities that care. Trying to make that happen inside Convert and local making people happy. He loves working with his team to make our A/B testing software better for agencies and eCommerce clients.
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How to Convert More Ecommerce Customers Using Psychology

Talia Wolf, Founder and CEO, Conversioner

Are you testing correctly? 42% of marketers say analyzing their test results is the hardest part of conversion optimization.

Stop guiding your marketing efforts following your intuition, no more guessing. Enough data will give you a lot of material to consider and analyze, but not all users act the same, that's why you should consider to add more than one angle to your strategy.

It’s not a secret that we are emotional creatures and that our emotions affect the decisions we make, including of course, our purchase decisions. If we understand those emotional triggers that make us buy a product, we could find a way to increase conversions.

In this session:
  • You'll discover how to optimize your pages using emotional triggers and how to apply this concept into your overall strategy.
  • We'll take the guesswork out of conversion optimization and increase ROI by understanding your customer's mind and emotions.
  • Tap into the emotional side of creating better shopping experiences for your customers while we discuss how to create a CRO strategy, analyze case studies and get actionable tips for increasing conversion rates.
  • You'll discover how to use emotional targeting as an optimization strategy.
As Founder and CEO of Conversioner, Talia helps businesses build and execute their conversion optimization strategies, using emotional targeting, consumer psychology and behavioral data to generate more revenues, leads, engagement and sales. Follow her tweets on CRO and skydiving on Twitter: @taliagw
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Setting Up A/B Testing with a New Client: Getting it Right the First Time

Dennis van der Heijden, CEO and Co-founder, Convert
Don't loose billable hours on going back and reconfigure your A/B testing tool on a new client. Get it right the first time. This webinar is focused on agencies that are setting up new clients and want to have a checklist of things to think about. Since every hour missed counts and every interaction with the client's IT department could possibly delay your project and billable hours and invoice. This is valuable information for every A/B testing agency and expert that sets up a new client each month and has projects over 5,000 USD. In this presentation you will learn how:
  • You communicate with clients about the expectations of their first winning experiment
  • To communicate with client IT departments about site speed reduction, fall-over plans and security
  • You send the client a clear document with all the steps to follow and things to install
  • Explain the mapping between client templates and your A/B testing tool so to prevent retagging in the future
  • Verify your project and experiment setup using checklists and Chrome plugins
Join us on the webinar if you have experienced once a delay in your A/B testing project and for that reason you had to delay your invoice to the client due to things that could have been prevented. This webinar will help you even if you use other A/B Testing tools like: Adobe Test, Sitespect, Monetate, Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer.
Dennis is passionate in building communities that care. Trying to make that happen inside Convert and local making people happy. He loves working with his team to make our A/B testing software better for agencies and eCommerce clients.
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A/B Testing for Ecommerce Features of Convert Experiments

Dennis van der Heijden, Co-founder and CEO at Convert
Optimizing for eCommerce is not an easy thing, although we all prefer to see a huge increase in our conversion numbers beyond the 25% and to achieve that, you need to make sure your tools are set up properly.
What we’ll be sharing in this webinar is specificly for agencies that setup eCommerce A/B Testing projects with good volume ecommerce sites (let’s say >2 million unique visitors).
The main objective of this session is to guide you through the process of optimizing your eCommerce while knowing the A/B Testing features available. It would benefit you to join this webinar if you have Convert Experiments and use it for Ecommerce sites or if you:
  • Get the client install the eCommerce code for Convert and integrate it with any template and how to setup the tool to make use of the patent pending SmartInsert Technology that prevents blinking
  • Setup & verify revenue goals
  • Import & verify Google Analytics goals from client accounts
  • Setting up cross-domain auto-reconnect experiments that work on subdomains
  • Sending revenue and conversions from third party of backend systems outside of the web

Using Convert Experiments is straightforward but going into the details on how to setup and verify your installation and get your first results is important for any agency to build confidence with their eCommerce clients. But don’t worry, if you don’t use Convert Experiments you could also benefit from this webinar if:
  • Use Optimizely and have eCommerce clients that are budget sensitive and can’t switch to Optimizely Enterprise package and you now need to make a recommendation for them
  • Have clients that struggle with targeting pages and have limited access to their template source-code
  • Use another A/B testing tool and would like better support when installing new more complicated client infrastructures.
Dennis is passionate in building communities that care. Trying to make that happen inside Convert and local making people happy. He loves working with his team to make our A/B testing software better for agencies and eCommerce clients.
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Copy, Conversions & Your Customers’ Comfort Zone

Barry Feldman, Founder at Feldman Creative
You can examine your sales funnel and buying cycle matrix all you like, but in the age of new media, the prospect controls his or her path. If your prospective customer isn’t 100% comfortable, you can forget about conversion. In this session, veteran copywriter and content marketing expert Barry Feldman will connect the dots between the words you write and the engagement it may or may not achieve. You’ll understand how to put prospects in their comfort zone and “ease” them into doing business with your brand.
Barry Feldman, founder of Feldman Creative, is a prolific writer with 25 years of experience bringing his clients’ online presence to the next level through copywriting and content marketing creation and consulting. He writes and educates clients on online marketing on The Point and on many other sites across the web. Barry has been named a Top 40 Online Marketer by Online Marketing Institute, a Top 20 Content Marketing Leader by Onalytica and was included in LinkedIn’s Top 25 Social Media Marketer.
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Why 95% of your web visitors don't buy - and what to do about it

