#GDPR Webinar

SaaS & GDPR: If You Use SaaS Tools, You Can’t Afford to Skip This

Arlo Gilbert

CEO and Co-Founder at Meta Saas

Arlo Gilbert

Arlo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Meta SaaS—the software to manage, track, and secure your software. The result of running this SaaS-ception? No one knows more about working with your vendors than him. With the the passing of GDPR, he’s a strong voice shaping the global privacy landscape.


Duration: 54 min

The good news: everything from a/b testing to bookkeeping can be done with SaaS tools.

The bad news: it’s the easiest to incur strict penalties if you don’t work with GDPR compliant SaaS platforms

Is your favorite SaaS tool storing personal data & identifiers? Which really can be anything from names to IP addresses!!

Do your vendors practice pseudonymization?

Are they trying to follow data protection by design and default?

Can they give your customers (whose data is most definitely in their database) the right to erasure?

Do they have a GDPR contingency plan in action?

These are just some of the questions panicked SaaS users are asking themselves.

But you don’t have to give in to the hysteria.

Because you’re going to be prepared well before May 25th!

You’re going to watch this webinar.

And it’s going to tell you everything you need to know about running SaaS apps under GDPR.

Key Takeaways:

  • The easy way to assess your software, and whether or not you’re compliant.
  • The questions you should be asking your SaaS vendors, ASAP.
  • What GDPR holds you accountable for (as a controller), and what restrictions fall to your data processors.
  • How SaaS applications are evaluated under GDPR.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Meta Saas

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SaaS & GDPR: If You Use SaaS Tools, You Can’t Afford to Skip This

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