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Google Optimize Sunsets September 30th, 2023: Everything You Need to Know (+ Alternatives)

20th Jan 2023 –

As we predicted on November 9th, 2022, Google not only lays off 12,000 employees but also cut its product line.

Google announced that Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will no longer be available after September 30, 2023.

So now what? 

Well, first up – we acknowledge that this is a tough time for everyone involved. My heart goes out to the Google employees who do find themselves without a job. 

Then there are the hundreds of thousands of experimenters who are now without a viable tool (robust yet free!). 

While the rumor mills have been churning for quite some time, it is very evident that Google Optimize did a lot to lower the barrier to experimentation – take it mainstream if you will. Were all the effects desirable? Not at all. 

But the legacy of opening up the prospect of experimentation forever belongs to Google Optimize. RIP legend!

Let Us Talk About GA4:

Will Optimize find a new home in Google Analytics 4? Possibly. The sunset release comes with the clear promise that Google is investing in bringing experiments to GA4. 

But, there isn’t a clear and concrete timeline for this event to pan out. 

Plus, even if there is a rollout date, we can’t be sure of what final form this inclusion will take? Will it be a tab of features within the grander scheme of GA4? We need to remember that even the most ardent Google Analytics loyalists understand that GA4 is far from a finished product. And for complex measurements (or even the simpler ones that were present in Universal Analytics) — there is the need for intensive Google Tag Manager interventions. 

I won’t go into picking up social comments of this in action… if you have used GA4 – you know. It needs work. 

There are many in the community who do not wish to waste time looking for a possible (free) alternative in GA4. And if you are serious about your experimentation program, neither will you.

The Vendors’ Tango.

Hopefully it does not turn out like the “Dance of the Dragons” – where valuable resources were wasted in a war for supremacy. 

This isn’t an “installs grab”. 

I’ll add the visual that went viral from our Market Share App!

Even with Google Analytics tags in the mix, even if most of the installs are inactive… There is plenty to go around for everyone. 

There is a real opportunity here – to collaborate, to refer to “competitors” and to ensure that the Google Optimize Sunset does not turn into a bloodbath where experimentation is the victim. 

The space needs a lot of education. It needs people, processes, it needs support. CRO is no lone wolf endeavor. 

We all have to step up and do our part!

Introducing Convert Community Plans:

We have brought you two unique offerings: 

  1. The Convert Community Web plan that will give 50,000 uniques at $99 a month. It comes with a support forum. And we are hoping that this is an opportunity for enthusiastic testers from around the world to view Convert Experiences as their logical choice because we genuinely sit at the intersection of affordability- optimal functionality and best in class support. Not right now… but for the past 13 years. 
  1. The Convert Community Full plan that will give you 100,000 uniques at $199 a month. It comes with email support. And in my (biased) opinion is a great pick for smaller programs that may not have all the traffic in the world, but still value different test types (A/B, split, multipage), advanced targeting and goal options (I mean — without really good targeting – why experiment?). 

Our entire infrastructure operates on German soil (in Frankfurt). And we have made privacy the value we design our product around, since 2018

Review a comparison of the two plans here:

Convert Community Web VS. Convert Community Full

We are excited to welcome a new generation of optimizers to Convert

We’ve worked with SMEs for the past decade and excel at educating users when it comes to running lean, aligned optimization programs – with us as the sidekick, and our agency partners and experts as the guide! 

In case you wish to dive deeper into other Google Optimize alternatives, view this comparison table.

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Originally published January 20, 2023 - Updated January 24, 2023

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