Dan Croxen-John, CEO AWA Digital
Leading web optimisers AWA digital regularly get double-digit sales uplifts in split test results. In this webinar you’ll discover a surprisingly simple, step-by-step conversion optimisation system laden with incredibly powerful benefits. Drawing upon never before seen case studies from some of the UK's biggest online retailers, Dan will reveal how to achieve an ROI of over 500% using tested and proven Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques. Attendees will discover:
  • The four tools you need in your CRO toolkit to generate actionable insight
  • How to find and prioritise the conversion killers on your site
  • How to take all the risk out of split-testing and get guaranteed extra sales
  • What to focus on if you and your team are too busy to do everything
  • How a scientific approach to CRO can be used to substantially improve the rewards from your efforts.
Join this fast-paced, fact-packed webinar to hear how AWA’s experts get record-breaking results, time after time, illustrated with genuine ‘before and after’ case studies.
Dan is CEO of AWA Digital, UK’s only conversion rate optimisation agency specialising in multi-channel e-commerce conversion rate optimisation. He is also an author of a CRO book and bucket list completer.
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How Segmenation & Targeting Propel Conversions

Derek Adelman, Founder & VP Operations, Fanplayr
While getting driving traffic to your site is GREAT–that is only half the battle. Getting visitors to convert on your page is a difficult and almost inscrutable process. Some sites try to get on top of the conversion game by breaking down visitors into easy-to-digest categories, thereby making it easier to drive visitors down the sales funnel. However, most sites don’t take this process quite as far as they should. It is not enough to identify and categorize visitors according to standard demographic models. If retailers want to increase conversions, they must target their messages so they align with a thorough understanding of the purpose and intent behind each visit. Fanplayr will guide audience members through a process of segmentation and targeting to nail down the information behind any and all site visits. In this Webinar you will learn:
  • How good segmentation and targeting creates a mutually beneficial dialogue between retailer and visitor that provides a shared benefit, improves the shopping experience and makes conversions happen.
  • How to fully understand visitor engagement and use it for immediate, positive action.
  • How retailers must have a means to confidently assert their in-depth knowledge of the bond between their customers, their brand and/or product mix.
  • Why the digital environment provides a means for a much more constructive engagement between retailer and prospect and relate with a highly tailored customer experience that trumps a one-size-fits-all, repetitive message blast.
Derek Adelman is CoFounder & VP Operations at Fanplayr. He's an entrepreneur, software developer, and manager. Expert in eCommerce segmentation, real-time solutions, high speed messaging and analytics. Former VP at Reuteurs and TIBCO.
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Live Website Teardowns: Is Your Copy and Design Converting Like It Should?

Liston Witherill, Chief Creative Good Funnel
On this webinar, Liston Witherill, copywriter and Chief Creative at will be teardown websites to make them better. You’ll get 5 important takeaways:
  • How you can optimize the most important elements affection conversion
  • Copywriting tips to hook them with your headline
  • Best practices for your CTA design and copy
  • Positioning features and services to drive leads and sales
  • 3 simple ways to immediately improve your conversions
Liston Witherill is a marketing strategist, copywriter and Chief Creative at Good Funnel. He helps tech and info businesses understand their customers to get more traffic, leads and sales. He’s an environmentalist and hiphop artist - but that’s a different story.
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How to Write Copy That Moves Readers to Action Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start

Liston Witherill, Chief Creative Good Funnel
Sometimes you just don’t know the first words to write. Good news. It doesn’t have to be hard. Because great copy is built on research and honest-to-goodness empathy.
In a quick 60-minute webinar, we’ll cover:
  • What makes great copy so great
  • 4 principles of persuasion that will help you convert sales on your site today
  • Tactics for finding the right messages
  • A quick guide I use to improve copy
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Biggest Conversion Learnings from Optimizing for One Year

Chris Neumann, CEO CROmetrics
CROmetrics has been working with DODOcase for just over a year now, and we’ve had a significant impact:
  • 25% overall conversion rate increase across the entire year
  • 85% year/year increase in conversion rate for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday weekend
Helping people find what they want and make a purchase decision is what leads to the highest conversion impact. It’s not about red vs green buttons or rounded corners with gradients. It’s about solving problems for people.
In this webinar you will learn what CROmetrics learned from working over one year with DODOcase about: Navigation, Home Pages, Category Pages, Product Details Pages and Copywriting. If you run an ecommerce site or a optimization agency it’s a wonderful webinar to get insights into a conversion strategy and relationship between client and agency over a one year project.
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Best of the Conversion Conference: Social Media, Meet Conversion

Presented by Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder at Online Marketing Institute

The Secrets to the Strategic Thinking & On the Ground Tactics Driving Social Success

Aaron Kahlow will share his best material from the Conversion Conference San Fransisco where he presented that social media and all digital marketing have become forever linked. And when you connect the research, case studies and tactics it proves to be a very compelling story on ROI. Whether it's the explosive growth of video consumption or the social media facebook success stories, all companies that are leveraging these trends are seeing tremendous ROI.

Join Aaron as he shows how storytelling on Pinterest and Instagram can be used for lead generation, how companies like Starbucks, Target and Amazon are increasing sales through Facebook amplification tactics and ways you can develop multi-channel attribution models to measure your social media marketing strategy.

Bio of Aaron Kahlow: Social Media Marketing Expert Aaron Kahlow is the found and CEO of the Online Marketing Institute. Having delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and seminars nationwide, Aaron Kahlow is one of the more well-known faces in the online marketing and advertising space. He is considered a leading online marketing educator and can translate online marketing technology jargon into simple marketing and business terms.

He is a recognized authority on social media, e-mail marketing, website usability, SEO, web analytics, and overall web strategy. Kahlow served on the International Board of Directors of the Business Marketers Association and in an advisory capacity on several other boards. He is a well known entrepreneur and thought leader in the digital marketing industry, named one of Metropolitan Magazine’s “Top 40 Entrepreneurs under the Age of 40” in 2006. As CEO of BusinessOnline, Aaron along with his partner and brother Thad, built the the agency from a three-man start up to a now thriving $10M BtoB Digital Agency of the Year. Kahlow is most known for having started and sold the industry’s most recognized education event, the Online Marketing Summit.

