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Episode #9

The “Best of Both Worlds” Testing Secret

If you want faster, big impact, no headaches testing - this is the way to go.

Jeff Blettner

The lead account consultant at Elite SEM

Jeff Blettner

Jeff Blettner is a testing junkie. You name it, he has tried it. The lead account consultant at Elite SEM he believes in elegant solutions that don’t compromise outcomes. The brain behind the MVRs concept, Jeff is a true blue optimization expert.


Duration: 1 hour

In one corner: practical, low risk, time consuming iterative testing.

In the opposite corner: the big buzz, resource-intensive, redesign approach.

When they face off, who wins? Not sure. But businesses end up losing.

This is why Minimally Viable Redesigns (MVRs) make for such a solid compromise.

They combine multiple variant changes to pack a punch—but reuse existing site elements for quicker results.

Impact: check.

Speed: check.

Impressive final numbers: check.

It’s everything testing should be—wrapped up in a neat little agile package.

Key Takeaways:

  • Iterative vs. Redesign testing – what to expect from each
  • Why Elite SEM uses Minimally Viable Redesigns (MVRs)
  • Why the MVR approach is the “best of both worlds”
  • 5 key elements to test in the MVR approach

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Elite SEM

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Episode #9: The “Best of Both Worlds” Testing Secret

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