How to Use Google Analytics in Your CRO Efforts

Merging Google Analytics’ insights with optimization reports for even bigger conversion lifts

Phillip Koo

Managing Director @ Fluent Group

Phillip Koo

Phillip Koo is the Managing Director at Fluent, an advertising agency, and has been driving growth for companies in over 15 industries through SEM/PPC, Social Media, and SEO. Get in touch with Phillip and his team at www.fluent.group.


Duration: 20 minutes + Q&A

Testers of the world, you’re leaving data on the table. Literally.

You know and love Google Analytics and use it to determine how people interact with your site.

You know and love your optimization tools and use the reports to gauge what works to convert prospects.

But have you merged insights from these channels for an extra dimension to your analysis?

Phillip Koo, the Managing Director of Fluent is the master of finding elusive data leverage that transforms average campaigns into special CRO drives worth the case studies.

And he’s here to share how you can structure GA reports to find quick optimization wins.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using Google Analytics to Enhance Your CRO
  • Building Reports Around Engagement Insights
  • Finding Easy (But Oft-Overlooked) Wins to Increase Conversion Rates
  • Getting Insights Into How Visitors Are Interacting With Your Content

This webinar is hosted by Convert & Fluent Group

Get More Leverage from Your FREE Google Analytics Reports. Join Us!

EPISODE #15: How to Use Google Analytics in Your CRO Efforts, Phillip Koo, Fluent Group

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