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How to Build a Successful Optimization Program: People, Process, and Tools

Brendan Regan

Optimization Consultant at Brendan Regan Consulting

Brendan Regan

Brendan Regan is an Optimization consultant with over a decade's experience in online marketing, user-centered web design, and web management/optimization. Some of his passions are marketing optimization, web design, copywriting, web analytics, testing, and conversion rate optimization. He's a Google Analytics Qualified Individual, and has worked for two of the world's premier, pure-play conversion optimization firms. He's presented and been an expert panelist at conferences like Conversion Conference and Search Engine Strategies. He was also the Technical Editor for "You Should Test That!", a book about Conversion Optimization. He works with digital, marketing, and analytics agencies to add value for their clients in the form of web analytics, A/B testing, multivariate testing, and more. He also consults with companies that need to define an optimization strategy complete with priorities, goals, and tactics for execution.


Duration: 1 hour

Brendan Regan details out what it takes to build a successful optimization program, whether it’s “in house” or outsourced to service providers. He will discuss optimization in terms of the People, Process, and Tools you’ll need, and talk through popular industry service models and their pros and cons.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Brendan Regan Consulting

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How to Build a Successful Optimization Program: People, Process, and Tools

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