Go to: Online Marketing Institute website

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Profitable Tactics For Crushing Your Competition’s Campaigns

Presented by Max Teitelbaum, COO & Co-Founder at WhatRunsWhere

In this free webinar, Max Teitelbaum will teach how you can spy on your competitor’s campaigns in order to uncover their most profitable strategy secrets. Find out how you can boost your campaign success using their marketing insights (On their dollar!).

You’ll learn:

  • Which of your competitors' ads are driving the most success
  • How to pinpoint their most profitable traffic sources
  • Where to focus your mobile advertising efforts
  • How you can cut down split testing, while still optimizing
  • Where to spot other top-performing advertisers targeting the same niche
  • What steps to take to become more visible and crush your competitors!

Ready to understand their strategy so you can build profitable campaigns? See recorded video today!

Bio of Max Teitelbaum: Max Teitelbaum is the Co-founder and COO of WhatRunsWhere. He attended the B.Comm program in McGill University and has been working in the online marketing industry since the age of 15.

Prior to WhatRunsWhere, Max successfully operated a performance-advertising agency. Max currently resides in Toronto and sits on the boards of numerous startups. He is also a mentor at GrowLabs Accelerator and the Baylor University Accelerated Ventures Program.

Go to:WhatRunsWhere website

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Streamline Your A/B Tests

Presented by Bartosz Mozyrko, CEO at UsabilityTools

Learn how to do smarter A/B tests and optimize conversion faster. This webinar dives deep into insight-oriented, data-driven approach of remote user research and testing. You will know how to chose the best set of online tools that will help you to understand user behavior and inspire you in your A/B testing projects.

Bio of Bartosz Mozyrko: Bart is CEO at UsabilityTools, a B2B SaaS company that helps businesses to optimize websites for higher conversion and better user experience. He has over 8 years of experience as UX Researcher and specializes in remote user testing. Bart has improved traditional and online services for over twenty clients in a wide range of industries, including education, telecoms, banking, insurance, furniture, jewelry and e-commerce.

Go to: UsabilityTools website

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Visual Attention Tracking – Are Your Users Looking Where They’re Supposed To?

Presented by Aleksander Czyż, CEO at Attensee

A site which brings no visible signs of delivering value to a newcomer in his/her initial time of 10 seconds will be left and forgotten instantly. De-cluttering your layout from elements which carry no marketing message makes people draw more attention to the messages actually contributing to the AIDA cycle (Attention, Interest, Desire, Act). So how do you know you’re not losing customers just because they haven’t paid enough attention to the value proposition? By exploring a blurred layout with his/her mouse pointer, the user is providing us with insights about the strongest and weakest attention grabbers on a website. Alex will introduce you to attention mapping technique in designing conversion-centered websites and walk you through the science behind the attention tracking technology used in Attensee. See how different designs perform in driving attention to the elements that convert and learn how to make your users look where they’re supposed to.

Bio of Aleksander Czyż: Aleksander Czyż is the CEO at Attensee, an online visual attention tracking platform which enables you to pretest your website layouts in terms of users’ attention distribution and milk your traffic more efficiently from the very beginning. Alex began his career as UX Designer being lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands on the Polish market and later on he became responsible for the marketing of UX/CRO tool Right now, he’s using his experience and knowledge in the field of user behavior to help companies achieve higher conversion via visual attention optimization.

Go to: Attensee website

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How to Rapidly Grow Your E-Commerce Business With Conversion Rate Optimization

Presented by Bradley Long, E-Commerce Conversion Rate Specialist at Conversion Rate Academy

How much more money could you be making if you increased your conversion rate by 30, 40 or even 70%? This in-depth webinar finally shows you what really works (and doesn’t) to increase your e-commerce store’s conversion rate. If you’re relying on so-called “best practice” and not getting the results you’d hoped, then this webinar shows you the crucial mindset shift you must adopt to get immediate and bankable results.

Have your split-testing ideas simply dried-up? Or are you plain stumped about what to test to even make a start on increasing your conversions? If so, you’re probably not claiming the rewards, income and profits from your business that you deserve. Discover how to eliminate the guesswork, frustration and struggle of trying to grow your sales and profits the wrong way. This instant access webinar shows you precisely how to spot what’s killing your website’s conversions and what to do to rapidly grow your sales and profits. Register for this webinar now and shift your business into a position of market dominance by learning how to out think, out-earn, out perform and out class your competition.

Bio of Bradley Long: Bradley Long is the co-founder of Conversion Rate Academy, an online coaching program which shows e-commerce stores how to rapidly grow their businesses using conversion rate optimization.

Bradley has been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most sophisticated brands and independent online stores. Not only that, but he’s also built two successful e-commerce stores of his own. And for the last 9 years he’s been helping online businesses double and sometimes triple their sales and profits.

Go to: Online Marketing Institute website

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Conversion Optimization and Copywriting: Is Your Content Helping or Hurting Your Sales?

Presented by Sherice Jacob, Conversion Optimization Professional at iElectrify

With conversion optimization, a great deal of attention is paid to testing, design and analytics. But what about the psychological side of things? Is your content truly compelling people to click? In this webinar, you’ll learn how the words you use (and don’t use) can have a measurable impact on convincing visitors to act. From headlines to call-to-action buttons, discover how to tailor every word to sell for you, effortlessly.

Bio of Sherice Jacob: Sherice Jacob helps business owners improve their websites through conversion rate optimization. Through professional website design, compelling copywriting and smart analytical insights, any business can improve sales and increase profits. Sherice’s work has been featured in numerous online media outlets including the New York Times, BusinessWeek and

Go to: iElectrify website

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Attention-Hacking 101: The Neuroscience of Conversion

Presented by Kurtis Morrison, VP Client Services at EyeQuant

3 seconds or less. That’s how much time your landing page has to capture a user’s attention and direct it towards your most important content. Without attention, you have no chance to communicate persuasively and influence behaviour. Still, only a select group of expert marketers understand or measure attention.

