Wish You Could Test on Your Low Traffic Site? It’s Possible.

Jonny Longden of Journey Further has teamed up with Convert to create a comprehensive guide to low traffic testing that anyone can use.

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You should not test on low traffic volume sites.

This sounds like yet another immutable law of A/B testing. But it falls apart under scrutiny.

Why should only the large and thriving brands get to experience the benefits of A/B testing, when startups probably need data-driven decision making more than other businesses out there?

While huge traffic volumes lead to faster test results at a higher confidence, if you are willing to invest in rigorous pre-test analysis and accept higher risk margins, experimentation is possible.

In this guide Jonny Longden outlines why low traffic testing is still immensely useful, and 5 ways in which you can go about testing on smaller sites.

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For Everyone

For Everyone

This guide walks readers through the concept of A/B testing, and the statistics that makes it a reliable decision-making tool, without being endless.

Tactics Driven

Tactics Driven

It helps readers build on the theory of A/B testing with five clear ways in which they can circumvent the challenge of low traffic on their sites right away.

Jonny Longden

This Guide Has Been Compiled
By Jonny, Conversion Director at Journey Further

Jonny is Conversion Director at Journey Further. He has helped the likes of Sky, Visa and Nike and put analytics and experimentation at the heart of their businesses.


Don’t Let Low Traffic Keep You Away from Data
Driven Decision Making.

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