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Visual Attention Tracking: Are Your Users Looking Where They’re Supposed To?

Aleksander Czy

CEO at Attensee

Aleksander Czy

Aleksander Czy is the CEO at Attensee, an online visual attention tracking platform which enables you to pretest your website layouts in terms of users' attention distribution and milk your traffic more efficiently from the very beginning. Alex began his career as UX Designer being lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands on the Polish market and later on he became responsible for the marketing of UX/CRO tool UsabilityTools.com. Right now, he's using his experience and knowledge in the field of user behavior to help companies achieve higher conversion via visual attention optimization.


Duration: 0:45 hr.
A site which brings no visible signs of delivering value to a newcomer in his/her initial time of 10 seconds will be left and forgotten instantly. De-cluttering your layout from elements which carry no marketing message makes people draw more attention to the messages actually contributing to the AIDA cycle (Attention, Interest, Desire, Act). So how do you know you’re not losing customers just because they haven’t paid enough attention to the value proposition? By exploring a blurred layout with his/her mouse pointer, the user is providing us with insights about the strongest and weakest attention grabbers on a website.

Key Takeaways:

Alex will introduce you to attention mapping technique in designing conversion-centered websites and walk you through the science behind the attention tracking technology used in Attensee. See how different designs perform in driving attention to the elements that convert and learn how to make your users look where they’re supposed to.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Attensee

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Visual Attention Tracking: Are Your Users Looking Where They’re Supposed To?

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