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How to Get & Retain a Competitive Advantage with A/B Testing

Justin Christianson

Co-funder & President at Conversion Fanatics

Justin Christianson

Justin Christianson is the co-founder and President of Conversion Fanatics and the #1 Bestselling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to double your customers, sales and profits with A/B testing.


Duration: 1 hr

Life’s full of big questions. Who am I? What’s the meaning of it all? How can I lock-in a competitive advantage for my agency with A/B Testing?

Well, this talk will answer at least one of them.

Join Conversion Fanatic’s Justin Christianson for 50 minutes of hard-hitting, super-actionable, agency-specific CRO advice.

We’re talking about the tips and tricks your competition forgets. And results that’ll make clients ecstatic.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to double your conversion rates by testing 7 key page elements.
  • The most common “wrong way” to run a test—and how to avoid it.
  • Why statistical significance isn’t the only number you should look at.
  • The magic of compounding conversions—and how to cast that spell.
  • The sneaky “little things’ that can have a massive impact across your funnel.
  • The way to get more out of optimization by doing less.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Conversion Fanatics

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How to Get & Retain a Competitive Advantage with A/B Testing

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