The good news: Neuroscientists at Caltech, USC, and UOS have shown that attention is predictable, and they’ve published the first peer-reviewed study that quantifies it’s influence on decision-making. In this talk, Kurtis will walk you through the latest research findings in plain language, introduce an artificial intelligence that’s capable of predicting attention, and myth-bust some common design “best practices” that might be killing your conversion rate.

Bio of Kurtis Morrison: At the forefront of one of the world’s most exciting neuroscience startups, Kurtis helps companies like Google, eBay, Schuh, and British Gas to capture and influence attention through design. Before EyeQuant, Kurtis was a marketing specialist in the music industry. He studied Commerce at the Gustavson School of Business and the Leizpig Graduate School of Management.

Go to: EyeQuant website

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How Site Speed Impacts Conversions, User Engagement & Revenue

Presented by Lucy Orloski, Speed Specialist at Yottaa

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it’s already losing conversions and revenue. 40% of visitors abandon pages with load times longer than 3 seconds; 80% never return. Beyond testing, increasing site speed is the single biggest thing a marketer can do to increase site conversion, user engagement and revenue. And most don’t know where to begin! In this webinar, we’ll cover everything you need to know to start increasing your site speed & conversions, including:

  • The basics of site speed and web performance
  • Tools to test your own site speed
  • Data on the impact site speed has on site conversion rates, user engagement and revenue
  • Techniques & resources to increase your site speed

Bio of Lucy Orloski: Lucy Orloski is a career conversion marketer, first running large-scale SEM campaigns then spending years helping businesses increase conversion rates at HubSpot and now works at Yottaa, a venture-backed Boston web performance software company.

Go to: Yottaa website

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Practical Conversion Optimization for Smart Businesses

Presented by Peter Sandeen, Founder at Peter Sandeen

Peter Sandeen works with people who want to create a strong value proposition for their business that makes their products and services clearly the best choice for their target audience. It works as a guide for creating a marketing strategy that focuses on just the right things, and finally, conversion optimization is a way to make the most of it.

Bio of Peter Sandeen: My work is my passion, but when I’m not on the phone with a client or working on a project, I’m with my other passion—my wife—and our dog. Long walks with them create a balance in my life. But when we’re not out wading in the snow together (we live in Finland), I’m back to work pondering the psychology behind conversion optimization, writing copy, or creating a marketing strategy for a client.

Go to: Peter Sandeen website

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PPC Slice & Dice! Trim Your PPC Campaigns & Raise Conversions

Presented by Jeff Ferguson, CEO at Fang Digital

Become a PPC master chef. Learn how to trim your PPC campaigns into a more manageable and efficient size. While raising your conversion rates at the same time. Think of it like addition by subtraction. With added seasoning. Jeff Ferguson, CEO of Fang Digital Marketing and one of PPC Hero's "Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts," shows you how to do all of this and more in this exclusive webinar. Come see what's cooking.

Bio of Jeff Ferguson: Jeff Ferguson is the CEO and Lead Consultant of Fang Digital Marketing, a strategic consulting agency that specializes in internet marketing, including search engine marketing, display, social, and affiliate programs. With over 17 years of online marketing experience, Jeff has led the online marketing efforts for companies such as Hilton Hotels, Kimberly-Clark, InterActiveCorp, Experian, Napster, and Jeff has also served as a consultant for renowned clients such as American Airlines, CBS Local, Farmers Insurance, Hilton Hotels, KinderCare, eHarmony, JustFab, Paychex, CBS Local, and Toyota.

Recently honored as one of PPC Hero’s “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts,” Jeff Ferguson is no stranger to the industry speaking circuits throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Jeff is a regular presenter at Ad:tech, AllFacebook Expo, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Digital Hollywood, Online Marketing Summit (OMS), Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Search Engine Strategies (SES), where he also served as a member of the advisory board. Additionally, Jeff has volunteered his time for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) on both the national and regional levels, where he serves as a board member of the Los Angeles chapter.

Go to: Fang Digital website

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5 Ways Digital Marketers Use Call Tracking to Grow Their Business

Presented by MacKay Allen, Marketing Content Manager at LogMyCalls

How many phone calls does your marketing produce? How many phone calls does your PPC generate? Which keywords do people search before they call? Call tracking answers all of these questions...and more. Specifically this webinar discusses:

  • How to integrate call tracking with
  • Ways call tracking can increase agency REVENUE
  • How AGENCIES are implementing call tracking
  • Using call tracking to optimize AdWords

Bio of MacKay Allen: McKay Allen is the Marketing Content Manager at LogMyCalls, the next generation of intelligent call tracking and marketing automation. McKay is a sought after marketer, speaker, and writer. He has spoken at events across North America including SMX (Search Marketing Expo), Social Media Strategies Summit, and SES. He has authored articles featured in Search Engine Journal, Mobile Marketer, Mobile Marketing Watch, Sparksheet, Target Marketer and numerous other publications.

McKay is hailed as ‘Content Marketing Jedi’ by Direct Marketing News. And a ‘one-man lead generation powerhouse.’ McKay is the Inbound Marketing Manager at LogMyCalls, the next generation of intelligent call tracking and marketing automation. He manages the entire lead generation cycle and strategy.

Go to: LogMyCalls website

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A/B Testing for Startups and Key Mistakes to Avoid

Presented by Josh Krafchin, Founder at Clever Zebo

Josh will walk you through several case studies of a/b testing initiatives, some successful, others less so, to uncover rookie a/b testing mistakes to avoid and key lessons for building a successful a/b testing program -- even for startups.

