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Convert Experiments User Testimonials

Founder & CEO, Blue Acorn
Kevin Eichelberger
Founder & CEO, Blue Acorn
Convert Experiments has presented a solution that not only makes testing easy, but also removes the technical barriers to dynamic, sitewide testing, improves intelligence with more testing options, and integrates with Google Analytics to boot!
Convert Insights has been instrumental in improving the conversions of our online campaigns. The ease of use of their software Convert Experiments has not only improved the launch time of tests but also provide more confidence in the winning test numbers. As anyone that work with Conversion Optimization, statistical significance is huge. With that being said the other big thing has going for it, is it's customer service team. When there have been issues (most of which caused by me) they have been quick to respond, solve and teach.
Co-Founder, Quadrant Marketing Solutions
Jason Nicholl
Co-Founder, Quadrant Marketing Solutions
Convert Insights' thanks again for the great customer service. We knew Convert Experiments was top of the line, but what surprised us is its ease of use. We love that we no longer have to interact with some of our larger clients webmaster or IT department since the changes are in the cloud and not on their site. The options have been awesome and our clients love that we can show them measurable and exceptional results in a short time. Thank you for helping us be a hero to our clients
Brandon Fuhrmann
The team at Convert Insights' coaching has been eye opening and invaluable. The time and effort put in by them is extraordinary and they really work hard for you to succeed. I would recommend their services to absolutely anyone looking to make more money from their online business.

What We Are

A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the fastest methods to learn more about your visitors and their preferences. Our service is primarily used for conversion optimization onsite and in landing pages. Convert Experiment™ is A/B testing software used by many conversion experts by agencies, in-house talent, and consultants to support their testing and conversion needs.

In the e-commerce realm, it is not always easy to test large groups of dynamic pages. Convert Experiment™ is especially good at this with deep integration on many e-commerce platforms and analytics tools. Integration is not difficult as a result of our seamless integration with Google Analytics™—absolutely no code is required to add revenue to test results with the e-commerce tracking integration.

With live stats and unlimited tests on each account, we give all Google Analytics™ Content Experiment users the power to extend their testing abilities to a new professional level without adding anything complicated. A/B, multivariate, and URL split testing comes naturally and the same goes for the advanced reporting options in Google Analytics™, which you can still use, since we also send all your test results to Google Analytics™ for in-depth analysis.

Comparing Convert Experiments A/B testing software to something like Google Website Optimizer™ is a question often asked by people that use this website optimizer tool since it is a free solution for website optimizer tool and it is the optimizer tool from Google. Since August 1st 2012 Google Website Optimizer will go away our client switch because of the lack of multivariate testing (MVT) and the optimizer from Google always needs client (FTP) access while Convert Experiments will work with one installation and building tests as distance without client FTP access.

Agency And Marketing Pros

We support agencies and in-house marketing professionals as well as conversion consultants to get the best out of Convert Experiment. We offer exceptional support and a menu of services to grow your business—we even develop and implement tests for you, as needed. Convert Experiment™ offers special options for you, including multi-domain A/B testing software and tracking, development tools for jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS, and great reports to share with clients and management.

With Convert Experiment™ A/B testing software, you get risk-free testing with impressive up-time (not website delays), visual content swap or blink, and great support with a large enterprise infrastructure. On a test level, you will find our one code installation solution great to stop the hassle of constant tagging. Just one snippet of code for the entire site is sufficient, and test results are live and fast, which means we stop variations that hurt your conversion while helping you keep winners until you have time to implement changes on your site.

Control every aspect of tests with minimum and maximum test duration, manual and automatic variation control, and historical insights into why variations were stopped. Warnings on tests that seem to run, but get limited results, demonstrate that we care about your needs and your clients’ businesses. You can even get an overlay on clients’ websites to detect multiple tests on the same page, and have access to live previews on client sites so you can forward live previews to clients and colleagues to verify cross-browser compatibility through all your experiments.

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