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Celebrating Failure: Why Tests Fail and Why That’s a Good Thing!

Nazli Yuzak

Sr. Digital Optimization Consultant at Dell

Nazli Yuzak

Nazli Yuzak is passionate about delivering the best possible experience to website visitors. She has over 7 years of digital marketing experience focusing on site optimization, behavioral targeting and web analytics. In her previous company she had identified Adobe Test Target as a solution to improve site conversion rates and leveraged this solution to support higher lead goals. Her work with Adobe Test&Target (formar Omniture Test&Target) not only contributed to 3 times higher improvement in conversion rates but also got recognized with "Best Lead Generation Test" and "Best Segmentation Test" awards by WhichTestWon.com. Currently, as Global Test Insights Lead at Dell, she is leading efforts to evangelize and institutionalize all learnings from testing projects in the rest of the organization. Over the past 3 years Nazli presented at the Adobe/Omniture Summit, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, "WhichTestWon.com" webinar and Conversion Conference. This year she is also presenting at WhichTestWon.com The Live Event. In addition to her speaking engagements she also serves as a member of the WhichTestWon.com Leadership Advisory Board. Nazli holds a Master of Business Administration degree in International Marketing and Management of Global Information Technology.


Duration: 0:50 hr.

For years now our understanding of a “failed” test has been distorted! We always concentrated on lift numbers to see if a test won or failed. But in reality a “failed” test is a test that we don’t learn anything from; the one that we cannot take any business actions from! So, why do tests fail and what can we learn from it?

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Celebrating Failure: Why Tests Fail and Why That’s a Good Thing!

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