Bio of Josh Krafchin: Josh Krafchin is the founder of Clever Zebo, an online marketing consulting firm. An 8+ year online marketing veteran, Josh has helped scale and optimize the digital efforts of such companies as Sandals Resorts,, Rocket Lawyer, Aeropostale and many others. When not developing cutting-edge online marketing strategies, Josh can be found taking walks in the park or working on his jump shot.

Go to: Clever Zebo website

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Making Conversion Optimization Work for PPC & Landing Pages

Presented by Theresa Baiocco, Conversion Optimization Specialist at Conversion Max

The reason most businesses are so concerned with getting "free" traffic via SEO and Social Media is that they haven't figured out how to make their traffic worth more than what they pay to get it. In this webinar, you'll learn strategies for making your traffic worth more by targeting the right visitors and getting them to convert. When you increase the value of each visitor, you can afford to pay for more of that traffic - which is exactly what successful businesses are doing. You'll also realize why there's no such thing as "free traffic", so you'll break the mindset of optimizing for quantity over quality of traffic.

Bio of Theresa Baiocco: Theresa Baiocco is the co-founder of Conversion Max, which helps mid-sized businesses increase the ROI of their online advertising with Pay Per Click Management, Landing Page Optimization, and Funnel Optimization. She has a Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado and is Master Certified in Conversion Rate Optimization through Market Motive.

Go to: Conversion Max website

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Celebrating Failure –Why Tests Fail and Why That’s a Good Thing!

Presented by Nazli Yuzak, Sr. Digital Optimization Consultant at Dell

For years now our understanding of a “failed” test has been distorted! We always concentrated on lift numbers to see if a test won or failed. But in reality a “failed” test is a test that we don’t learn anything from; the one that we cannot take any business actions from! So, why do tests fail and what can we learn from it?

Bio of Nazli Yuzak: Nazli Yuzak is passionate about delivering the best possible experience to website visitors. She has over 7 years of digital marketing experience focusing on site optimization, behavioral targeting and web analytics. In her previous company she had identified Adobe Test&Target as a solution to improve site conversion rates and leveraged this solution to support higher lead goals. Her work with Adobe Test&Target (formar Omniture Test&Target) not only contributed to 3 times higher improvement in conversion rates but also got recognized with “Best Lead Generation Test” and “Best Segmentation Test” awards by Currently, as Global Test Insights Lead at Dell, she is leading efforts to evangelize and institutionalize all learnings from testing projects in the rest of the organization.

Over the past 3 years Nazli presented at the Adobe/Omniture Summit, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, “” webinar and Conversion Conference. This year she is also presenting at The Live Event. In addition to her speaking engagements she also serves as a member of the Leadership Advisory Board.

Nazli holds a Master of Business Administration degree in International Marketing and Management of Global Information Technology.

Go to: Dell website

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Landing Experience Optimization: Get Eye-Popping Results from Your SEM

Presented by Lance Loveday, CEO at Closed Loop Marketing

Tired of scratching and clawing with competitors for small incremental gains from your SEM campaigns? Learn how Landing Experience Optimization (LXO) can transform your paid search efforts by giving your visitors a highly customized landing page experience. Lance will present a multi-year case study in which he'll break down the process and show you specific design examples (as well as the eye-popping results!) that could make you rethink your entire approach to conversion optimization.

Bio of Lance Loveday: As Closed Loop CEO and founder, Lance helps organizations leverage user experience to maximize strategic advantage—especially finding the little UX details with the biggest impact. His work is guided by a few simple beliefs: Good user experience is good business. There’s always room for improvement. And companies that value design, UX, and the human element will outperform those that live and die only by the numbers.

Go to: Closed Loop Marketing website

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Ultimate Web Design - How to Make Web Pages Make Real Money

Presented by Ben Hunt, Partner at Scratch Web Marketing

Web design is dead! Long live web design! Design and conversion expert Ben Hunt throws out the familiar model of designing for the web, and introduces a new, revolutionary approach to online marketing that will challenge you to think in a completely new way. In this webinar Ben will reveal the two types of future web designer and set out his step-by-step model that he uses to guarantee all his clients serious profits.

Bio of Ben Hunt: For 19 years Ben Hunt has has designed successful web sites for a number of marketing and branding agencies, and has crafted user experiences for some of the world’s busiest sites. Ben’s web design tutorials have been read by millions, and he is recognized as one of the most influential figures in web design and usability. He has written two ground-breaking books.

The first “Save the Pixel – the Art of Simple Web Design” (2008) set the standard for simple design for the web. Ben’s second book, “Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion” (Wiley, 2011) is the result of two years of intensive research and testing into what really makes web sites sell. It is one of the highest-rated marketing books on He is now dedicated to showing site owners and designers exactly how to make their web sites make more money – by attracting more traffic and converting visitors into customers with powerful emotional experiences.

Go to: Scratch Web Marketing website

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Ultimate Conversion Webpage Review Webinar

Presented by Bobby Hewitt, President and founder at Creative Thirst

Know your webpage has problems, but don't know where to start? Here's your chance to get some free conversion advice from a great expert: Bobby Hewitt. This webinar is unscripted and fun with actionable feedback on your webpage. When joining this webinar you will be asked to send us some pages for review and we will try and deal with all of them in the live webinar.

Bio of Bobby Hewitt: Bobby Hewitt is the president and founder of Creative Thirst, the conversion rate optimization firm that specializes in increasing bottom line results. He has over ten years experience in web design and Internet marketing and holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from Rutgers University. He is also certified in Online Testing and Landing Page Optimization and winner of the Jim Novo Award of Academic Excellence for Web Analytics from The University of British Columbia and the Web Analytics Association.

