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How to Structure and Test your Site for Maximum Impact

Kevin Espiritu & Darrin Demchuk

Marketing & Founder at Serpiq

Kevin Espiritu & Darrin Demchuk

Kevin Espiritu oversees marketing and operations for serpIQ, a tool designed to speed up SEO competitive analysis and proposals. He works as an inbound marketing consultant as well and has helped clients in a vast range of businesses, from professionals to e-commerce stores, improve their presence online. Darrin Demchuk is the founder of serpIQ and has been in the SEO industry for over five years. He's done client work, built out his own projects, and more recently has started a few SaaS companies designed to make SEOs jobs easier. Dennis van der Heijden is the founder and CEO of Convert.com A/B testing software.


Duration: 1 hour
Learning proper website structure helps you in two ways. First, customers who come to your site will be able to navigate through your site more fluidly, preventing them from bouncing right off of your site in frustration. Second, Google and other search engines will be able to index and rank more pages on your site, driving you more traffic and making you more money. It’s also important not to “over-do” your on-site SEO improvements, especially after the release of the Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Key Takeaways:

This presentation will cover the right way to go about on-page optimization to not trigger any of Google’s alarms. SerpIQ will focus on how this all this right on your site and Convert.com will focus on what makes sense to test and leave alone. A/B testing can dramatically increase conversion on the SEO traffic you get. How can every page be a landing-page and how to test on that traffic.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Serpiq

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How to Structure and Test your Site for Maximum Impact

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