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Biggest Conversion Learnings from Optimizing DODOcase.com for One Year

Chris Neumann

Founder at CROmetrics

Chris Neumann

Chris is the founder of CROmetrics He focuses on helping SaaS companies grow. Recent results include 500% sales growth in 18 months, 4X reduction in customer acquisition cost through paid channels, and 2X increase in visit to trial conversion. Chris tries to make sure the entire first time experience is a happy one. This builds long-term business value for a company, as a 2X increase in conversions generally opens up much more than 2X marketing opportunities.


Duration: 0:45 hr.

CROmetrics has been working with DODOcase for just over a year now, and we’ve had a significant impact:

  • 25% overall conversion rate increase across the entire year
  • 85% year/year increase in conversion rate for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday weekend

Helping people find what they want and make a purchase decision is what leads to the highest conversion impact.  It’s not about red vs green buttons or rounded corners with gradients.  It’s about solving problems for people.


Key Takeaways:

In this webinar you will learn what CROmetrics learned from working over one year with DODOcase about:

  • Navigation
  • Home Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Product Details Pages
  • Copywriting

If you run an ecommerce site or a optimization agency it’s a wonderful webinar to get insights into a conversion strategy and relationship between client and agency over a one year project.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + CROmetrics

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Biggest Conversion Learnings from Optimizing DODOcase.com for One Year

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