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6 Ways to Optimize Conversions With Call Tracking

Presented by McKay Allen, Content Manager at LogMyCalls

A free webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about setting up call tracking for you webiste and how to combine Google Analytics to track calls. Learn what is your real conversion rate by combining online and offline orders using call tracking software of LogMyCalls. Convert Experiments will explain how to use call tracking in A/B testing and combine both numbers to really see a winner from you online and call tracking software in one combined test report.

Bio of McKay Allen: McKay Allen is the Content Manager at LogMyCalls, a service of ContactPoint. He directs the public relations, content marketing strategy, strategic partnerships and social media strategy for the company. Prior to joining the LogMyCalls team, McKay was an Emmy-nominated business journalist at two major-market TV stations in the Western United States.

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How to Build a Successful Optimization Program: People, Process, and Tools

Presented by Brendan Regan, Optimization Consultant at Brendan Regan Consulting

Brendan Regan details out what it takes to build a successful optimization program, whether it's "in house" or outsourced to service providers. He will discuss optimization in terms of the People, Process, and Tools you'll need, and talk through popular industry service models and their pros and cons.

Bio of Brendan Regan: Brendan Regan is an Optimization consultant with over a decade’s experience in online marketing, user-centered web design, and web management/optimization. Some of his passions are marketing optimization, web design, copywriting, web analytics, testing, and conversion rate optimization. He’s a Google Analytics Qualified Individual, and has worked for two of the world’s premier, pure-play conversion optimization firms. He’s presented and been an expert panelist at conferences like Conversion Conference and Search Engine Strategies. He was also the Technical Editor for “You Should Test That!”, a book about Conversion Optimization.

He works with digital, marketing, and analytics agencies to add value for their clients in the form of web analytics, A/B testing, multivariate testing, and more. He also consults with companies that need to define an optimization strategy complete with priorities, goals, and tactics for execution.

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The Scientific Method Behind Conversion Optimization

Presented by Jana Fung, Marketing Manager at MixRank

A free webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about testing your landing pages. Combining the power of and and learn why your current landing page is missing out on conversions and how to boost conversion rate within days, what are the elements that the top brands test to drive 3x more conversions from their landing pages and what the most common mistake when testing elements on your landing page that will cost you time and valuable conversions... and lots more.

Bio of Jana Fung: Jana Fung is the Marketing Manager of MixRank. She has managed successful demand generation programs for over 5 years. She is optimistic about the growth of online advertising and has a passion for helping online marketers with their campaigns. If you’re a MixRank fan or just want to say hi, she’s interested in connecting with you! Follow her on Twitter @jana_fung

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Speaking to the Customer with no Added Surprises

Presented by Wyatt Ernst, CEO / CRO Consultant at Conversion Consulting

This webinar will demonstrate how businesses use different vocab than their customers. If you are able to speak to your customers the way they understand, you will be able to see higher CTR - (click through rates). And if you learn that every click is an unwritten promise/agreement made between the site and the customer, you'll be able to fulfill this promise and see an overall lift in your conversions.

Bio of Wyatt Ernst: Wyatt Ernst is CEO / CRO Consultant at Conversion Consulting. He has been focused on internet marketing for over 4 years now. He loves and lives the internet, and works on websites for 10 hours a day. Once he’s off the computer, he reads books about psychology and what helps motivate people to make decisions. He has optimized websites like eMusic, OKCupid, ShopAtHome, WarnerBros Music Company, and many others.

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Aligning Your Advertising and Landing Pages to Maximize Conversions

Presented by Hafez Adel, Senior Director of Marketing at Retargeter

In order to be effective, a landing page must fulfill the promise made by your ads. This webinar will discuss how to coordinate your advertising and landing page strategies to maximize your conversions and get the most from your traffic.

Bio of Hafez Adel: Hafez Adel is the Senior Director of Marketing at ReTargeter. He has spoken at SoCon, Digital Hollywood, and Dreamforce on topics ranging from Social Media for Advocacy, Inbound Marketing Strategies, and Ad Targeting, and has written on topics such as display advertising, retargeting, PPC, and leveraging digital marketing for branding. Before joiningReTargeter, Hafez was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Microwave Dynamics, an aerospace telecommunications firm based in Irvine, California. His past fields of work include non-profit advocacy, international development, and public interest law. In addition to his work at ReTargeter,Hafez serves as a marketing and social media consultant to several Bay Area musicians and visual artists and is an ardent supporter of the local art and music scene.

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How to Structure and Test your Site for Maximum Impact

Presented by Kevin Espiritu & Darrin Demchuk, Marketing & Founder at Serpiq &

Learning proper website structure helps you in two ways. First, customers who come to your site will be able to navigate through your site more fluidly, preventing them from bouncing right off of your site in frustration. Second, Google and other search engines will be able to index and rank more pages on your site, driving you more traffic and making you more money. It's also important not to "over-do" your on-site SEO improvements, especially after the release of the Google Panda and Penguin updates. This presentation will cover the right way to go about on-page optimization to not trigger any of Google's alarms. SerpIQ will focus on how this all this right on your site and will focus on what makes sense to test and leave alone. A/B testing can dramatically increase conversion on the SEO traffic you get. How can every page be a landing-page and how to test on that traffic.

Bio of Kevin Espiritu & Darrin Demchuk: Kevin Espiritu oversees marketing and operations for serpIQ, a tool designed to speed up SEO competitive analysis and proposals. He works as an inbound marketing consultant as well and has helped clients in a vast range of businesses, from professionals to e-commerce stores, improve their presence online. Darrin Demchuk is the founder of serpIQ and has been in the SEO industry for over five years. He’s done client work, built out his own projects, and more recently has started a few SaaS companies designed to make SEOs jobs easier. Dennis van der Heijden is the founder and CEO of A/B testing software.

