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Best of the Conversion Conference: Social Media, Meet Conversion

Aaron Kahlow

CEO & Founder at Online Marketing Institute

Aaron Kahlow

Social Media Marketing Expert Aaron Kahlow is the found and CEO of the Online Marketing Institute. Having delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and seminars nationwide, Aaron Kahlow is one of the more well-known faces in the online marketing and advertising space. He is considered a leading online marketing educator and can translate online marketing technology jargon into simple marketing and business terms. He is a recognized authority on social media, e-mail marketing, website usability, SEO, web analytics, and overall web strategy. Kahlow served on the International Board of Directors of the Business Marketers Association and in an advisory capacity on several other boards. He is a well known entrepreneur and thought leader in the digital marketing industry, named one of Metropolitan Magazine's “Top 40 Entrepreneurs under the Age of 40” in 2006. As CEO of BusinessOnline, Aaron along with his partner and brother Thad, built the the agency from a three-man start up to a now thriving $10M BtoB Digital Agency of the Year. Kahlow is most known for having started and sold the industry's most recognized education event, the Online Marketing Summit. 


Duration: 0:20 hr.

The Secrets to the Strategic Thinking & On the Ground Tactics Driving Social Success

Aaron Kahlow will share his best material from the Conversion Conference San Fransisco where he presented that social media and all digital marketing have become forever linked. And when you connect the research, case studies and tactics it proves to be a very compelling story on ROI. Whether it’s the explosive growth of video consumption or the social media facebook success stories, all companies that are leveraging these trends are seeing tremendous ROI.

Key Takeaways:

Join Aaron as he shows how storytelling on Pinterest and Instagram can be used for lead generation, how companies like Starbucks, Target and Amazon are increasing sales through Facebook amplification tactics and ways you can develop multi-channel attribution models to measure your social media marketing strategy.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Online Marketing Institute

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Best of the Conversion Conference: Social Media, Meet Conversion

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