Stop Scouring LinkedIn & Blogs For Form Optimization Advice.

We Have Data From 100 Million Real Form Sessions to Guide You.

Zuko & Convert present 10 data patterns that indicate form conversion roadblocks, and how to test your way around them.

  • Data From 100M Form Sessions

  • Testable Insights

  • Step-by-Step Implementation 

Why People Abandon Your Forms

Form Performance Data Tells You a Story. Here Is the Cliff Notes For It.

Specialists at Zuko have done the heavy lifting. 

They’ve analyzed 100M form sessions to isolate 10 patterns that define (most) conversion roadblocks for form submissions.

Deep dive into what form performance data might mean.

Apply this understanding to the analytics platform of your choice.

Ideas to test for each data pattern.

Plus, step-by-step instructions to implement suggested tests.

Extended free trials for both &

Translate learning into improved form completion rates.

Who Will Benefit From This Whitepaper?

Yes - we said it. Whitepaper.

But if the content is valuable, whitepapers still work.

Proof? You’ll download this one and put it on your desktop.

This we’ve heard is something common for all Zuko original data content. :)

This resource is built to help:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization agencies grappling with client form performance data from across verticals.
  • Marketing folks looking to get more out of the traffic they’re generating.
  • Any and all teams focused on “Bottom of Funnel” optimization. It ain’t BOFU, if it doesn’t involve some kind of form submission.



Zuko is the world's only dedicated form analytics platform. It helps businesses understand their users’ behavior on their forms and checkouts. Zuko’s detailed analytics and insights help identify and fix the points of friction on forms, delivering higher completion rates. Zuko has been around since 2014, providing data-driven insights, user behavior analysis, and form optimization. It is a powerful tool to help maximize conversion rate optimization efforts for forms and checkouts.

Experimentation is human nature. Convert Experiences is the enterprise grade platform committed to bringing robust, advanced testing across channels to businesses of all sizes. Along the way, the team at Convert is also lighting up the planet green. It’s the only Carbon Neutral Certified A/B testing tool, and supports a variety of projects to leave our home better.

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