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Building Websites that Sell

Presented by Peep Laja, Conversion Optimization Expert at ConversionXL

Building websites that sell is not an art, but an exact science. In this webinar, Peep Laja, Conversion Optimization Architect at Markitekt, will teach you a process that you can apply on any website to significantly boost your conversion rates. Here's what you can expect to leave the webinar knowing: (1) Which user research to do (2) Getting the foundation right (3) Designing for users (4) The methodological approach to boosting conversions

Bio of Peep Laja: I’m the face of ConversionXL. I’m an entrepreneur and a conversion optimization junkie. I run a unique conversion optimization marketing agency called Markitekt (we make existing sites better and build new conversion optimized websites). I deliver training’s and workshops on conversion optimization and internet marketing, consult businesses in need and plan the architecture of websites that sell.

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Pay Attention: Understanding the Brain's Need for Novelty and Shortcuts

Presented by Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners at Site Tuners

Author and conversion rate expert Tim Ash took us for a wild ride through neuroscience to learn how the human brain functions, perceives the world and makes decisions. By understanding how your customers' minds treat incoming information you will be better equipped to create landing pages and marketing messages that influence website visitors to complete your conversion action. In this webinar you’ll learn about: (1) your three brains (and which one is really in charge) (2) how your visual perception affects your online experiences, and (3) key findings from neuroscience and psychology that can skyrocket your conversion rates.

Bio of Tim Ash: Tim Ash is author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization, and CEO of SiteTuners, a firm that specializes in improving website conversion rates through landing page diagnosis and redesign, conversion consulting, a/b and multivariate test plan creation, and client training/mentoring. A computer scientist and cognitive scientist by education (his PhD studies were in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence), Tim has developed an expertise in user-centered design, persuasion and understanding online behavior, and landing page testing. In the mid-1990s he became one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization.

Over the past 15 years, Tim has helped hundreds of US and international brands improve their web-based initiatives, including Canon, Google, Expedia, CBS, Sony Music, Facebook, Nestle, Verizon Wireless, Texas Instruments, Cisco, and Coach. Tim is a highly-regarded keynote and conference presenter, and the chairperson of Conversion Conference – a worldwide conference series focused on improving online conversions. He has published hundreds of articles about website usability, best practices in landing page design and tactics to improve website conversion rates, and he is the host of the Landing Page Optimization podcast on

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Analysis Strategies to Improve Conversion using Google Analytics

Presented by Yehoshua Coren, Founder & Principal at Analytics Ninja

Use Google Analytics to get actionable ideas for conversion optimization is easier said then done. Yehoshua Coren will show where to find the best opportunities in GA and what reports to use in this free webinar from the Analytics Ninja.

Bio of Yehoshua Coren: Yehoshua Coren is the Founder & Principal of Analytics Ninja LLC, a web analytics consultancy that provides advanced Google Analytics implementations and analysis for businesses large and small. Yehoshua, who previously did SEM in house for ecommerce companies since 2007, founded Analytics Ninja in 2010 out of a desire to bring his passion for web analytics and success in Internet marketing to a larger audience. Recently, Yehoshua has spoken at SMX Israel and SES London.

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Making the Most of Mobile

Presented by Ian Everdell, Manager, UX & Research at Mediative

Conversion actions are different on mobile devices than on a desktop. Learn how people interact with hand-held devices and get practical tips you can leverage to address the challenges that exist when users try to complete a conversion action on a small screen.

Bio of Ian Everdell: With a background in neuroscience and computer science, Ian brings his knowledge of human behavior, human-computer interaction, and web design to the field of UX. As the manager of UX & Research at Mediative, he combines his skills in eye tracking, experimental design, and statistical analysis with his desire to provide clients with testing results that are both reliable and actionable. Ian enjoys the challenges of making interfaces as user-friendly as possible, and focuses his expertise on improving landing page experiences and conversion paths to maximize conversion potential and total campaign performance.

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Proven Landing Page Techniques for Dramatic Lead Generation Revenue Lift

Presented by Co-Founder and CE, Co-founder and CEO at Widerfunnel

Join Chris Goward as he shows you the images you should never use on your landing pages, which words will always lift your conversion rate, proven landing page layouts that maximize leads, sales and revenue, and why your landing pages are confusing visitors & increasing bounce rate.

Bio of Co-Founder and CE: Chris Goward was one of the first people to look at online content and say: “We should test that!” From that revelation he founded WiderFunnel – the full-service marketing optimization company that pioneered site-wide and landing page conversion optimization methods for companies such as Google, Electronic Arts, Iron Mountain and He is the brains behind the LIFT and Kaizen methods which have helped companies improve their online results by up to 400% for lead generation, affiliates and e-commerce sales. Chris speaks at conferences and seminars around the world to evangelize how companies should test their marketing to get more leads, sales and revenue.

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How To Get More Out Of Every Test

Presented by Bobby Hewitt, President and founder at Creative Thirst

How do you get more lift out of every test in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of traffic? The answer will surprise most people and is not taught in any case study. Most marketers are stuck using the same A/B or Multivariate testing techniques, without fully understanding how to gain true leverage.

Bio of Bobby Hewitt: Bobby Hewitt is the president and founder of Creative Thirst, the conversion rate optimization firm that specializes in increasing bottom line results. He has over ten years experience in web design and Internet marketing and holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from Rutgers University. He is also certified in Online Testing and Landing Page Optimization and winner of the Jim Novo Award of Academic Excellence for Web Analytics from The University of British Columbia and the Web Analytics Association.

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Conversion Optimization for E-Commerce

Presented by Kevin Eichelberger, Founder and CEO at Blue Acorn

Learn how to optimize your eCommerce webiste and boost your revenue. This webinar dives deep into a numbers-driven, result-oriented approach to optimization, a focus on measurable success and shows you how to achieve triple-digit annual growth.

