The Complete Guide to Switching Testing Tools for CRO Agencies

Save agency hours, your reputation and future test results during migration.

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As an optimizer you’re always improving.

Sometimes part of that improvement is switching testing tools and cutting solutions out of your stack.

Necessary – yes. Stress-free – no!

What if you could go through the process of migration without wasting precious agency hours?

What if there was a checklist to ensure no steps were skipped?

What if you could lay a solid foundation during installation for exceptional results later?

Well, now you can.

The Complete Guide to Switching Testing Tools for CRO Agencies is especially created to get your new solution up and running, with the minimum fuss possible.

It covers 22 areas that need your attention, spread out over Preparation, Actual Migration & Testing!


We’re diving deep into what to expect from the new tool, important logistical concerns and how to set the solution up for great results.


Who are we and why this guide? Convert Experiences is the #1 preferred testing tool of CRO agencies and this guide borrows from real migration issues solved by our support team.


Alex Kolenoff

Alex Kolenoff, Customer Success Manager @ Convert

Alex Kolenoff has hundreds of hours of hands-on experience working with agencies like Conversion Rate Experts, Conversion Fanatics and SplitBase.

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