Bio of Kevin Eichelberger: Kevin Eichelberger is the Founder and CEO of Blue Acorn, an award-winning, full service eCommerce agency helping retailers and brands achieve eCommerce growth through a build – attract – optimize approach. A numbers driven entrepreneur, Kevin exhibits a focus on measurable success and a results-oriented approach that has led his Blue Acorn team to triple-digit annual growth since its inception.

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When Conversions Get Tricky: Don't be Fooled by These Hidden Traps in your ROI Equation

Presented by Nemo Chu, Director of Customer Acquisition at KISSmetrics

Learn why a 400% boost in conversions can be a death trap, common hidden traps that suck up a marketer's time and energy and kill business growth, and the dirty secret about how A/B tests can mislead even the smartest marketers with this webinar by KISSmetrics.

Bio of Nemo Chu: Nemo Chu is the Director of Customer Acquisition at KISSmetrics, the #2 at Bloomfire, a B2B SaaS company that was launched in March 2010 at SXSW and acquired 20 months later.

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CRO: A Novel, Easy-to-Implement Methodology for Growing Even the Most Sophisticated Web Businesses

Presented by Dr. Karl Blanks, Chairman at Conversion Rate Experts

Watch this dynamic and highly engaging webinar to learn proven strategies for increasing sales, a template for ensuring your writing is effective and how to get someone else to do it for you.

Bio of Dr. Karl Blanks: Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) is an international consultancy that has worked with companies including Apple, Sony, Vodafone, Google, SEO Book, and SEOmoz. CRE has pioneered a new approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO) called The CRE Methodology. Double-digit improvements are the norm.

Conversion Rate Experts was founded in 2006 by Ben Jesson (an internet marketing expert) and Dr. Karl Blanks (a former Cambridge Ph.D. rocket scientist), and it now has a team of experts located across the world.

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Conversion Conference Live with Brian Massey

Presented by Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences

Watch a live Q&A with Dennis van der Heijden and Brian Massey from the Conversion Conference in Ft. Lauderdale where they answer questions about conversions, analytics, tools and best practices.

Bio of Brian Massey: Brian Massey is the author of the latest conversion book: The Customer Creation Equation and the Conversion Scientist. He has the lab coat to prove it. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses was developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, national speaker and writer.

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Beyond Landing Page Testing

Presented by Theresa Baiocco, Conversion Optimization Specialist at ConversionMax

Conversion Rate Optimization is not a series of individual landing page tests. In this webinar, Theresa explains the 7 key areas in the field of Conversion Rate Optimization that goes beyond landing-page optimization.

Bio of Theresa Baiocco: Theresa Baiocco is the co-founder of Conversion Max, which helps mid-sized businesses increase the ROI of their online advertising with Pay Per Click Management, Landing Page Optimization, and Funnel Optimization. She has a Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado and is Master Certified in Conversion Rate Optimization through Market Motive.

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Creating Awesome Landing Pages

Presented by Carlos Del Rio, Director Conversion Analysis at Unbounce

This webinar covers how to approach brainstorming, tackling hypotheses that have negative effects, examples of successful pages, as well as a full critique of a lead generating page

Bio of Carlos Del Rio: Carlos is the co-author of User Driven Change: Give Them What They Want and A Strategic Framework for Emerging Media. He believes that proper use of traffic analysis and breaking down barriers between web-involved departments is fundamental for businesses to succeed in a web driven economy. When he isn’t actively irritated by something about the Internet or writing, he likes to build things, take his dog on meandering adventures, and inflict amateur comedy on innocent bystanders.

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Conversations that Convert

Presented by Matt Dombrow, Founding Partner at Clixo

There is no shortage of webinars that cover case studies and test results you can use to improve your conversion rates. Watch this webinar and learn why you can't blindly copy conversion optimization “best practices” or tips without truly understanding the principles that drove the conversion increases in the first place.

Bio of Matt Dombrow: Matt is a founding partner of Clixo, a Denver based web architecture and Internet marketing agency. Prior to founding Clixo, Matthew spent three years as a strategic marketing manager building, from scratch, the marketing department at one of Denver’s most successful web design and marketing agencies. Matt has optimized websites and Internet marketing programs for over fifty clients in a wide variety of industries.

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Secrets of High Converting Free Trials

Presented by Lincoln Murphy, Free Trial Optimization Specialist at Sixteen Ventures

And who wouldn't love a free trial before making a purchase? But not all free trials are created equal. When you think about it, the free trial could the only part of the sales process you have any real control over. Watch this highly interactive and engaging webinar, where Lincoln Murphy will demonstrate how to set up a high-converting free trial to efficiently and effectively convert prospects to customers.

Bio of Lincoln Murphy: When you offer a Free Trial for your Web App, Software, Membership Site, Gym, or anything else, the goal is to convert as many of those trial sign-ups to paying customers as you can. If your Free Trial is not doing that, Lincoln Murphy can help you improve your conversion rate. Lincoln’s unique Free Trial Dominator program has helped 100’s of companies around the world turn their Free Trial into customer-creating machines!

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The Unknown Side of CRO: Trading Bad Traffic for Good

Presented by Richard Farr, Paid Traffic Specialist at Click Advisors

When CRO comes to mind, we often think of strategies like landing page tweaks, testing different images or changing the colors of call-to-action buttons. It's time to push the slicing and dicing aside and focus on where the money really is- your traffic!

Bio of Richard Farr: Richard Farr is certified as both a Google Analytics Qualified Individual as well as a Google Adwords Qualified Individual. With a Masters Degree in Economics from Florida State University and a background in Quantitative Finance, he brings mathematical engineering to Pay Per Click and Web Analytics. He has decreased the cost per lead on multiple Adwords accounts by over 60% by conducting ongoing split-testing.

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